Create a Bible in Java modules from the Central Bank

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Create a Bible in Java modules from the Central Bank

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Module from Bible Quote on the phone, JAVA.

The work requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Download bq2jBible from us

A utility that will help you make a Java Bible for your mobile phone from the Bible Quote module.

Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 Price: free
Interface language: Russian
Year of release: 2007
Size: 117Kb

1. Description:

The program is intended for converting Bible modules of the Bible Quote format into the jBible (jBible) modules. It is written in the Java language and is a 1 (one) bq2jBible.jar file of size 117Kb.

2. Requirements:

A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your computer, which can be freely downloaded at

New modules in UTF-8 encoding are not suitable (except English). You need to use the modules to the old version of the Bible Quote to the 5th version. In the Windows-1251 encoding.
And that means, besides English, Russian and other Cyrillic ones - Ukrainian, Belarusian, will do.

3. Procedure:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Click the Open button, locate the folder with the module for the Quote and select the BIBLEQT.INI file.
  3. The list of module books appears in the lower main window of the program. Mark the books that you want to include in the jBible module. If you want all the books in the module, just skip this step.
  4. Name the module and click the Record button.
  5. The program will create a JAR file in its folder with the appropriate name.
Modules to the program Bible Quote can be downloaded free from the site or found on Internet, it is important that They were not new modules, as we have on the site.

4. Distribution terms:

Under the license GNU GPL: it is completely free to use, copy and distribute this program, and Also to study its code and make changes to it.

5. Author of the program:

Sergey Iriupin, Rostov-on-Don, Russia