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Owner: NASA

address: Russia

MKS live

Webcam, live broadcast from orbit.
The NASA Office broadcasts live video on the Internet from the International Space Station (ISS) on the Internet, but you can only watch the earth from space when astronauts are either resting or sleeping.

And at other times, these transmitters are needed for work. But nevertheless, take a moment to watch the earth online from space. When the crew of the international space station rests, users of the global Internet can watch the planet Earth online and the starry sky through the eyes of astronauts - from a height of 350 km above the planet.

The rest of the time is shown a screensaver that shows the current position of the station, as well as NASA news about events in space. To calculate when astronauts go to sleep, you need to remember: the ISS uses universal coordinated time (UTC), which in winter is three hours behind Moscow time and four hours in summer.


reliable site

Owner: Google
Used: Google Street View.

tel.: +7 (812) 407-17-11
address: USA

ISS virtual tour

Google made the panorama of the International Space Station.


High Definition Earth-Viewing System.

There is very little text on the page, the main thing is the video player, which allows you to see the earth in real time through a camera installed on the International Space Station.
You can choose the level of image quality.

The map shows where it is flying now.

Unfortunately, the player often does not show anything. Probably because it’s far from the most important thing that NASA does at the station, so to speak, is a by-product.
But try, maybe you are lucky now?

Webcam on the ISS

2 webcams on the ISS, a tour of the ISS, the ISS on the map in real time mode.

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