Moscow metro

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Moscow metro

  1. - Interactive map of the Moscow metro - Moscow metro map with MCC and MCD stations.
  2. - Moscow subway - The official scheme of the Moscow metro.

Moscow subway

The official website of the Moscow Metro.
When we go to the metro, everything seems to be clear, but going to the site, you understand that almost everyone will have some question about the subject of using the metro.
That is, the site is simple and clear and useful.
  • Service center.
  • Terms of use.
  • What if.
  • Forgotten things.
  • Career guidance center.
  • Procedure for using tickets.
  • Work schedule and repair schedule.
  • WiFi in Metro.
  • Schedule of train departure on the monorail transport system.
  • “Live chat” information desks.
  • The departure time of the first and last trains.
  • The procedure for issuing certificates.

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Moscow Metro

A website about myth and legend, about what was and what was not.
It is a museum, archive, illustrated album, directory and encyclopaedia at the same time.
This is the first in the world site about the metro, made on a black background.

address: Russia
Interactive scheme of the Moscow metro.
Suggests the best route and calculates the time on the way.
To find out where the desired station is, just type a few letters of its name.

Places near the metro

Directory of places near the stations. Shopping centers, clothing and footwear shops, restaurants, cinemas and much more - everything is really close, you can walk to any place in five minutes.