Video education

Video education

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Interactive Physics Tutorial
58 lectures from the online school Foxford, which are taught by lecturers at Moscow State University, MIPT and HSE.

Interactive Chemistry Tutorial
35 lectures from professors of MSU, MIPT, HSE.

Chemistry | Preparing for the exam 2018
Lectures online school Foxford, analysis of tasks.

Playlist Geography
Webinarium - 15 videos with analysis of USE tasks and webinar entries.

Series Extr @
A comedy tutorial in Spanish about the lives of four friends.

Tips for learning English -
Playlist on the channel of a girl who lives in America and knows four languages.

Courses from MIPT
12 videos with the analysis of tasks from the teachers of MIPT.

Math | Preparing for the exam 2018
Webinars from Foxford online school with a task analysis.

Yandex Academy
Video tutorials and instructions.

Information technology courses - Training in Yandex.
Here you can find training opportunities with Yandex, you can study online, watch videos.

TED-Ed -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Teaching video lessons: short films created by teachers and animators.
Animated video tutorials 3-8 minutes for high school.
All lessons are in plain English, we just choose subtitles in our language.

Third Millennium Ministries -
The training center, whose task is to prepare materials for biblical schools.

The training center, whose task is to prepare materials for biblical schools. These materials are available for anyone. So if you do not need a diploma, you can use this site.


  1. video features,
  2. audio,
  3. tutorials,
  4. audio sermons and lectures,
  5. Lesson texts,
  6. books,
  7. journal articles,
  8. answers to a wide range of questions,
  9. There are also special sections dedicated to Paul's epistles and worship.

Top Online Graphic Design Courses -
Top Online Graphic Design Courses.

Top Online Graphic Design Courses

The visualization of our lives has become intrinsic to how we interact with the world. Graphics, advertisements—even websites—all shape how we engage with data and communication. If you are interested in influencing how we connect with visual information and have a strong interest in art, you might want to consider taking a course or earning an online degree in graphic design.

Types of Courses: As a graphic design student, you can expect to take courses in drawing, design, color theory, art and graphic design history, as well as advance level courses in graphic design, photography, web design, typography, vector and raster graphics, 3d graphics, production design, and digital layout.


Free webinars for individuals and businesses.
Mikogo allows remote users in a quantity of up to 10 people to access the speaker's screen, which starts the session, but plus to everything during the session, the speaker can easily be changed to any of the participants.
A very useful function during such sessions is the possibility of transferring the remote control of the speaker's computer to one of the participants, which often comes in handy for technical support or interactive training. Me, in turn, this relieved the requests of annoying friends to see 'why ICQ does not open ... or what is it that jumped out there?! ..'

In the course of the work, the speaker can "rassharivat" or hide applications that are not suitable for the show on his Desktop, activate the Presenter's Board and draw and graphically describe everything that is important to him. Participants, if they are deprived of the privilege of controlling the speaker's computer, can get it poking there and there on his screen using the participant's "Pointer" with the owner's name.

Planet Origami
Many ways to assemble a crane and an airplane. -
School of Informatics, there is a Russian interface.

The purpose of the site is to make computer science accessible to all people. Many students are girls, people from countries of the so-called 3rd world.

Sponsors are Google, Facebook Microsoft. This is an indicator of what is not believed in this project.

On the day, this is the educational program or acquaintance with the computer. If you catch, you will understand that this is yours - then there is a chance to continue.

edX -
Online Education.

EdX was founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012. The goal of the project is to expand access to quality education for everyone and everywhere. Partners: University of Chicago,

