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About Cookies

In fact, this is a text file that is on your computer in the folder of your browser. It records data from the Internet when visiting certain sites. Cookies are a small piece of text information that the server sends to the browser. When a user accesses the server (dials its address in the browser line), the server can read the information contained in the cookies and perform some actions based on its analysis. For example, in the case of authorized access to anything via the Web, the cookie stores the login and password during the session, which allows the user not to enter them again when requesting each document that is password protected.


Cookies A small piece of data created by a web server or web page and stored on the user's computer as a file that the web client (usually a web browser) sends a web page every time, Server in the HTTP request when you try to open the page of the corresponding site.
The text file is non-executable, and therefore safe.


  • the browser stores 20-50 cookies from one domain (Chrome - 20, Opera - 30, FF, IE - 50 each);
  • the entire browser stores several hundred cookies simultaneously (in Chrome and IE - 300 each);
  • each cookie should not exceed approximately 4096 characters.

Registration against cookie

Benefits of registration

In order to prevent you from entering again and again your data, your settings for the site ... need to be stored somewhere.
They can be stored:
  • on the site, then you need to register and log in to your account.
  • you have on the computer in the cookie, then registration is not required.
For example, registration is mandatory for social networks and there are a large amount of material: text, photos, video ... In cookies, you can store only a very short text.

Your material is on the server and you have access to it by entering your login and password, except for you no one can see this information. Cookies are available to all users of the browser. They can and change them or delete them.

Benefits cookie

Writing to cookies is invisible to the visitor, no registration is required. By the way, the same social networks store in your cookie records, so you do not have to log into your account every time.