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About the program

Bible Quote
The most popular biblical software for Windows in the former USSR.
Author - Timothy Ha, a Vietnamese who lives in Russia.
Due to its simplicity, intuitive interface and open source code, the program became the most popular in the post-Soviet space.

The advantage of this program is open source and the ability to add modules: versions of the Bible, dictionaries and other Christian literature. Thanks to Timofey's foresight, the modules have become essentially a database and today they can be used in other Bible translations: jBible - for abundant and iPhone, online versions of ...


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Owner: Bible Quote
address: Russia


The official website of the program.
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The most popular Bible, a lot of translations, an intuitive interface. You can change the number of pages, tabs, parallel places, compare 2 texts, listen to the audio Bible in parallel text. And among other things - most create and add modules.


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