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OS Browser

A small laptop for access to the Internet.
Initially, the browser was the most simple program, which simply read simple documents from the Internet.
Today, the browser has become the most important program to computer. It should be fast, convenient, and functional.
He is an intermediary between programs on the Internet and a computer.
This browser determines whether the pages of the site written in one or another programming language are dynamic or just a page fault.

You can use the browser

  1. listen to music,
  2. watch the video, TV ...
  3. make calls, video calls, make conferences,
  4. write letters, chat, participate in forums ...
  5. create documents yourself, only for yourself or open access to them for a certain group of people, or for everyone. These documents can be done alone or together.
  6. you can upload photos and edit them.
  7. On the Internet, except for working with documents and editing photo, you can recognize scanned documents, translate, etc. (See section Online Programs),
  8. all this can be printed out,
  9. all this can be stored on the Internet.

Operating system only from the browser

  1. download speed, you do not need to load a huge operating system with all its settings, but only a browser
  2. stability, the system is easier - fewer errors,
  3. Reliability, no operating system - no viruses to attack,
  4. simplicity, you do not need to learn a lot of programs, what's where to computer, how it's organized, but just to study one browser and navigate the Internet,
  5. place, video, photo, documents we store on the Internet, not to computer, so there is no problem with the place to computer,
  6. silence, the more powerful the computer, the more it makes noise, and for one browser you do not need a very powerful computer,
  7. cheaper, less power a computer - it's cheaper,
  8. mobility, we are not tied to any particular computer, we can access our documents from any computer, anywhere, through our account and password
  9. free, Google OS is free,
  10. open source, which allows programmers to customize the browser for themselves, plus participate in creating the world's best browser.
While there is one such OS - Chrome OS, created based on the browser Google Chrome.

chrome os

What you need for this

  • If you already have a computer, you can use it.
  • First of all, there is no sense from all the proposed, if you have a weak speed of the Internet. So, first of all - high-speed Internet, with a speed preferably at least 2 mb/sec.
  • You can have just a netbook, because you do not need a powerful computer for such an operating system.
  • I also recommend buying a large widescreen monitor, ex. 23 ".This will be more convenient to watch video, because the netbook has a very small monitor.The netbook is small and light, which is convenient for mobility.
  • At a minimum you can buy a USB flash drive for 4 Gb and periodically use other computers (or try Google OS without changing anything).