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Choose a color

Henry Ford: "The color of the car can be any, provided that it is black."

Black color

Surely black color was popular initially because of the same reason why black is also for shoes. Least mark.

Because for a long time black color dominated. Today, black is chosen mainly because of tradition.


Gray gained popularity when attractive shades of gray, especially metallic, appeared. The main advantage is that dirt is least visible on gray.

The disadvantage was that the gray color is poorly noticeable and they often get into accidents, and beat them.


In contrast to gray, the red color is more noticeable and therefore about the statistics, less often others have had an accident.

However, since the constantly switched on dipped beam became mandatory, all the cars became visible in the same way.

White color

Nowadays, white has become extremely popular. The main reason is that it is less heated.

In summer it is so hot that the air conditioner does not cope. Then everyone dreams of a white car and tinted glass.


I do not know for what reasons, but the birds are less shitting on the green car.


Very good color, bright and at the same time calm. Few people use it.

Personally, I will never buy a yellow car. This color is traditionally associated with taxis and public transport.

What color to choose?

We generally ran through the main colors for cars, what to choose?

Understandably, we first select the make and model, and only then we look at the proposed color scheme.

Say I like red, but the VW Polo Sedan (my first car) offers a very unfortunate red tone for this model. But in white this model looks more interesting.

See for yourself what to choose?

  1. So as not to bask in the sun
  2. so that no dirt is visible
  3. to make it easier to find in the parking lot
  4. ...