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Moscow airports

How cheap to get to Moscow airports

. First. If you are flying in transit through Moscow and you need to move from one airport to another, remember that you were sold tickets, taking into account the time of moving.

I remember a friend flew to Sheremetyevo and she had to go to Domodedovo.
She was smart enough to tell the cab drivers about it. She was told that she couldn't make it and that she had to be "rescued".
And it was very expensive.

Basically, you can plan for yourself how much time you need to make a reserve, maybe walk around Moscow.
And if you are in a hurry, look for flights to one airport.

Of course, you can always get there by cab or air express, but you can also save a lot.

If you have a "Troika" or "Arrow" card, the trip may be cheaper.

Sheremetyevo Airport

By city buses. You can't think of a cheaper one.
I remember, we arrived very early and the city buses did not go yet, well, there is nothing to do in the city, so we calmly waited for the first flight and went to the subway River Station, the green line.

From the subway station Rechnoy vokzal (in the north of the green line) to the terminals C, B, F by bus № 851 for 50 minutes
From metro Planer to terminal F by bus #817 in half an hour.

At night: from the subway China City to Terminal F by bus N1 per hour.

Domodedovo Airport

From metro Domodedovskaya (in the south of the green line) by social bus ¹308 (not express) we will get there in an hour.

Vnukovo Airport

From metro Salaryevo by bus #911 20 minutes.
From metro South-West,
Troparevo or Rumyantsevo by bus #611 - 20-30 min.

At night: from metro China-City by bus H11 for 1 hour 20 min.

Airport Zhukovsky

From the subway Hotels (violet branch east) by bus #441 we will get there in an hour.