  1. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,
  2. Washington University,
  3. Sapienza,
  4. Nanyang University of Technology,
  5. Singapore,
  6. Cape Town University,
  7. University of Zurich,
  8. High School of High Technology Education HTH,
  9. Eindhoven Technical University,
  10. State University pc New York,
  11. University of California at Irvine,
  12. University of California at Irvine,
  13. ESSEC Business School,
  14. University of Copenhagen,
  15. Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
  16. Emory University,
  17. Yeshiva University,
  18. California Institute of Arts,
  19. High School,
  20. University of Pennsylvania,
  21. Autonomous University of Barcelona,
  22. ​​Lehmann Foundation,
  23. Indian School Business,
  24. Lausanne Federal Polytechnic School,
  25. EMLYON Business School,
  26. Macquarie University,
  27. University of Nebraska,
  28. HEC Higher Commercial School in Paris,
  29. University of Michigan,
  30. Utrecht University,
  31. West The University of Wesleyan,
  32. the University of Rochester,
  33. Princeton University,
  34. the University of Tokyo,
  35. the University of Virginia,
  36. the Copenhagen Business School,
  37. the Georgia State University,
  38. the University of Technology of Monterrey,
  39. the University of Arizona,
  40. the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great,
  41. the University of Munich Ludwig-Maximilian LMU),
  42. the Trust Fund of the British Commonwealth of Nations,
  43. the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
  44. the Johns Hopkins University University of São Paulo,
  45. Chinese University of Hong Kong,
  46. Rice University,
  47. National University of Singapore,
  48. University of Florida,
  49. University of Toronto,
  50. Northwestern University,
  51. Korean Leading Scientific and Technical Institute,
  52. George Washington University,
  53. Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
  54. University of Pittsburgh,
  55. University of São Paulo,,
  56. National Taiwan University,
  57. Minnesota University,
  58. Beginner Teacher Center,
  59. Kentucky University,
  60. University of California at San Francisco,
  61. National Autonomous University of Vanderbilt,
  62. EIT Digital,
  63. Central School of Paris - High School of Electricians,
  64. Curtis Institute of Music,
  65. Columbia University,
  66. Manchester University,
  67. University of Genève,
  68. St. Petersburg State University,
  69. National Research Tomsk State University,
  70. Higher School of Education Relay,
  71. Hong Kong University Science and Technology,
  72. Koch University,
  73. Bocconi University,
  74. University of West Virginia,
  75. University of Alberta,
  76. Lund University,
  77. Colorado University The Danish Technical University (DTU),
  78. the IESE Business School,
  79. the American Museum of Natural History,
  80. the University of Western Australia,
  81. the University of Science and Technology of China,
  82. the California Institute of Technology,
  83. the University of Leiden,
  84. the University of New Mexico,
  85. the Rutgers University of New Jersey,
  86. Berkeley,
  87. Graduate School of Economics,
  88. Xi'an Jiaotong University,
  89. National Geographic Society,
  90. National Bridge and Road School,
  91. Houston University System,
  92. Campinas State University,
  93. University Ohio State University,
  94. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
  95. ESADE Business and Law School,
  96. University of Arizona,
  97. World Bank Group,
  98. Institute of Aeronautics,
  99. Rotterdam University. Erasmus,
  100. National Research Nuclear University MEPhI,
  101. Peking University,
  102. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile,
  103. McMaster University,
  104. University of California at Davis,
  105. University of Michigan,
  106. Brown University,
  107. Mines-Télécom Institute,
  108. University of London,
  109. University of Maryland at College Park,
  110. University of Barcelona,
  111. Stanford University,
  112. Munich Technical University (TUM),
  113. Novosibirsk State University,
  114. Yale University,
  115. Edinburgh University,
  116. Exploratory,
  117. Modern Museum The Institute of Political Studies in Paris,
  118. the University of Yonse,
  119. the Georgia Institute of Technology,
  120. the University of Pennsylvania,
  121. the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,
  122. IBM,
  123. the University of California at San Diego,
  124. the University of Andean,
  125. the University of Australia (University of New South Wales),
  126. the University of Chile,
  127. International Business School IE,
  128. Fudan University,
  129. University of Amsterdam,
  130. Insper,
  131. University of Colorado Colorado System,
  132. ESCP Europe,
  133. Match Teachers' Residence,
  134. Tel Aviv University,
  135. Hsieh University ernoy Carolina at Chapel Hill,
  136. University of California at Santa Cruz,
  137. University of Sydney,
  138. Nanjing University,
  139. Polytechnic School,
  140. Duke University,
  141. University of Lausanne.

Open class

The school is a design and advertising studio with the international advertising agency UNION CRAFT Llc.
Graphic-Art specializes in off-line activities (courses, master classes, workshops, intensities, etc.).
In turn Open Class is a division of Graphic-Art, but with a narrower specialization.
The Open Class is designed for online events (webinars, online courses, videoconferences, online presentations/broadcasts, etc.).

