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Owner: Google
address: USA

Google Bookmarks

Smart bookmarking service.
It will show you what queries you made, your visiting trend.
That is, you can dig on Internet, then dig into your browsing history and add what you need to your bookmarks.

Your bookmarks online from anywhere.

It happens that people collect bookmarks in a browser, but what about another browser? ... another computer?

How it works

  1. register, confirm email,
  2. save your browser's bookmarks in an HTML file,
  3. transfer bookmarks to the site.
If your bookmarks have been arranged in folders, this grouping of bookmarks will remain here. But if you have a subfolder, they will not be transferred. Will have to add manually.


Make bookmarks on your favorite videos.
We can add other people's videos to your favorites and on YouTube for example.
What's good about this service? - Here you can collect bookmarks from different videos, not only YouTube.
Here you can watch