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Today, there are more than 300 million domains registered in the world, only about 200 million have websites.

Coordination Center for TLD RU

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Coordination Center of the National Domain of Internet.
Domain Name Statistics in RU domain
Statistics of domain names in the domain of the Russian Federation

Internet resource "Domains of Russia" presents complete and comprehensive statistics covering all aspects of the development of the Russian domain space.
Here you can find out how many domain names are registered in the Russian domain zones, how many of them already have websites, in which region of Russia are most registered domains and when we will have new domain zones.
The pages of the resource contain only the most recent and reliable data received daily from the first hands - from Internet Technical Center. In addition to figures, graphs and diagrams in the "Analytics" section, articles with a detailed analysis of the current development indicators of the Russian Domain space and the demonstration of the main trends of the global domain industry and Internet as a whole.