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Create font icons for the site



The site for the collection is a font from the proposed icons or its SVG.

How does it work?

  1. We go to the site,
  2. drag icons from the window to the right in the main field,
  3. fields indicate symbols or Latin letters, which then match the characters in Our font.
  4. if you click on the field itself, you can upload our SVG image there.
  5. press the final to the floppy disk and save our font.


Online font generator with icons in Webfont format.

We need to add icons, emoticons, icons to the site. They should be small and clear .... and there are a lot of them on the site.
Here the ideal solution is to collect all the characters in a font and put the font on the site.
But here's an ill luck, usually not much of a font It suits us, here we would collect our collection and put it together in a single font.

Fontello allows us to easily solve our problem.
You can choose from the suggested one. Icons are many and very high quality, to that the style is one and they will be combined.
Then the selected font will be generated and a file with CSS classes will be created.
We take everything and fasten it to our site.