Thanks to the site, you can participate in the following types of webinar events: conferences (participants communicate with Webcams, microphones, chatting and private correspondence), presentations (the lecturer demonstrates slides, participants have the opportunity to orally ask a question), translations (slides, documents, chat, private) and training courses (integrates all of the above functional).

But the boards s lessons - not all. After registering, you can sign up for periodically held free webinars. In addition, access to specialized sections of the project is opened, in which audio podcasts on current topics, useful video materials (records of past webinars, lectures, lessons, interviews) and presentations will also be available free of charge. The Open Class team promises to post new information weekly.

Video tutorials and instructions.

Virtual training center.
Simply, these are paid video lessons on various topics.
You can be both a student and a teacher (of course, if you really are a teacher).

When you purchase video material, you can view Its unlimited number of times from any computer.

Skillshare -
Online Courses.

Lessons of creative development.
A global learning community for creative people. Anyone can receive thousands of online lessons.

Free webinars from 1PS.

There are free webinars on marketing and SEO.
Quick English lessons, starting level.

Quick English lessons, starting level.

School of data analysis, founded by Yandex.

School of data analysis, founded by Yandex.


  1. machine learning,
  2. computer vision,
  3. analysis of natural language texts
  4. other areas of modern computer science.
Undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates of Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE, ITMO, St. Petersburg State University, Ural Federal University, Novosibirsk State University and other leading universities enter the ShAD. For two years, students study subjects that are usually not included in university programs, although they are in great demand in science and various industries where high-tech information technologies are already used.

SAD gives a systematic education, combining theoretical studies with practice. Students attend lectures and attend seminars, working together on educational projects, the results of which often lead to scientific publications. Some ShAD students get an internship at Yandex, where they can apply the knowledge they have just received.

All teachers of the ShAD work in the IT industry or are engaged in modern science, regularly encountering current problems in their field. These problems and approaches to their solution are reflected in the curriculum and the content of the lectures. New courses appear all the time in the program, and, on the contrary, some subjects are excluded as outdated.

Graduates of the School work at Yandex and other large IT companies, designing and creating complex high-load services, are actively engaged in science. For example, in 2015, the BAS, together with the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, became a participant in one of the four main experiments of CERN at the Large Hadron Collider - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment (LHCb). Scientists from MIT, Lausanne Polytechnic School, Oxford University, Imperial College London and many other institutions analyze its results. ShAD is the only project participant that does not specialize in physics. The School is developing new tools and services for processing LHCb data.

Video education.

North-West State Correspondence Technical University.
Open educational channel.

YouTube -
Video education.

The Global Lecture Hall, where anyone who needs general information about university courses or additional knowledge of a particular subject, can watch educational videos posted by the most prestigious universities in the world, and even participate in their discussion.

YouTube -
Instructions on YouTube.

Linux Video Tutorial.
In this YouTube account, there are a lot of tutorials on Linux and the programs for it: office, GIMP, driver setup, coded ...

Moscow State University on YouTube -
Video education.

Moscow State University - MVLomonosov Moscow State University.

Yousician -
Learning to play musical instruments online.

Free online guitar lessons.
Simply connect and play, and experts determine your level and from it you get lessons and exercises.
The team site teachers from 17 countries, including Russia.

Free teaching videos and lessons in physics and mathematics for schoolchildren on an educational resource.

Educational resource in physics and mathematics for schoolchildren and teachers.

GetAClass offers to schoolboys:

  1. Interesting and understandable video tutorials on physics and mathematics;
  2. Summaries with the most important to each video lesson;
  3. In the near future simulators for learning to solve problems.

    For teachers on GetAClass there are:

    1. Interesting and understandable video lessons and other methodical materials on physics and mathematics that can be used to prepare and conduct lessons in school;
    2. Tools for compiling online assignments for your students and online checking their level of knowledge;
    3. A large number of problems in physics, including tasks on OGE and USE.

Amaze Kids
Lessons for children through video and games.

Simple, understandable, with a large font, a beautiful educational portal for children. Here children learn lessons for children through video and games. Children will learn to draw, sing, read, count.

VideoLectures -
Video education.

The site is primarily for programmers and other techies.
More than 1,500 lectures on computer science. Among the lecturers are employees of Apple and Microsoft. Plus rare courses: reading some little-known English poets or a concert of Karnat music (one of the main genres of Indian classical).

