Used: Pinterest.
address: Russia


Your world is in pictures. Russian clone of Pinterest.

Russian - Englesh

Used: Pinterest.

address: USA


World catalog of ideas.
We collect pictures, we collect, because you can not only add your own, but also find others and add yourself. By the way, pictures are very decent quality.

When downloading a picture, the download form will help you add some related information.
Thus, you can search for pictures, for example, culinary recipes. It is rather convenient to do this not with dry text, but visually. Where the saliva flowed, there and click.

Many reputable companies have an account in Pinterest and it is more convenient for us to get acquainted with their products.

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Russian - Englesh
address: Russia


Russian-language catalog of ideas. Somewhat similar to Pinteres.

We collect posts - pictures with a description.

Adding posts, you can save for yourself useful and interesting information from the Internet.

Boards are collections of posts. You can create as many boards on various topics.

Sign up for interesting boards.


Service for the search and exchange of ideas and inspiration.
In fact, this is a clone of Pinterest in our Internet zone.
Only instead of boards - cards.
While Yandex no clones lived long, although they turned out very well.
Yandex. The video had many advantages over YouTube, but it became just a video search.
Blogosphere was very simple, understandable, good, but ...
The social network was not even done, bought my world, but not Went, sold.
Let's see a new attempt, which personally I like more than Pinteresta.