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The social network of teachers.

Genealogical database for all Icelanders.

Genealogical database for all Icelanders.
No country has one.
The reason is that the country is young and small. They do not have names, but only a middle name, which simplifies the finding of parents.

The service is popular for those who enter into marriage to make sure that the chosen one is a close relative.
You can also find out what kind of relationship the person is in relation to the president or the star.
Site for current and future moms.

An assistant for young mothers, who will tell all about pregnancy, childbirth, will share tips on caring for and care for babies.

The site for mothers will tell about the pregnancy calendar, pregnancy tests, how to find out when the date of birth will be, how to give birth, when to leave on maternity leave and how maternity leave is paid.

Both mom and dad will find tips on how to raise a baby and how to raise children.

For pregnant moms

  1. Pregnancy calendar.
  2. Daily pregnancy advice for moms and dad tips.
  3. Planning for pregnancy.
  4. Communication of pregnant women at the same time.
  5. Calculate the estimated date of delivery.
  6. Detailed information on the duration of pregnancy by day.
  7. A huge number of thematic groups. Female consultation, questions about pregnancy, the choice of the hospital and much more.
  8. Search for pregnant women at the same time next to them on the map.

Botnet -
Social network simulator where you're the only human along with a million bots who are obsessed with you.

Social network simulator where you're the only human along with a million bots who are obsessed with you.
It looks like a real social network, but without the main problem - people.

In an ordinary network you share the news, and you start to be scolded, ridiculed, annoyed.
So you do not know if it is worth sharing, but I would like to.

Here you share your post and a lot of bots barking at you, supporting and approving you.
Positive alone! -
We delete your accounts everywhere.

We delete your accounts everywhere.
We're logging into the site using a Google Account. It searches for all the places where you registered using this mail and you are offered links for the most simple deletion.
If you want to retire from anywhere, it will take you less than an hour.

Reprint Wikipedia.

Reprint Wikipedia.

How to reincarnate Wikipedia

There are three ways to start using WIKI 2. You can traditionally enter the address of in the address bar, or you can bookmark any converted page and use the search.

But there is a magic trick that is worth mentioning separately. If in any address of the original Wikipedia to replace a few characters on the number 2, as follows: →, the page will reincarnate.

Zepeto -
Social network - the game.

Social network - the game.
There is a website, but this is an application on a smartphone.

How it works

Create your own 3D avatar: hair color, hairstyle, clothes ... There are a lot of options to make the avatar look very similar to you and be unique.
Then it will be possible to correct.

Usually try to make him look like himself, then it turns out more fun. But you can create some kind of image, which then live. The game is the same.

These avatars interact with each other. Friends will first need to be "folded."

Then we furnish our room. All this should be bought for a special currency. You are given an initial amount, which is enough for a start.

In order to get new coins, you just need to be active: viewing ads or in a game like Flappy Bird. However, play money can be bought for ordinary money.

You can buy emotions and gestures.

Every day offers quests, a street for dating and gifts.

Link Twitter to Facebook -

PeakD -
Social Media platform.

Informative blockchain-based website.
A social media platform for blogging and communication: chat, commenting on posts, ...

The goal is to be the entry point to the decentralized world of blockchain and to integrate all the amazing features blockchain has to offer in an easy, intuitive way.

Community teachers, social network Russian teachers.

35photo -
Social network of professional photographers №35.

A resource dedicated only to high-quality photography.
Purpose: to collect in one place interesting works and to make their viewing, display and sorting the most convenient for the user.
The resource is completely open, but all photos of applicants are strictly filtered by moderators, whose task is solely to clear out frank marriage, foul language and non-fiction of works.
Social network for mothers, assistance in the education and maintenance of the child, interesting information, useful topics, discussions, consultation.

Everything here is created only for women (for registered men there is no registration).
This is a portal for those who are just preparing to become a mother, and for those who already have this honorary title.

In the menu of this Cafe Mom:

  • Photo Album and Video Gallery, you can exchange ratings and comments.
  • Diaries - we record all the most important things that happen in the life of children: achievements and passions, significant events and ordinary days. They are not lost when moving, they are not eaten by a dog, you can open or close access to them for guests.
  • Encyclopedia - a library for moms, filled with useful articles. Each article can be evaluated, commented out and added to bookmarks to be re-read at leisure.
  • Blogs - you can not only run your own blog, but also read the records of other modern moms, as well as view photos and videos.
  • Question-Answer - mothers themselves exchange experience here, asking questions and answering them.
  • Consultations - specialists in their areas answer here to the questions of moms and give them professional advice.

CafeMom -

Hair Care Community.

Hair Care Community.

Hair maniac or hair maniac is a slang that has recently appeared in RuNet. So call themselves girls who are not indifferent to hair care, and often they are the owners of elegant silk hair, "as in advertising."