Video tutorials on the Internet
Site for teachers.

New free video tutorials, tests, useful materials and experience in teaching various subjects of the school curriculum, as well as hot news and unique offers for teachers, students and parents can be found in the blog of our project.

Online courses from Yandex
Courses and lectures on in-demand professions in IT.

Courses and lectures on in-demand professions in IT.

Programming and data analysis

In the online courses you'll not only get the necessary knowledge from Yandex employees and invited experts, but also learn practical skills. No unnecessary theory, only what will come in handy in real life.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Five courses dedicated to introduction to machine learning and basic data processing tools.
Lecturers will show the full cycle of analysis - from data collection to selection of optimal solution and its quality estimation, they will teach to use modern analytical tools and adapt them for particular tasks.

The art of developing in modern C++

Teachers share their long experience of creating large projects in C++.
They don't retell the textbook, but teach how to solve the problems most developers face in practice. Lectures are presented in an easy and accessible form, supported by a large number of programming tasks.
Finishing this specialization will allow you not only to speak about C++ comparing it with other languages, but also get the real skill of programming.

Interface design: layout and javascript

Taking this specialization, you'll learn the basic tools of an interface developer.
The main highlight of all courses - complex, but not detached from reality practical tasks.
.They were prepared by the Yandex developers.
.They tried to make the exercises resemble the real working tasks as much as possible.

Data structures and algorithms

The curriculum includes five courses and project work.
Students are introduced to algorithms and data structures that are commonly used to solve problems in computer science.
During the training you not only have to come up with algorithms, but also to implement them - it gives you a deeper understanding of the material.
The program language is English.

Big Data for Engineers

Program of the three courses and projects is designed primarily for people who want to learn how to work with large amounts of data - to store them and build fail-safe and efficient processing systems.
But specialization will be also useful for those who deals with data mining. The program language is English.

Machine Learning: Advanced

In this series of online courses, instructors give the basics of deep learning, reinforcement learning, automatic text processing, computer vision, and Bayesian methods.

Lynda -
Online Courses.

A leading online learning platform that helps anyone who wants to learn business, software, technology and develop creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to a high-level video library taught by recognized industry experts.

First of September
Festival of pedagogical ideas Open lesson.

Festival of pedagogical ideas Open lesson.

Pedagogical community.

Pedagogical community for teachers of school, preschool and additional education.

Here are interesting discussions of the participants, useful publications and lessons for teachers.

Free contests for teachers of various profiles are held regularly.

Community created by teachers for teachers.

Justin Guitar -
Learning to play guitar video lessons.

Learning to play the guitar, video lessons.

The Lean Launchpad -
In-depth business development, management and leadership training information and advice for both businesses and individuals.

Launchpad Class offers in-depth business development, management and leadership training information and advice for both businesses and individuals.

Launchpad Class also provides helpful information on management skills, management career advice, leadership training skills, business education and training and management internships.

If you are looking for management training, business training, training and development services or career management consultants you will find our local directory of management consultants invaluable.

For businesses and entrepreneurs looking to set up operations, move or expand to a new location we provide an in-depth look at some of the country's most business friendly locations.

Whether you are looking for leadership advice, management consultants or information on business friendly states, Launchpad Class is here to help you find what you need.

Management Training and Business Development from Launchpad Class - Launch Your Management Career!

Внимание ТВ
The best video lectures.

Here are the best video lectures in one stream.
No more searching on the Internet, wasting time, nerves, torturing the mouse and rubbing the calluses on the fingers.
Now you have the "Best Video Lectures"!

Coursera -
Free online classes from 80+ top universities and organizations.

The educational platform that provides online courses is the best education in the world accessible to everyone from leading universities and organizations of the world for all.

Courses are paid, knowledge of the language is required, for example. English or Spanish, depending on the course.

Themes: business, computer science, data science and ...

How it works

  1. Course tasks
    Each course is an interactive tutorial that contains videos, tests and projects.
    Communicate with thousands of other students: discuss ideas, materials Course and help each other learn new concepts.

  2. Certificates
    Obtain documents about your studies and share your success with friends, colleagues and employers.

Manualslib -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Instructions for more than 40,000 brands.

BitDegree -
Played online education for pumping motivation!

Creativelive -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Video lessons on creativity from top experts.

