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This is an anonymous router that hides your tracks on the Internet.
for Example, you go to a social network Vkontakte or Facebook or ....
For tomorrow, you don't need to re-enter the login password.
You did it yesterday, the browser made an entry in the cookies, now Vkontakte reads them and knows that it's really you.
But these same cookies can be read by any other site.
and so on. We leave many traces, which can calculate us.

Tor allows you to hide all your tracks and international web truly becomes a web in which you calculate becomes incredibly labor-intensive. But not IMPOSSIBLE.
If you want to make a row - comm you need, you should not be bothered with installing a new browser and to complicate your life, not worth it.
If you are a terrorist or plot, trade in drugs. Tor does not guarantee your protection.
most recently was the online store of Silk Road, which traded in forbidden things, including drugs.
It got shut down, owner arrested, and later several people were arrested and find a new one.

so, Using Tor to calculate a person is not IMPOSSIBLE, and costly.
So we must look for what you need.

If you are a business and want to protect you opposition.
meaning normal, behaving appropriately and not scandalous revolutionary. Then it will help you.

In 2011 the Tor project was awarded the social significance of the free software Foundation.

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