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Airports on the map

Information site in Russian for airports, airlines and airplanes around the world.
The design is simple and old-fashioned, but the base is decent.

Airports on the world map.
You can look at the map, or you can look at the list: Airlines of Russia, airlines of the world, budget airlines, airlines of airlines, airports of Russia and the world, ratings of airlines.

Airlines Inform

The most complete source of information on airfields, heliports and landing sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In base

  • 4314 airfields
  • 5765 heliports,
  • 129 special areas.
Registered users can make changes, add airfields, landing sites and special areas.

About Airports.
In general, the task of the site is to help travelers buy airline tickets.
But the site has a large database of related information:
  1. airports by country of the world on the map,
  2. All world airports by IATA code,
  3. ...


All flights worldwide on a flight map.

Everything is simple, click the airport on the map and you will be shown all flights from this airport.
We click on one of the directions and get information on the nearest flight, you can book a ticket, or yo