CreativeLive gives an opportunity to reveal people's potential by attracting the world's largest specialists directly to you, practically live. Thanks to the master classes in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, creativity, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors, making dynamic education accessible to all.

Anyone can watch live online seminars - for free - and interact with teachers in real time.

Free education of the future.

Academic Earth -
Video education.

Classes of leading educational institutions: Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale.
Free of charge and without SMS.
The site contains about 1,5 thousand lectures on astronomy, biology, economics, mathematics, political sciences . -
Fun and practical web development tutorials.

Information project about gadgets in all their manifestations, technology and geek culture.

News about Apple and Google, Android and iOS, and in general about gadgets Internet technologies.
Reviews of applications and devices, and many other interesting things, including news about hightech in the Droider Show.

Information project about gadgets in all their manifestations, technologies and geek culture.
The purpose - interesting, fast and accessible to tell fans of technologies about new devices, applications and games.

The main thing is video reviews.
It is made intelligently and qualitatively. A good picture, video editing, good sound (often it is not even steamed about the sound).
Pure speech, which I like. Sometimes you watch it, but instead of arguments, all you like is not convincing.
And here people with brains explain to us what is not clear.

This is not just a stupid show to kill time, but a place where we can understand a lot.

My school in online
A single platform for online learning from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

A single platform for online learning from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Learning materials for self-study.
Lessons appear corresponding to the current program. so we learn with everyone together.

Training materials in 14 subjects for students from grades 1 to 11.

Business incubator -
Online Education.

The business incubator is a structural subdivision of the State University - Higher School of Economics, created within the framework of the Innovative Education Program. Its main goal is to help create successful businesses that are founded and developed by the students of the State University-Higher School of Economics.
Business incubators students can learn the most advanced methods of building a new business. They get access to the resources of the Business Incubator, they can take part in numerous entrepreneurial-oriented events, and also become a part of the social network of the Business Incubator.

The business incubator is open to all students, employees and friends of the HSE, who are interested in building businesses With great potential, the success of which will be associated with the Higher School of Economics.

One of the important tasks of the Business Incubator is the creation of a transparent and cost-effective mechanism for involving teachers her Higher School of Economics in the company, based students.

WVBS Online Bible School -
A division of World Video Bible School.

A division of World Video Bible School.
Free (at the moment) bible video courses online.
It's not just a record of a good lecture of the Bible school, but a professional, quality visual video.

Free platform for learning and communication.

Free platform for learning and communication.
Online classes, school chats.

Combining classes into communities

We create a closed school community and invite teachers and students.

Create chats

We discuss the news, teachers explain something to the student, ...

We conduct classes in group calls

In a call, you can gather up to 100 participants - it will be possible to organize a lesson even for several classes.
Each of the interlocutors can turn on the screen sharing, and in order to attract attention, it is enough to virtually “raise your hand”.

File sharing

Images, presentations, articles - send and download any materials that will be useful for studying.
Add themed music or video to the lesson.

PatrickJMT -
Самые лучшие математические уроки любого сайта в Интернете.

PatrickJMT offers the absolute best math lessons of any site on the web. He covers everything from basic Algebra and Trigonometry to advanced Calculus, Discrete Math, and Differential Equations, all available as free online videos.

Highbrow -
Courses by mail.

Daily Courses in the Mailbox.
Every morning we get a lesson for 5 minutes.

TeacherTube -
The name of the site says that this is YouTube on the topic of education.
Of course the level is much lower than the known video hosting, but the topic is important.

Video tutorials and instructions.

Interactive training television.
This service enables users to get a video response (in the form of a screencast) on the raised question on computer subjects (for various programs, Internet services and ...). The project provides not only a video responses service, But also other standard web 2.0 social services, as well as the ability to watch screencasts-reviews on novelties in the world of IT and Internet. The main application is getting the most necessary and useful information about computers, as well as the opportunity to learn news in this area, to be constantly up to date with the latest developments. Video tutorials about computers and modern technologies using Internet, and also to be in the know The latest events from the world of IT.


Video education.

Open educational portal.

Here you can:

  1. watch educational films on various topics;
  2. attend lectures at leading Russian and foreign universities;
  3. Visit a prestigious scientific conference or a popular science lecture on a topic of your interest;
  4. in the section "School" - to see the best examples of teaching complex school topics.