Want to know how they do it?
Then you will be interested in this site.

Community, it means that everyone can participate, there is a program to encourage authors.
These are bonuses, prizes and gifts. This is not an income, but an incentive.

Hair Care Diary

For registered users.
  1. a tape of dated photo reports (thanks to it, it is convenient to track the dynamics of hair changes),
  2. diary, where you can note that for the beauty of your hair and what day of the week you did,
  3. "stand" with hair products, where you can save all hair products that you use at the moment or just want to buy.

Hair products catalog

More than 5,000 titles.
Here there is not only the compositions of means and description from the manufacturer, but also the search for means by ingredients and effects.

Home masks

More than 500 recipes for homemade hair masks, decoctions for rinsing and homemade shampoos.

TikTok -
Global video community.

Global video community.
Cool short videos that you can watch or share with masks, filters and stickers.

Huge sound library

Put millions of free tracks and interesting sounds on your videos.

Original emossi and masks

Take your videos to the next level with 100+ free emos, a bunch of masks and betty effects.

Masks for live broadcast.

It's strange that there's never been a service like this before.

Let's say when blogs were popular. They basically revolutionized the Internet. But there was Twitter, a short message service and it became ultra-popular.

There were very interesting photohostings, almost unlimited, but Instagram appeared.

But the video industry did not have a service of short videos.

Just Delete Me -
Close the account.

Service for removing accounts.

How does it work?

  1. We go to the site and we are greeted by a large list.
  2. You can choose from the alphabet, only the popular ones, you can specify a search.
  3. Click and go to the site page to delete the account.
It is indicated HARD or EASY or even IMPOSSIBLE to delete the account (text and color) and some explanations in English.

Conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the child on the site for moms.

Community of moms and wishing to become them!

On the site you will find a lot of useful and interesting articles about pregnancy and childbirth, about the future mother's health, pregnancy calendar and much more.

Деловая соцсеть для профи и бизнеса.

Business social network for professionals and business.
Russian competitor to LinkedIn.

An expert and helpful business community without pseudo-experts and unnecessary noise.
More than 300,000 purchases from the ETP according to 44/223/185-FZ daily.
Filters by delivery region, NMTsK and other parameters, as well as swipe search.
Search for lots at the bankruptcy auction.

This is a business environment for those who are interested in a career, online business (and not only), finance and earnings.


  • messenger,
  • automatic search for tenders with UIS and 10 ETPs using AI,
  • checking counterparties and searching for lots from bankruptcy auctions (for example, a car with a discount of up to 50%).

News, music, events, videos that will be of interest to you.

A social network that brings together news, music, events, videos, stories on one site and allows the user to customize the application to suit their interests.
Without advertising.


The news selection recommendation system reflects preferences unique to each user.
Without the influence of promotion factors from news agencies and annoying banners.
When you first launch the application, you can specify your region and topics of interest.
All news on the selected topics will be displayed in the Interests tab.
In the future, interests can be changed by clicking on the gear on the main screen of the application.
And in the Trends and Featured tabs, you can get acquainted with the current news agenda.


About 300 thousand tracks.
Playlists and tracklist are constantly updated.


A poster of options for spending free time with children, family, friends - both paid and free.More than 1000 cities of Russia.

Instagram -
Delete your account on Instagram.

Delete your account on Instagram.
It will not be possible to restore, neither to you, nor to anyone else.

By the way, you can simply disable your account and it will not be active, it will simply disappear, but then it can be activated again.

Of course, first download your photos and videos if you want, then it will not work.

  1. We go to the Instagram website in our account, not the application, but through the browser.
  2. Open the "Delete account" page.
  3. Indicate the reason for your decision.
  4. We thought again, suddenly they just freaked out, who doesn’t happen to?
  5. Re-enter the password.
  6. Click "Delete account MY NAME"
  7. The account will be deleted within 30-90 days.

From Instagram to VK
Transfer photos and videos from Instagram to VK.

Transfer photos and videos from Instagram to VK.
We save the contents of the Instagram account.
You will need this if you are leaving Instagram permanently or if Instagram is shutting down in your country

Audience search in social networks, automation of advertising campaigns, advertising in mobile applications.

Audience search in social networks, automation of advertising campaigns, advertising in mobile applications.

Banners and videos are shown on websites and mobile applications to users with the most relevant and current interests in residential and commercial real estate.

ASKfm -
Network for questions and answers about yourself.

Network for questions and answers.
But different from the usual ones, we ask our friends about them. You can ask anonymously, but you can refuse anonymous questions.
Millions of questions are asked each day in more than 40 languages.

How does it work?

We go into the application and get the questions our friends answered and the questions asked to us.

