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Codes social bookmarking

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reliable site

Owner: Twitter
address: USA


You can also broadcast your tweets on Facebook or on your website.
Everything is simple, clear, obvious, in Russian. We select, configure, shape, color ... There is nothing superfluous.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Used: VK.
address: Russia

Social Button VK

You can choose the appearance of the Facebook button depending on the design of your site.
The button can have straight or rounded corners, with or without the counter with the number of posts.
You can make the button as a simple text link or as a small icon in VKontakte.


reliable site

address: Russia


The Class" button allows visitors to tag and share their favorite content with their friends on Odnoklassniki.

And it will help you to know the preferences of your audience, and possibly attract new visitors to the site.

We care about how an element is added to our site.
The button is customizable by size and appearance: shape (round or square), background color, with or without text, with or without counter, you can add your own picture ...