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Fishing line

Fishing reports and service for fishing diaries.
Why do I need a fishing diary?
Have a fishing trip - write down all the details about the place of fishing, the pond, the weather, the conditions of catching, baits and catches.
You are going to a new fishing trip, and try to remember past trips, places and lures.

And you realize that much has been forgotten.

You can not remember a specific place, or catchy bait ... the more the water level and the weather ... Even remember what you caught last year at this place is not exactly You can. But this is so important!


Social network for anglers: reports, reviews, stories, cuisine.
If you like fishing, join Fish Hook. The most friendly fishing community.
If you have questions - then the forum. But if you need to share, chat, then here. But here and get a lot of useful information.

It is proposed here

  • directory,
  • calculators (fishing line length, hook sizes, sinkers ...),
  • Cool and weather forecast.
  • kitchen,
  • for beginners
  • places
  • stories
  • tournaments
  • ...