Here there is an instant addition of photos and hypho to the answer.

Workplace -
Free voice and text chat for gamers.

Social networks have become a problem in offices.
People spend a lot of time on non-working communication.
It became the norm on enterprise networks to block social networks.

Facebook came up with a different kind of network - inside the enterprise.
People still have more relationships with employees. And then all the same you will switch to the topic of work.
Here also communication became useful. In addition, they continue to communicate after work. So her working time is taken away, but on the contrary personal time is given to working issues.

Social network for creativity.

VK World
All information about the VK.

All information about the site VK.

In fact, this is a full-fledged site, which aims to help effectively use the site VK.
The site was created and is maintained by VK team, so the information is correct and up-to-date.

All the secrets that the social network VK.
The answer to any of your questions, whether it's registration VK or rating upgrade.
Maybe you decided to earn VK.

Here you can actually ask a question, however, you can ask a question in the usual way - through the group VK.

Photo website
The most popular photo resource in Runet dedicated to art photography.

The most popular photo resource in Runet dedicated to art photography.

The purpose of the site is to teach photography.
New beautiful pictures every day.

Users comment and vote for the photos, choosing "Photo of the Day" - the best of the best photos on the site.


LiveStreet CMS -
CMS for social networks.

Free (GPLv2) engine for blog-social networks.
The project is implemented using OOP on PHP5 + MySQL5 and is built on the basis of the MVC model, which makes it easy to change both the logic of the engine behavior and the appearance.

Main features

  • Using UTF-8
  • Maintaining personal blogs
  • Ability to create collective blogs
  • System of rating blogs, topics, comments, users
  • Voting system for Blogs, topics, comments, users
  • Possibility to add topics to favorites
  • Auto-tagging
  • Collective internal mail
  • Access control system (ACL) to various network capabilities (blog creation, voting, etc.)
  • The ability to create a private site
  • The system of invites
  • Topic-link
  • Topics polls
  • Administer your blogs
  • Assign moderators blogs
  • Notification Settings on email

Pligg -
CMS for social networks.

An open source Content Management System (CMS) that can be downloaded and used for free.
Invites visitors to register so they can submit their information and contact other users.

Especially useful if you are a programmer.

Pligg CMS is based on an open source PHP and MySQL technology, so it can be installed on most webhosts and used with a relatively small budget.


Habr -
News IT professional the ability to publish articles, conduct of private and public blogs, discussion on interesting topics in the IT field.

Multifunctional site, which is a mixture of social network and a collective blog, created for the publication of news, analytical articles, thoughts related to high technology, primarily with Internet. Founded in June 2006. The publisher of the project is

OpenHub -
Social Network programs.

Ning -
Personal social network.

English-language service for building your own social network, as well as bulletin boards, online surveys, photo-sharing and link exchange, and so on.
The starting plan costs $25.

Influenster -
Sampling and online product review platform.

Object network platform which can create a variety of patterns, from user profiles and forums to complex corporate websites, combining their diverse contacts in a social network.

Spot.IM -
Tools for webmasters to add social networking functionality to their websites.

My Live Page
Social network sites. Create your site!


Universal neutral wiki, which you create.

The universal neutral wiki that you create.


Social network motorists.

The social network of car enthusiasts from Habr.
While there is a closed beta test.

Communities of automotive fans.
Having entered, you can publish news or articles in it and discuss news or articles of other participants.

Karma, rating, voting on the news.

Users can not add about the relatively recent wheelbarrows - not older than 2000. Promise that in the final version unknown models will be added at the request of users using a special form.

In the developers' plans it is necessary to add geographic maps to which participants can contribute various objects (refueling, service stations and other services) and evaluate them.
Portal motorists, HGV, blogs, photos, find like-minded people.

Portal of motorists, autonews, blogs, photos, search of like-minded people.

drivetribe -
Website motorists with an emphasis on video.

Former Top Gear leaders attracted investment and started a network of motorists. It is planned to focus on video (once TV presenters), clans will be created. Famous people will participate.

License plate
Social network motorists.

A small social network where users register under the license plates of their machines.
The network is unlikely to be mass, because it is more of a club.
It will be of interest to car wash owners. There is an encyclopedia with a weak base. What the authors expected, it is not clear.
Owners of cars, write articles, create threads about cars, the question about cars, publish their test drives.

We go, choose the required model of the car and get to the forum.

Owners of cars, write articles, create topics about cars, solve questions about cars, publish your test drives.

You can sell something or buy something for your model.


OneWorldTV -
The solution of social problems, ecology.

Social network for dead people, 'Remember the Pro'.

Care2 -
Social network of green activists.

CaringBridge -
Wait for me, it is worth understanding.


Anonymous social network. Communication without a name and gender, you can open your data if necessary.

