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Audio Bible - version

Reads the Yarl Peisti

Audio Bible in Russian.
The Synodal Bible.

The main inconvenience of this version is the accent. Nevertheless, the Bible is read by a deeply believing and respected person who has served for many years as believers in Russia through radio.

This is the first Audio Bible in Russian.

Full Audio Bible. Reads Ilya Prudovsky

Full Audio Bible.
Reads Ilya Prudovsky (2010) MP3

Author: Holy Old Testament Prophets and New Testament Apostles
Book: Bible. The Old and New Testament
Released: 2010 AD
Genre: Scripture
Text read by: Ilya Prudovsky
Sound: MP3 80 Kbps
Duration: ~ 8 x 3:00:00
Size: 4.00 GB (4,297,860,831 bytes)
Full Audio Bible. Russian Bible Society

Full Audio Bible.
Russian Bible Society

The recording was made qualitatively, many-voiced with the use of background music.
The author is the Russian Bible Society.
Copyright in the Russian audio version of the Bible belong to Lapkin Ignatius Tikhonovich (Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Kings' Books, Chronicles, Songs of Songs) and the Russian Bible Society (all other books).

A new translation into Russian of the "International Bible Society"

Audio Bible is a new version of the Bible.
The recording is done qualitatively, many-voiced with the use of background music.
Author - International Bible Society (International Bible Society), USA.

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A modern translation of the Torah, which in fact grew into TaNaH translation.
Translation tried to do is not religious, but linguistic.
The matter is that religious translation in disputed places, makes a decision and translates accordingly to its doctrines. So do translations of the Orthodox Church, Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses ...
The goal was to translate as much as possible to language, time, historically, etc.

The main thing on the site is online translation. The text comes with footnotes and interpretations. That now has become the norm. In fact, it is almost impossible to translate a completely different language, to recreate in other language and cultural coordinates a text rooted in a certain language and cultural tradition.
Therefore, in difficult places, the interpreter wanted to explain something, because there are footnotes. Just click on the underlined text.
The translation also has an audio version. The recording was done by the actors in the roles.