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Do it yourselves



Service so that you can quickly copy ASCII characters.


ASCII Table Lookup

Quick reference for ASCII codes.
Part of the Rapid Tables website which also contains other quick reference information and tools.

address: Russia


Service for the introduction of fonts on the site.
It differs from Google's fonts.
At Google we copy the code and paste it on the site, the font itself is taken from Google.
Here we select the font, download and upload to your site, and take the code for tying the font on our site with our site. Can specify the folder in which we will keep the fonts on the site and then get the code with the correct address.

Russian - Englesh


A collection of free fonts for your sites.

Somewhat reminiscent of Google Fonts. You can download or take the code and screw on the site.
The collection is different from Google, so it will be interesting for attention.

Intuitive interface, customizable in real time.
Very comfortable and interesting.