Alcoholism in the media.
Little toss, it is necessary to change life.
This site is a kind of help in the second stage of liberation from alcoholism.

Ello -
The new global, commercial-free, with the possibility of using pseudonyms.


Facebook job -
Work on Facebook. Something is written about the philosophy of Facebook.

VK job
Work in VK.

Odnoklassniki job
Work in Odnoklassniki, filters, choose those programming languages ​​that we own.


Social network for cyclists
You can find out all about bikes of the articles or through communication.

Get your blog, find friends.
You can find out all about bicycles from articles or through communication.
You can buy a bicycle here, but I'm not sure that there is a ducky option, just advertising. In addition, it's a Ukrainian site, so not everyo


Verification Vkontakte
An ordinary person can not claim verification.

An ordinary person can not claim verification.
Verification in VK requires

  • A notable presence on other sites on Internet.
  • Quotation in the media.
  • Wikipedia article
  • VK page Must be filled in.
  • The page must contain photos.
  • The page must be updated.
  • The number of friends must not exceed the number of subscribers.
Verified (authentic) account looks like this:

Facebook Verification -

Today we launch page verification in order to help people find authentic accounts of celebrities and other famous people and businesses," the publication quotes an excerpt from the company's message. Verified pages will belong to a small circle of socially significant figures, including stars, journalists, government officials, popular brands and companies.

True accounts will be marked like a tweet by the blue tick next to the name on the Timelines line, in the search results and in other places on Facebook.

The launch of the new feature occurred a few weeks after, As a number of brands expressed concern about how the new internal search engine Graph Search will display them in the search results list, because there are many similar pages.


Facebook Map Live -
Watch the live broadcast from around the world.

Interactive map of online broadcasts from Facebook.
On the map we choose from the offered broadcasting what we are geographically interesting.
As a rule, you can find a language that is understandable for us.
Of course, there's just chatter in there, and there's a web camera from the studio or a person sharing some serious topic that he owns.

If you like some stream, you can subscribe to notifications about the next broadcasts.

How to make your broadcast

  1. The broadcast is the button at the top right.
  2. A point from the list,
  3. for everyone or friends,
  4. you can write something to notify about your broadcast in the stream,
  5. next - how we will use our webcam, the broadcast will start.

OK Live -
Create the broadcasts and watch created by others.

Watch the broadcast

We choose a place on the map and see the active points where the translation is currently in progress. Any user can use any language he owns regardless of geographic location. But just as the classmates network is primarily Russian-speaking, almost everywhere we will meet Russian speech.
Depending on the selected section of the map below, the players are available on this map, so it's more convenient to choose.It can be a person who wants to communicate, or maybe an entrepreneur advertising his product or store.
If it's just a person, it's unlikely that he is broadcasting anything, rather he expects communication, you can get acquainted. Unlike the chat roulette, here you can choose the interviewee, seeing it and selecting from others. And if this is your city, you can also agree on a meeting.

Create broadcasts

Create broadcasts from your mobile phone in your profile in Classmates and in groups from the OK Live application.The recording of the broadcast will be available for subsequent viewing by users of OK Live and the social network. Classmates.
The recording will be stored indefinitely, so think what you are showing.

Collect viewers to communicate on the air

OK Live will tell your subscribers that you are live, and will show your broadcast in the "Subscriptions" and "Maps" ribbon. If your live broadcast attracts the attention of the audience, it will automatically appear in the "Popular".
Friends and group members will see new broadcasts in their personal tapes on all screens of the social network of Classmates and will receive additional notifications about the start of live broadcast.


WT Social -
Paid social network without advertising.

Paid social network without advertising.
It costs 400 rubles per month or 4000 rubles per year.
In my opinion, a failed idea.

The social network was created by the author of Wikipedia. By the way, before Wikipedia, he did a dozen of failed projects, until what worked out.

Facebook -
The leading social network in the world.

A leading social network.
A beautiful engine, constantly evolving and growing with new functions, the number of which can not be compared to any service.

For example,

  1. integration with YouTube - you can easily transfer your video album.
  2. integration with gmail and other leading mail services,,, yahoo, ...) - you can easily find out, Has anyone registered in your address book on Facebook.
  3. Integration with Skype - m You can add friends from your address book and view the latest messages from your friends on Skype, which you can immediately answer.
  4. Integration with Yandex - On the start page of Yandex, you can add a widget with the latest Facebook news, which can be immediately answered.
  5. integration with Twitter - you send messages to Twitter, And they automatically appear on your Facebook. So you can write on Facebook via mobile by sending SMS.
Another thing to say is that not so long ago the network opened up for all comers.
  1. We go in,
  2. enter your email, password, facebook explores your address book and tells you which of your friends already has a Facebook entry and you can invite them to your friends.
You can have a photo album, create groups, or join by region or by interest.

