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reliable site

address: Russia

Culture RF

Audiobooks for schoolchildren on the works of Russian classics.


Perhaps the best collection of audiobooks in Runet.
Judging by the demand and ranking of Yandex.

Registration is required.
However, sometimes you can just listen to something. Then we would like to preserve the history of the listened and continue to listen to what was heard yesterday. Not everyone will listen at once.

The base is really impressive. It seems that this is an e-book site, but when you realize that you can listen to all the books, it is impressive. Not all books are voiced.

Here you can search for books not only by authors or genres, but also by performers.
There are people who are heard. Anyway, so with me. And I would like to hear something else.This is a useful feature for me.

Good player. Here, in addition to the usual functions, there is a reading speed. You can speed up or slow down.