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(web log)
This is a website whose main content is regularly added records, images or multimedia. Typical for blogs are short records of temporal significance.

Bloggers are people who lead a blog.

The aggregate of all Web blogs is usually called the blogosphere.

One of the cheapest ways to have a website is to make a blog.
On the one hand - it's not really a site, but functional, free and easier to promote.
For example, on my blog I wrote my testimony.
A blog is something between the site, the guest book and the forum. So, what is a blog?


According to the authors, blogs can be personal, group (corporate, club ...) or public (open).
In content - thematic or general. Also blogs can be combined in a network of blogs, by thematic features or By other criteria. The differences of the blog from the traditional diary are conditioned by the environment, that is, by its "network": blogs are public or at least accessible to a certain set of users of the Network.
This also determines the differences between blog entries and diary entries: the first is often written primarily for other readers.

For blogs, the characteristic is the ability to leave reviews for records, and, again, their publicity.

This feature allows you to use blogs as a network communication environment that has a number of advantages over e-mail, newsgroups, web forums and chats.

Some blogs predict a great future, others played enough and say that their time passes. Truth, as usual in the middle.
Obviously, blogs are not all that happens on the Internet, but they have taken their niche. There are many other amazing Internet inventions. And you never know what else you'll think of tomorrow?

Today, to find out public opinion instead of public opinion polls, you can simply analyze blogs.

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