There is a wall (the wall) For visitor records.

VK -
The leading social network in Russia.

Originally a university catalog.
Closed directory of students and graduates of universities, which opened for all comers.

To friends and classmates always stay in touch, groups, meetings.

Looks like Facebook, wall, friends. .. But there are advantages. It is much easier Facebook and to the content of almost no restrictions, until the copyright here came a little bit.

VK and post

Vkontakte allowed Facebook to register short names, instead of the numeric code in the address, for example.
Then you can use email with the address

Registration on the site

In this lesson you will learn how to register an account in the most popular social network of Russian-language Internet VK. Open your browser and go to the VK site.

Click on the 'Registration' button.

In the first section, you must enter personal information such as:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Your E-mail address
  • And the desired password.
Next, you need to enter the protection code from the automatic registrations shown in the picture.

In the next section, select the country and city of your institution from the relevant lists.

After that, an additional section with two drop-down menus will open, Containing schools and higher education institutions in your chosen city. Specify the ones you visited, then click the 'Register' button.

Next, if all the fields are filled correctly, the system will redirect you to the page with a message about the successful completion of the first stage of registration. Within the next few minutes, a letter containing a link for confirmation of registration will be sent to the registered mailbox. By clicking on this link, you can activate your account and start using it immediately!


Congratulations! If you watch this video, it means that you have already registered your account in the most popular social network of the Russian Internet VK.

In the next few minutes you will learn about the main elements of the VK interface. So.

After logging into the system, you get to the main page of your account. It is divided into three main blocks. The first block is a horizontal menu containing links to go to the main page, as well as to the general sections of the site 'Search', 'Groups', 'Events', 'People', 'Invite', 'Exit' and the quick search box on the site.

The second block on the left consists of a menu for navigating directly to you:

  • My page,
  • My friends,
  • My photos,
  • My videos,
  • My messages,
  • My notes,
  • My groups,
  • My appointments,
  • My settings.
And the third block, central, contains basic information about you and your education.

Before you start an exciting search for your classmates, classmates and just friends, it is desirable to fill out information about yourself, at least 30%. To do this, you can upload your photo, indicate other educational institutions where you studied, fill out contact information, add places of residence, rest or work, write about your hobbies, and also tell about yourself.

More about each section Your account, you can learn from the relevant lessons.

Entering information

In this example, we will look at the process of editing the questionnaire on the VK system.

Log in using your login and password to the VK system. You automatically go to the main page of your account.

Click on the 'Edit' link next to 'Information' to add or edit data.

In the 'Basic' section you can specify your gender, marital status, day Birth, hometown, political and religious views, country and city of residence. By default, the date of birth will be displayed on the main page, but you can select the option 'Do not show birth date'. To save the changes, click the 'Save' button.

In the next subsection 'Contacts' you can add your contact email, mobile and home phone numbers, ICQ, personal website address. Also, you can specify your nickname on the forum where you are a member.

Similarly, you can add or change information in the following subsections:

  • 'Places' - namely, places for your vacation, accommodation or training;
  • 'Personal' - information about your interests and preferences;
  • 'Education' - data about educational institutions where you studied;
  • 'Career' - information about your work experience
  • 'Military service' - place and time of military service
After making changes to a specific sub-section, do not forget to confirm them by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Adding photos

In addition to editing personal information, in your VK account. You can also add your photos.

To download the main photo of your profile, on which you want to be displayed, click the 'Click here' link in the orange sector of the main page, or the link 'Upload photo.' Or, in the 'Information' section (link 'Edit') go to the 'Photo' subsection.

Next, click on the 'Browse' button, and a window will open for selecting a photo on your computer. Select the desired file and click on the 'Open' button. After that, click on the 'Upload photo.'

You will be redirected to a page with a successfully uploaded photo. There you can change or delete this photo.

In addition to the main photo, you can also create various photo albums. To do this, select 'My photos' in the menu on the left and to download your first photo album click on the 'Click here' link. On the page that opens, you must enter the title and description of the album you are creating, as well as the access rights to it, and then click on the 'Create Album' button.

Just like when uploading the main photo, use the 'Browse', Then click on the 'Upload Photos' button. Your first photo album is ready!

Searching for information

After your questionnaire on the VK site is at least 30% full, you can view the profiles of other users of the system and add friends.

To search for people, click the 'Search' button 'Located in the top menu.

On the opened page you can use either the simple search option or the advanced one. With a simple search, you simply enter the name, last name, or any keyword in the search string. Also, you can go directly to the search for educational institutions, companies and places of residence or rest.

Thanks to the advanced search, you can make a more accurate request that takes into account the name, date of birth, marital status or political views.

