Determination of fonts

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Determination of fonts

What font is

Font recognition service.
Very similar to those described above.


  1. to download a picture - 1.8 Mb;
  2. one line of text is enough;
  3. the format of the picture is jpg, gif or png;
  4. You can specify a filter, only free, only paid or all.


The site will ask a few for example. "What's the tail of Q?"
Then will give out diagrams that will help you choose the answer.


The service for recognizing the font.
The font is also needed in the Latin script.
We go, Upload an image file: load the picture with the text of the desired font (preferably decent quality with a background of one tone.
The site breaks the text into letters and tries to guess the letters, We agree with his choice or correct, write the correct letters or symbols, and then get a list of the fonts that your like.

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