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Thousands of podcasts, audio and video on your phone. Choosing, subscribe, listen to or watch.
Set up when you can download, and when not to. It is easy to miss a podcast.

Category: Media / Sound

Tags: Podcasts Audio Radio


Google Assistant



The assistant can still be called up with the command “Okay Google” or holding the button on the main screen.

Want to create a reminder, call a friend or turn on your favorite track? Your personal Assistant will come to the rescue anytime, anywhere! Just ask a question or tell me what to do.

Using Google Assistant, you can:

  • Call ('Call Mom')
  • Send messages ('Send SMS to Kate: I'm late')
  • Manage your affairs ('What are my plans for today?')
  • Turn on music ('Turn on jazz on YouTube')
  • Navigate the terrain ('Get directions to home')
  • Find out the weather forecast ('Will it rain today?')
  • Find out the news ('Tell the latest news')

Category: System / Search

Tags: Help Voice