After you find the right person, you can use the option 'Send a message', view the friends of this person, if he did not restrict the rights of access to this information, And also 'Add to friends'. When this person confirms you as a friend, you can view his profile, write messages on his page, and follow the updates of his page in the 'My friends' section, where you can go to the appropriate section of the menu on the left.

VK, data protection.
Download all your personal data.

Download all your personal data.
VKontakte made it possible.

Our account is conveniently structured for us, everything is arranged in shelves, in its place, not in a common pile.
What do they have about me anyway? How do you make sure I know everything they have about me?

We make a request, we note that we are interested in the proposed list.
If nothing is noted, everything will come.

Be prepared to enter the password for your account.
The archive with the database will come within 3 hours.

Social network in Russia #2.

Social network for the older generation, Simple, convenient and intuitive service.
Registration is required, without registration you will not see anything.
You can find classmates, classmates, co-workers ...
If there is still no one Did not bring your school, you can do it. For example, I brought the Bible schools where I studied and already two graduates came to me.


  • For example, my school is entered twice (both secondary and secondary), so I had to report that I studied in both, and with Moscow institutions in general porridge, so use the search Fellow students.
  • Opera did not manage to add a photo, but with IE without any problems.
  • Additional information can not be added, eg. Url site, blog or business card address on COPi just an opportunity to write something about yourself.
And in general, a good service.


Children's social networks.

A social network created based on the animated series of the same name.
In the virtual world of Smeshariki, children can participate in gaming tournaments, watch cartoons, listen to audio tapes, communicate with other network members, search for friends and, with the help of favorite characters, find answers to any tricky Questions.
The rating of the most active users is maintained in the system, a forum is provided, and there is also a section for parents, which provides information on the correct upbringing and education of the child.


Diaspora -
Decentralization, the inviolability of private life is well known, common (open-source)

The social network is supported by the community and is not owned by any person or organization.

A network of nodes, or pods, that are located in different individuals and organizations.
Each node runs on its own copy of the engine, being essentially a separate web server.
Network users can create an account on any one of these servers, but will still interact with all other servers.

Posts can be public or limited.
Restricted posts can only be read by a particular group or groups.
Besides existing groups (friends, family, work ...), you can create your own.
You can read the posts of another user without adding them to your friends.
The ribbon can be filtered by groups.

Export messages to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Wordpress.

Friendica -
Open source software that implements a distributed social network.

Distributed social network - decentralized, secure, modular.

The ability to synchronize contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Diaspora, StatusNet and several other social services.

Hubzilla -
Decentralized network of hubs.

Decentralized network of hubs.
A platform for creating social networks with a transparent identification system and access control tools.

Hubs are servers that exchange data in the network "grid". All hubs are equal. Hubs can be linked to one or more third-party hubs depending on the need.

The channel is the main element in the grid. A channel can be represented in different ways: a private page, blog or forum. Channels can be linked to other channels to share information according to flexibly configurable access rights. The channel address is in the usual format: channel@hub.domain.

Transparent migration means real control over your data.
In Habzilla, you have an account in the grid rather than on a particular server and this account can move around the grid.
You can clone a channel to several hubs to increase resistance to network failures and counteract censorship, or you can migrate a channel from one hub to another with all your data and contacts.

You can link the cloud storage of your channel's files to your hard drive.


Dribbble -
Community for demonstrating to the user the production of works of art.

Community for demonstrating to the user the production of works of art. It functions as a self-promotion and network platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography and other creative areas.


Glamorous social network of social life.

For a young mother, a narrow popular resource.

Diary of a young mother.
A convenient way to communicate future and real moms. You can start a diary, find friends for communication, discuss topics of interest to you in the thematic communities, get the information you are interested in in the young mother's library and many other things.

Popular Communities:

  • Food, vitamins for Pregnant women.
  • Lifestyle, harmful factors.
  • Newborn health.
  • Conception.
  • Family problems.
  • Choosing a maternity home.
  • Education, psychology - from one to three years.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Selection of goods.
  • Feeding the newborn.
  • Legal issues.
  • Buy/sell.
  • Childhood illnesses from one year to three.
  • Kindergartens, communication with peers.
  • Meals from one year to three.
  • Fitness and diet.
  • I'll give it away.
  • Photo Contest!
  • Shopping and fashion.
  • Active rest.
  • Development and training of children from three to six years.
  • Housekeeping.
  • New Year, birthdays - holidays and gifts.
Here you can enter the names, age and sex of your children, the gestational age.
What's great, if you specify the age of the children/pregnancy, the page of your blog will show links to useful for this age children, or gestation Articles and stories.

Country of Mom
Website for children: child birth, pregnancy, childbirth, child development.

Social network for moms, expectant mothers, grandmothers.

