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Learn music


Learn to play the piano online.
You can play an online online instrument, you can connect your synthesizer.
Piano is a classic instrument and of course you will learn to read and write.


Free online guitar lessons.
Simply connect and play, and experts determine your level and from it you get lessons and exercises.
The team site teachers from 17 countries, including Russia.

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Justin Guitar

Learning to play the guitar, video lessons.

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Free piano learning application.

Choose your favorite songs and songs from 1000 songs and learn all about piano notes, chords, commendations and the right technique.
Ideal for pianos, whether your instrument is acoustic or digital.

How exactly does it happen?
  • Place your smartphone, tablet or laptop on piano
  • Choose the song you want to learn. They are broken down by skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro)
  • .
  • Take an introductory course to learn the basics, if you are a beginner
  • .
  • Correct bugs directly during the game: the app "hears" the notes you play through the microphone and MIDI connection
  • .
  • Explore songs in parts with the Repeat Fragment function
  • Start playing the piano along with the video at a slow pace and accelerate until you reach the original pace
  • .
  • Take a course by course to improve your piano playing step by step
  • .
  • Check your skill level with the progress indicator
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Learning Music

Ableton online music course.
Ableton creates hardware and software for creating and playing music.

Cookers is convenient for beginners.
The site is well structured, not overloaded, it introduces the basics of music, building melodies and rhythms and structuring tracks.


Learn the theory of music.