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Google Podcasts


Free and popular podcasts.

The application allows you to find, download and listen to podcasts from around the world, as well as subscribe to them. All data is synchronized automatically, so you can run the podcast on one device, and listen to the other - Google Assistant will help you.

Listen to the same podcast on different devices - on your phone, laptop, or smart speakers - without having to look for the place where you left off each time.

Get recommendations tailored to your preferences and listening history, and look for content of interest to you among popular podcasts.

Category: Media / Sound

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iTunesAndroid huawei

A popular application - discount cards in your phone.

The camera reads information from the card and adds it to your catalog.
If the card is not in the list, you can still add it.

It is quite simple and easy application.
Not with all shops works correctly, the Petersburg application the Purse, agrees with Petersburg shops.

Category: Shopping / Banks

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Windows/Linux/Mac OS
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iTunesAndroid huawei


Video calls for up to 100 people and chats.
Naturally, we should consider this once most popular program.
The name comes from an English phrase - I SEEK YOU (I'm looking for you), which sounds like I SEEK YOU too.

The application has been completely redesigned. Used to be just a chat room, now everything you need.


  • Available almost everywhere, apps for all operating systems and all smartphones, but also the web version is available through a browser. That is, ICQ is always at your fingertips.
  • Free Audio and video calls (Skype-like).
  • Stickers - picture replaces 100 words.
  • Prefers answers - ICQ analyzes what you have written and recommends ready answers. Use them when you're too lazy to print or need a quick response - Ok", "Thank you", "I will".
  • Encrypts voice messages. Can't listen - just read it. The messenger converts voice messages into text - help in the subway, on a couple, in a meeting, or when you forget your headphones.
  • Feeds, chats, bots. Read and subscribe to interesting channels, create group chats and chat with friends, use bots that make life easier.
  • Synchronize between devices.
  • Free SMS from ICQ to mobile phone.