Here you can

  • keep a personal diary and children's diaries,
  • create photo albums,
  • find friends and communicate with them,
  • comment on diaries of others,
  • join Interest groups,
  • participate in contests with valuable prizes.
In the directory of institutions you will find the best kindergarten in your area and will be able to read reviews about your maternity hospital.

Consultants work on the site:

  • pediatrician,
  • psychologist,
  • dentist,
  • breastfeeding specialist,
  • lawyer
  • and others.
Services for moms: a graph of weight and height of children, your personal weight graph, pregnancy and development calendar, monthly calendar, choice of name for the future child, basal temperature chart, psychological tests. And there is a section of private ads and soon there will be a service of joint purchases!

Social network for future and successful parents.

Social network for future and successful parents.

The platform, created taking into account the interests and needs of moms, dads and those who are planning a family. Implementing the project in life, we thought about what could unite us all. Of course, this is love.

In Detstrana you can get useful knowledge or share a unique experience with other travelers.

Blogs, news, informative services will make your stay on the pages of the site enjoyable and useful.

Eka mom
Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Yekaterinburg)

Social network for preschool educators.

Sveet moms
Social network for mothers, communication and exchange of experience of motherhood.

Ravelry -
Community for knitting, crochet embroidery, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers.

Culinary Social Network: blogs, recipes, ratings, forum.

Social exchange recipes and information about cooking.

Site sections

  • Culinary news - daily news from the world of cooking, as well as news events of the portal.
  • Culinary articles - daily materials from users on a culinary theme are published.
  • Recipes are recipes that are placed by registered users.
  • Communities and Blogs - blogs, contain materials on various topics that are published by users.
  • Culinary Forum - here every registered user can chat on any topic, both on culinary, asking advice from professionals, and on abstract topics.
  • A culinary dictionary is a collection of many culinary terms.
  • Cookbooks are personal books of users with their favorite recipes.
  • Culinary teams are people invited by a registered user to form his team.


  • Broths and soups, hot dishes and ...
  • for the purpose of lunch, dinner, festive table and ...
  • On various kitchens of the world - Abkhazian, Australian and ...

Site features

  • write reviews of materials, evaluate materials posted by other users, create and participate in Polls, exchange personal messages, add each other to "Friends", leave feedback to users, read commentary tapes.
  • forum.
  • The rating of cooks is cooked.
  • add a recipe, including - with photos of all stages of cooking.
  • the selection of recipes for ingredients, through which each user will be able to find a recipe suitable for him from the listed products.
  • Sort recipes by various criteria, for example, by rating.
  • Culinary contests are constantly held
  • a personal cookbook in which you can save the recipes of other cooks you like and independently divide them into rubrics.
  • graduation of users by levels, to achieve a certain level, you need to type so-called cooks, virtual money, are charged automatically for active activities on the site.
  • the forum hosts consultations from professional chefs - Nikolay Sarychev and Sergei Gladyshev.

Crazy mama
Social network for young mothers, communication and exchange of experience.

PatientsLikeMe -
Online community for patients with life-altering illnesses, to find other patients how they communicate with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their results.

Women's social network.

Social Moms Network.

A project for future and true mothers and dads, which addresses all issues of motherhood and child upbringing, not only in terms of problem solving, but in terms of the lifestyle of modern parents. The mission of the project is to be the main companion in a changed life day after day Young parents and the key to new discoveries.

Competitions, expert consultations, share experiences with others.


  • looking for neighbors for a walk,
  • finding places to go with a child (non-smoking cafe, children's pools ...).

DailyStrength -
Medical social network of physical and mental health.


Web 2.0 Suicide Machine -
In a couple of clicks to cancel your account in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace over IP.

In a couple of clicks, we delete your account on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace by IP.

The site clearly shows that in normal mode, the account removal takes 9 and a half hours, through this service - 52 minutes.

If you are sick of all sociality or critically do not have enough time for ordinary life - go ahead.

Log if i die -
Will on Facebook.

Facebook application 'If I Die'.
At registration, it asks the user the question 'What do you leave behind?' It is the answer to it that will be sent to all friends from your tape.

The ability to record a testament through the web camera, the farewell to the remaining ones, to say goodbye ... In short, you are entitled to the last word. Your friends will be able to see it only after the death.

How messages are activated

Three pre-selected friends should write on the user's wall that he died, and then the application will start sending "messages from the grave".

How it's done

  1. We go to the site and click The Apps.
  2. The application is installed in our Facebook account, clearly we need to give permission.
  3. "Leave mesage" - leave a message (will, last words) through a webcam, this can be a private or public statement.
  4. "My trusties" are my trusted. These are the three who must report death.

Facebook -
Close the account.

For the complete and final removal of Facebook.

