Difference coding for BibleQuote 6.0

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Difference coding for BibleQuote 6.0

(Unicode Transformation Format)
The most common encoding for today, which allows to display the text of almost any language correctly.

UTF-8 does not require the installation of additional fonts, and therefore any text can be copied and used without fear that it will not be reflected correctly where special fonts are not installed .

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BibleQuote 5.0 is written in ANSI.
BibleQuote 6.0 is written in UTF-8.

Old encoding

At first computers were scattered, there was no Internet, there was not enough memory ... because the encoding was simple:
  • The 1st half under the English alphabet, which is common to all and on which everything is programmed.
  • The second half under your language - in Russia Russian, in China Chinese ...
Who needed both Russian and Chinese, just used several fonts and so the task was easily solved.

What's the problem?

The further, the more problems with encodings became.

C faced this problem. Many Bible translations required a lot of fonts, and not all have all the fonts. Okay, here they started to get out.

But the Internet has finally aggravated the situation. If we can supply the necessary fonts to our programs on our computer, then we will not have all the fonts of the sites we go to. And there are Bibles online, there is a lot of translations.


The power of computers has grown considerably and there is an opportunity to increase the size of the file that contains the font.
Here and there are fonts for all major languages. There
  • 1st half part for the English alphabet, which is common to all and on which everything is programmed.
  • 2nd half part for Russian,
  • 3rd part for Chinese,
  • 4th part for Arabic,
  • 5th part for Hebrew,
  • The 6th part under the Greek.
  • ...
Naturally, under this encoding and was rewritten program BibleQuote in the 6th version.

Development impulse

Changing the encoding made it possible to use modules on smartphones with Android