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Browser from Google. the


This is one of superprint browser.
You associate your browser with your Google account.
Can be linked:
  1. Applications
  2. Autocomplete
  4. the Extension
  5. Password
  6. Options
  7. Themes.
that is, you can in any other place to access the Internet through your account on Google and you will have your configured for you (with style, passwords, bookmarks) browser. Don't forget at the end to withdraw from the account.

Very convenient. We have 2 computers - I have a wife. We have one account on Google. Because if I want any links to throw his wife simply add in your browser and they will have it. Very convenient.

Google first screwed interpreter in your browser.
installed On the computer language. As a rule, put Russian interface language Russian language French French ...
Google is watching what language are exposed and if you visited the website in another language in URL icon Google translator.
Just click the icon, from dropdown window click TRANSLATE and read the translation. Only the text is translated, the text in the picture, of course, is not translated.

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