Yandex Academy - School of Webmasters
Creation and promotion of the websites.

In the School of Webmasters of Yandex, experts from different areas of the Internet industry share their experience with beginners and experienced webmasters.
Experts talk about the main stages of the creation and development of the site: from writing a technical assignment to promotion in search engines, web analytics and evaluation of what was done.

The largest educational Internet project in Russia.

The largest educational online project for teachers and educators, students and parents.

Daily visits to more than 1 million people. The site is included in the 20 most visited sites in Russia.

Portal collected:

  1. more than 3,000,000 teaching materials,
  2. 3476 video lessons in the main subjects of the school curriculum,
  3. 132 tests,
  4. 89 video lectures on modern educational topics,
  5. vocational retraining courses (243 courses)
  6. 350 advanced training courses,
  7. international competitions and competitions,
  8. a catalog of more than 60,000 tutors from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Khan Academy -
Video tutorials and instructions.

Providing high-quality education to all and everywhere.
The site has over 4,200 micromolecules in mathematics, history, health and medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, cosmology, organic Chemistry, the fundamentals of American citizenship, the history of art, macro and microeconomics, computer science.

Video education.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations, University of Foreign Affairs Russia.

YouTube channels with studies -
Tutorials English.

American English with short dictation and pronunciation. -

Useful grammar lessons. -

Oppia -
Online IT Education.

Free open educational site from Google.

The essence of training is in practice. There is not a course of lectures on video, but real assignments from the teacher.

Google Digital Garage -
Learn Online Marketing - Free Training Course.

Learn Online Marketing - Free Training Course.

Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

Chesscademy -
Learning to play chess online.

Free online lessons for those who want to learn how to play chess.

Instructables -
Video tutorials and instructions.

The largest collection of instructions on Internet in Internet.
Most are equipped with videos and understandable without translation.
You are here if you need to master the practical skill, how to hammer nails, remove handcuffs without a key, lear

Children Science
Courses for the school program with deepening and expansion.

The purpose of the courses is to develop interest in the subject and to learn, if the learning process captures, then the result will be.

The enthusiasm for the subject begins with interesting questions and a good storyteller. Because the courses are copyright, and the main element is video lessons with live teachers and scientists recognized as masters of their craft.

The service cooperates with the school "Intellectual", one of the best Moscow multi-disciplinary schools.

Tests class

Video tutorials and instructions.

Video recordings of school lessons of famous teachers of Russian schools and gymnasiums. Each student now has the opportunity to see the lessons of distinguished teachers for free!

The site team records for you a collection of video lessons on the main subjects of the school program. Now published more than 500 video lessons on algebra, geometry, history, literature, Russian language and other subjects.

Records are combined into thematic groups in accordance with the school curriculum. Thus, school Lessonbooks are created in the video format. Now the program is covered from 6 to 10 classes.

Most of the videos are accompanied by additional materials - colorful graphics, slides and diagrams. In the future plans - shooting and placement of video lessons for junior and 11th graders, resuming lessons with the use of new technologies.

With distance learning, computer technologies are used as much as possible, which opens up great opportunities in studying the material. For example, the video tutorial can be stopped, you can return to the listened phrases of the teacher. The lesson can be attached hyperlinks, graphics, illustrations, making it much more interesting and extensive. This will teach your child to analyze the acquired material, come to your own conclusions based on the information received. In addition, you do not have to buy a large number of Lessonbooks. You can find everything you need by yourself.

Video education.

A social network for medical professionals.
Recorded on video operations, lectures, conferences.

Trinity Video Seminary
Free online education through video lectures.

Free online education through video lectures.

How it works

  1. Choose a course (biblical theology, systematic theology, historical disciplines, practical theology) and register.
  2. During the day, we should receive a letter with instructions for completing our course, as well as a username and password for accessing the virtual classroom.
  3. Process - view fragments of video lectures, perform interactive tests.
  4. After completing the course, you can go through one more TVSeminary training course or choose one of the distance learning programs.
  5. We receive a certificate or diploma.

Video education.

Many free training courses that will help to gain new knowledge and improve professional qualifications.
Most of the material is not video, but gradually more and more video appears.

Popular courses

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Fundamentals of local networks
  • Programming language PHP
  • C++ programming language
  • Microsoft Windows for a beginner user
  • Linux operating system
  • Programming in Java
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Accounting

Basics of programming for geographers
GIS programming.

YouTube channel Easy German
Channel about German language and German culture.

YouTube channel Preparing for the exam in physics
A graduate of Moscow State University and a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences talks about the theory and examines problems. In open access, not everything, but what is there, can greatly help.

YouTube channel Skill up
Lectures on physics and problem analysis.

Lingualeo -
Tutorials English.

English language online through movies, clips and audiobooks from native speakers.
At the moment there are 3,000,000 users.
There is a Russian version, the service is free, later there will be additional paid functions and a bonus system.

YouTube channel GetAClass - Just Math
Figurative video tutorials in mathematics.

YouTube channel Stephenina
A graduate of the MSU and a tutor with 12 years of experience examines the demo-variants of the USE and lectures on the school curriculum.

YouTube channel Stephenina
A graduate of the MSU and a tutor with 12 years of experience examines the demo-variants of the USE and lectures on the school curriculum.

YouTube channel Valery Volkov
More than 2000 video lessons on school and higher mathematics.

YouTube channel Informatic BU
Analysis of tasks of subscribers, including EGE

YouTube channel Chemistry
Visual videos with experiments and explanations.

Megacampus -
Online Education.

The author of the project is the Moscow Financial and Industrial Academy.
Interactive learning, learning in the game, interesting for all participants of the educational process.

How to start

  1. Register and become a part of the educational community,
  2. choose the appropriate role:
    • student - if you want to get an education via Internet in convenient mode and on a personal schedule;
    • author - if you plan to publish your programs on the portal.
    You can always change the role in your account.

Portal Features

  • E-Learning Technologies - you can study at any time and in any city in the world, only a computer with access in Internet.
  • Program Catalog - on the portal you can get secondary, higher or additional education in the most popular areas, improve your qualifications and pass professional retraining. In our catalog there are both paid and free authoring programs.
  • Language versions - training materials and programs can be downloaded to MegaCampus in different languages. Therefore, you can not just get new knowledge, but also improve the knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Testing and certificates - after the program is over, many authors offer users to pass the final testing and get a diploma or a certificate.
  • Program Evaluation - comments and rating system programs help authors improve their teaching materials, and also allows other users to understand whether to sign up for the program.
  • Social Network - on the portal you can communicate with other users via instant messaging, add friends, create groups of interests, upload photos, share comments.
  • Blogs - so you do not have to be distracted by LiveJournal and Twitter, we have developed a system of personal and public blogs.
  • Bookmarks - you can add user profiles, blogs, tutorials, photos and see all updates on the most interesting pages of MegaCampus.
  • Ratings - adding a person to friends, you can see his personal and professional ratings.

YouTube channel
Video lessons on the pronunciation of Spanish from the author of textbooks George Nuzhdina.

YouTube channel of Alexander Becker
Tips for learning the language from the teacher, who in the course talks about life in Germany.

YouTube channel Pro English -
Analysis of all tasks EGE.

Lectures on literature on the channel Culture
68 lectures on Russian literature.

Polyglot. Learn German in 16 hours
Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.

Polyglot. Learn Spanish in 16 hours
Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.

Polyglot. Learn French in 16 hours
Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.

Interactive Russian language tutorial
35 lectures from teachers of Moscow State University, MIPT and HSE.

Platform for creating and conducting online webinars, video courses, tests and polls.

Platform for creating and conducting online webinars, video courses, tests and polls.

Interactive history tutorial
20 history lectures from Foxford online school. Lectures are given by teachers from Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, HSE.

English with Marina Ozerova
English conversation course online.

English conversation course online.
The course is paid, but the channel on Youtube is free.

In any case, everyone teaches it. Nobody teaches on lectures at all.
Lectures are conducted as a robot, focusing on the average student. Something will be clear to you, something will be past.
This is why the lecture helps someone who is learning for themselves, not teaching.

This way I won't recommend a paid course here, it's not worth it. And from the video you can find something useful.

Kopilka urokov
Site for teachers.

Here you can conveniently search for the files you need for your work, as well as share your developments with other teachers and get a certificate of publication.

Interactive Social Studies Textbook
42 lectures from online school Foxford. Classes are conducted by teachers from Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, HSE.

Interactive textbook on computer science
206 lectures on computer science from Foxford online school. The classes are taught by teachers from Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and the Higher School of Economics.

Online university, one of the leaders of the Russian online education market.

Online university, one of the leaders of the Russian online education market.

I looked at this school when Group became a co-owner of this educational platform.

There are courses with job security. They are all paid. But this does not mean that you should not strain.
They will take you to work, but they can calmly say goodbye after the trial period.
The course is good, the teachers are good, it all depends on the student.

Course Directions

  1. Design,
  2. marketing,
  3. programming,
  4. management,
  5. business.

Informatics | Preparing for the exam 2018
70 videos of tasks of the Unified State Exam.

Online programming training from scratch. With the participation of

Online education from scratch. With the participation of
Education is paid, not long and not expensive, with a practical part and guaranteed employment.

  1. Web developer
  2. Java programmer
  3. Python programmer
  4. Android programmer
  5. iOS programmer
  6. Frontend developer
  7. Game developer
  8. Interface designer
  9. Ruby programmer
  10. C# developer
  11. System administrator
  12. SEO-specialist
  13. Software tester
  14. PHP programmer
  15. Webmaster
  16. SMM manager
  17. Internet marketer

Pianu -
Learning to play musical instruments online.

Learn to play the piano online.
You can play an online online instrument, you can connect your synthesizer.
Piano is a classic instrument and of course you will learn to read and write.

Biology | Preparing for the exam 2018
29 videos from Foxford online school with a review of the tasks of the exam in biology.

Interactive Math Tutorial
23 lectures in mathematics from Foxford online school.

Interactive Biology Tutorial
25 lectures in biology from the Foxford online school and teachers from Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE.

Physics | Preparing for the exam 2018
19 webinars online school Foxford.


Game Theory -
Free, Online Courses.

Game Theory

Popularized by movies such as "A Beautiful Mind", game theory is the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational (and irrational) agents. Beyond what we call 'games' in common language, such as chess, poker, soccer, etc., it includes the modeling of conflict among nations, political campaigns, competition among firms, and trading behavior in markets such as the NYSE. How could you begin to model eBay, Google keyword auctions, and peer to peer file-sharing networks, without accounting for the incentives of the people using them?

Free, Online Courses

Game Theory I: an introductory course on game theory, with theoretical foundations and practical applications.
Game Theory II: a more advanced course covering some of the key applications of game theory: social choice, mechanism design, and auctions.


One Month -
Learn how to code and create web applications in a month.

Thinkful -
Internet education, coding with 1-on-1 mentoring.

The Lean LaunchPad -
How to create a startup.

Code School -
The study of coding in the process.

BaseRails -
Mastering Ruby and other web technologies.

Mixergy -
Learn from reputable entrepreneurs.

Platzi -
Streaming classes on programming, design, business and marketing. Learn from industry leaders. -
Learn every week from successful entrepreneurs.

Dash -
Learn how to create cool websites.

Online курс -

Startup Notes -
The startup school invites the founder to tell his success stories.

Startup Talks -
A collection of videos about the activities of start-ups.


YouTube channel for step by step study of the Arabic alphabet, which explains in detail the features of reading, writing and pronunciation of letters.


Datamonkey -
We develop analytical thinking.


LearnCode. Academy -
100% FREE Web Development tutorials, web site design tutorials and more.

Programming Knowledge -
Video lessons on coding.


Chinese for beginners -
Video course from Peking University for those who are just acquainted with the language.

Video course from Peking University for those who are just acquainted with the language.


Lena’s RukoTV
Video lessons of the Korean Russian girl who moved to Korea and lived there in 10 years.

Video lessons of the Korean Russian girl who moved to Korea and lived there in 10 years.


Surfedukators -
Free surfing videos, tips and tutorials.


Big Think -
In-depth videos by experts.


Mind Tools -
Free tools and videos for improving career, management and communications skills.


Czech lessons with Czech
Prague Education Center.

16 Czech lessons with a native speaker on Russian-language YouTube.
On the channel you will also find conversational Czech courses and a lot of life hacking for those who want to move.

Czech online
Video Course GoStudy "Czech online"

Video Course GoStudy "Czech online".

Monthly course for beginners.
The program will allow to communicate on simple topics such as shopping, ask how to get ...