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The procedure for dealing with an accident

Call traffic police.
Today it is not necessary to call traffic police with full agreement of the parties. But in practice, in such cases, the insurance company can accuse you of conspiracy and refuse to pay insurance. So it's better to call.

If the damage is insignificant (up to 5.000 rub.), It is better to understand the place and not to mess with insurance.
The fact is that if you received an insurance payment, then the next year your insurance will be higher as an emergency. You will lose more. So with small amounts, do not bother.

MTS, Megafon - 020,
BiLine - 002,
Tele2 - 02, 020, 022

For all 112.
Calling to number 112 is possible:

  1. In the absence of funds in your account,
  2. When the SIM card is locked,
  3. If there is no SIM card of the phone,
The call is free.

Call the insurance company. Independent insurance experts assess the damage in the light of what happened and designate compensation.

The insurance must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the full set of documents.

Driving without danger

Expert Center "Movement without danger."

The goal is the development and implementation of projects in the field of road safety in Russia and the CIS, as well as in the framework of international projects.
In fact, this is social advertising, so that when we visit we see the seriousness Situation on the roads and our ride would be safer.