Mac OS

InterBiblia on Mac OS

BibleQuote modules on Mac OS X for Eloquent (formerly MacSword).

After downloading and installing Eloquent, you need to connect Source for downloading modules. The Moscow Seminary created such a source from the reformatted Bible Quote modules. To connect the source, you must:

  1. Launch Eloquent
  2. Open the Eloquent/Module Installer menu
  3. Click on Add Source
  4. In the window that appears, select/enter
    • Remote
    • MoscowSeminary
    • /bqt
  5. Click OK
Then the MoscowSeminary source appears in the source list and you can install the modules from there.
At present there are not many Russian-language modules, but after a while we will translate all the modules we have in this format.

Video of how this is done: