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Travel on map

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Wheelmap -
Online map, which marked the availability and inaccessibility of public places and toilets for disabled people.

A card for wheelchairs, so you can translate the name of the card.
Actually, this is an online map, which indicates the availability and inaccessibility of public places and toilets for disabled people.

The map on the site is available for mobile p


  • Monthly update of the road map;
  • builds routes on detailed maps of cities in Russia and Ukraine, as well as on the routes between them;
  • voice prompts along the route;
  • manage with voice commands;
  • timely rebuilds the route, based on constantly updated information about traffic jams and traffic events;
  • building a route saved in your favorites (for example: "go home");
  • searches for geographical objects by names, at home - by addresses, and by organizations - by names or occupation;
  • add an intermediate point on the route (for example: "add a shop" Crossroads ");
  • warns of road events (road accidents, repairs, etc.) and video surveillance cameras;
  • remembers the desired addresses in the Favorites so that you can quickly build routes to them;
  • saves the maps in the phone's cache;
  • supports vector maps for Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and cities of Ukraine;
  • knows additional information about buildings and other objects on the map;
  • provides fast and smooth interaction with the card.
  • MTS Ukraine subscribers are provided with free Internet traffic.
Country: Russia, Ukraine Interface language: Russian, English, Ukrainian

Language of voice commands: Russian Ukrainian.

Travel on the map.

'What interesting things can you see in your spare time?' And 'Where can I go to rest?'
The site introduces us to unusual sights.
Based on the travel experience of the authors of the guidebook for many years, a huge amount of materials were collected for places worth visiting.
The concept of the project assumes not disclosing of an essence of a concrete place, and submission of idea for travel and independent studying of object.
However, much attention is paid to the travel routes of the Weekend Trip and Expedition format.

The main part of the catalog is occupied by non-trivial sights, many of them are published for the first time. Each object is provided with detailed information on accessibility and travel.
This is especially convenient for planning a trip, and allows you to route a new route with the capture of the maximum number of objects at a time. Particular attention is paid to the quality of photographs, in order to fully reveal the beauty of a particular place.

Social Networks tourists.

Free service for travel and travel lovers, allowing you to effectively and colorfully convey your travel experiences, share them with friends, communicate in communities of interest and plan your trips based on the personal experience of others.
In just a few seconds you get your own Page of the traveler, and can begin to form a personal travel history.

Create a map of all your trips and each separately. The authors use the technology Google Maps API, but added several of their own unique developments for greater visibility, convenience and beauty. All your trips are marked with flags, visited countries are painted over, and on the map for each individual trip the route of your movement is displayed.

  1. Create photo galleries,
  2. write travel notes and stories,
  3. travel reports,
  4. the most interesting and memorable can be reflected as special notes on the fields - "Facts",
  5. to each You can attach the corresponding photo gallery to the report, and vice versa,
  6. add the video,
  7. send personal invitations to your friends to view your reports and photos,
  8. to the services of the scheduler of future trips.

Hitchwiki -
Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

Hitchwiki is a collaborative website for gathering information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport. It was inspired by Wikipedia and by Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. At some point it was left abandoned by its founder, and found and adopted by Guaka. As a hitchhiker you're encouraged to read and write this guide, by adding your knowledge, improving existing articles and starting new ones! Anyone is allowed to edit - you just need to log in.

Hitchwiki is gathering all sorts of relevant information about good hitchhiking spots, knowledge about hitchhiking possibilities in different countries, general know-how about what to pack and when to go, what to eat, and how to stay safe.

Just click edit at the top of an article, make your changes and click Save page. A good article to start editing or writing is probably your home town. To create new articles you can add and around the title of the new article, in some other article, on your user page or even here on the main page. Save the page, click on the red link and start writing a new page. Be bold about editing, just do it! If it feels a bit awkward, you can practice in the Sandbox.

TripHappy -
The purpose of the site is to help you plan a trip abroad, but it can only help you if you already go where and how to organize your itinerary.

The purpose of the site is to help you plan a trip abroad, but it can only help you if you already go where and how to organize your itinerary.
You can find a place on the map and look for what's next. In order to find where it is more convenient to stay, the site looks for prices in Hostelworld, and Airbnb.

I looked out curiously at Rovaniemi and did not find those 2 best hotels in which I stayed. One has a better location, another has a great spa.
At and, I find everything easy.

Convenient multimedia card, description, comments, advice on routes.

Convenient multimedia Maps, with descriptions, comments, recommendations on routes that can not be used when traveling - just unreasonable!

Travel - an integral part of the life of any person. And international travel is also an occasion to see a lot of new things, to boast of your friends and just get a lot of new impressions. Sometimes it is difficult to find an optimized route. In this difficult issue will help the card. A better multimedia card. This is exactly the solution for this task, and the Tripster service is called "travel on the map."

This, almost unique, service provides you with a full set of tools for determining the route of a future trip or tour, thanks to the use of Google Maps. Implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, including AJAX, this site quickly works with large data sets, including with scalable multimedia Maps, which provides the user with many new functions. One of the interesting features is, for example, the creation of a travel history. It is also useful that, for example, if you are aiming at a city, you will get information about it and see how many users of the service have already visited, read their reviews, their recommended routes and much more.

Accessibility Map
Routes for the disabled.

United Russia is an innovative project of the United Country Foundation. The project is designed to help people with disabilities find places where they can practice Paralympic sports, as well as provide them with information about nearby accessible urban infrastructure facilities.

Tripwolf -
One of the best sites for tourism.

One of the best sites for tourism.
The tourist will receive the exhaustive information:

  • tourist routes
  • attractions
  • beaches
  • places
  • for outdoor activities
  • nightlife
  • places
  • slept
  • public catering
  • purchases
  • transport
  • other
  • entertainment Map, photos, videos. You can download and print a beautifully illustrated guide and take it on a trip.

    Languages: English - German.

  • Evakuator-mos -
    Tow on the map.

    Evacuators on the map.
    Judging by the address, the service started from Moscow, where it will be the largest base. However, there are many cities in Russia. For Russia, not a complete base, but what is, is better than nothing.

    Use is simple, find the nearest tow truck on the map, click, call on the proposed phone.
    If it does not help, then we will use the traditional way, ask the traffic police. The truth here is inconvenience, first wait for them, then the evacuator.

    HERE WeGo -
    Maps and navigation.

    Maps and navigator.
    Very well advanced maps from Nokia, which were originally just maps for mobile navigators.
    Now they become full-fledged maps that are not inferior to Google.

    It's more pleasant to work with them than with others, very soft and quality scrolling, loading.

    The maps are made primarily for ease of use on mobile devices.

    At the moment my city is shown in detail, besides the photo from space is much more decent than Yandex, because it was made in the summer, not dirty autumn.
    I tried different navigators, Ruku application on Android was the best. You can download and use offline.

    There are panoramas, also Europe and the USA.