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Internet Evangelism

The Spread of the Gospel from Western Conservatory.

I do not see how we can preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth without using the Internet. Of course, we should not abandon what we did before. ... This should be done, and not to leave ... (Luke 11:42)

My testimony

One woman from Ukraine brought a girl to our city from our city and through the site of our church came to me.

So, as I am very busy, and the girl lives on the other side of the city, I decided to invite someone from the local church to visit her. Moreover, there are people who live in the same street. At the end of the service, I am in front of the whole church to the pastor, so that someone can visit her. But the pastor was not up to her and he invited me to come and visit her.

The fact that the girl because of illness was almost always at home. My wife and I visited her and the Lord put in his heart the message of discipleship with her. She is an invalid who has two higher educations and has graduated from the Asperantura.

After our course, she started a newsletter, which was signed by more than 800 people (!! !). Church, which considered "unprofitable" to serve it, has 12 people and has not grown for years.