  1. go to
  2. then click aceptar (send)
  3. do not go to Facebook within 14 days.
  4. All ...

VK -
Close the account.

Delete the account from classmates.

We delete the account from the Classmates.

  1. Go to your page with your login and password.
  2. At the end of the address bar of your browser, insert:
  3. A window will appear.
  4. In this window enter your password and click the "Delete" button.

Moi Mir
Deleting a mailbox and after 5 days all other services will be deleted.

Twitter -
Close the account.

  1. Log in to your account twitter
  2. Enter the Account
  3. Click the Delete my account link at the bottom of the page.
After 30 days, the account will be deleted.


GovLoop -
The knowledge network for the government is a social network uniting more than 300,000 leaders of the federal, state and local levels.

The knowledge network for the government is a social network uniting more than 300,000 leaders of the federal, state and local levels.


To connect government to improve government.

This is done by

  1. In-depth editorial reporting and research about topics at the intersection of management and technology.
  2. News coverage of issues and events that are pertinent to the government community.
  3. Weekly online trainings and self-paced courses.
  4. Speaking engagements.
  5. Leadership programs, and more.GovLoop also works with top industry partners, such as ESRI, HP, Microsoft and IBM, to provide resources and tools, such as infographics, market trend reports and educational events for public-sector professionals.

Quintessentially -
Club for the rich.

To become a member of this elite club, you must write a letter to the administration of the resource. After your personal data has been verified, you will receive a portal membership card, which in no time will open the doors of the best VIP-establishment

JD -
The network for artists.

Duma network
Closed gay deputies of all levels - a tool of interaction between deputies of all levels and experts. Ordinary users will be able to evaluate the initiative only in read mode.

Parliamentary portal.
It is also called the Duma social network.
Its task is to discuss initiatives and laws with regional deputies. This is a closed network, because ordinary people can not participate, but can see and read everything.

If something does not suit you, you can always use other services or contact the deputy himself via his website.

The RSNET network (Russian State Network) is a segment of Internet for federal government bodies and state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
Following the connection of federal authorities, the network operator - FSO - intends to involve the authorities in it The power of the subjects Russia.

Any local government can connect to a secure network right up to the city administration, but on condition that it can pay for itself Connection to up to one of 60 nodes of the network.

The RSNet network started creating tsya in 1998 under the leadership of the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information (FAGCI). In 2003, after the abolition of FAPSI and the creation of the Federal Security Service (FSO), the functions of the RSNet operator went to the special communication and information service at FSO. Within the RSNet project, domains, and were registered. For the network users, the range of local IP addresses was selected. Sub-domains transferred to the administration of the government apparatus, the State Duma and the Federation Council, the Security Council, the FSB, FSO, the Ministry of Emergencies and others. The purpose of the RSNet project, in addition to posting information on the activities of power structures, is to provide access to Internet to officials. FSO, as they say in the annex to the order of Murov, provides information interaction with providers of Internet access services, financial and technical support, as well as security. In addition, the FSO is engaged in connecting new users to the network.

In the future, the FSO plans to develop a network for government agencies, build new RSNet nodes, develop services and provide users with access to audiovisual files, and provide mail servers. As part of the development of the network, the FSO has already launched a state system for the dissemination of legal acts to support government agencies ( Simple citizens can also take advantage of this system. In this library all documents, legal acts and decrees since Petrine times are collected, they say in FSO. In addition, as part of the development of the network, it is planned to create English versions of government websites for the English-speaking audience, as well as mobile versions of portals for phone owners and PDAs.

Индустриальная Деловая Сеть
Closed paid network of managers.

How it works

  1. we make an official request to join an industrial business network.
    The official request is made on the letterhead of your organization, signed by the company's CEO and blue seal, (sample We ask on the site)
  2. we receive a package of documents for entering the business network, we will have to wait a few days, many people (or depict that many people want, costs 75,000 rubles a month)
This kind of procedure will restrict society from onlookers And curious. But you can try if that goes wrong.
This is not VK, where everything is free, because everything is yours - people's and the responsibility of the network does not.

ResearchGate -
Social network for scientists.

aSmallWorld -
European cream of society.

A SMALL WORLD is a leading international private life style club founded in 2004 as one of the first social networks. Members from all over the world share extraordinary experience in order for comrades to fit into the surrounding society.
Business social network of top managers and executives of different levels.

Business social network of top managers and managers of different levels.


Skout -
Social network of acquaintances with geolocation. The goal is to get to know someone nearby so that you can meet if you want.


Theory & PracticeTheory&Practice
A platform for sharing knowledge, an environment for those who seek knowledge and want to share it.

A platform for sharing knowledge, an environment for those who seek knowledge and want to share it.

T & P brings people and institutions together through educational events. Thousands of organizers daily add information about their lectures, master classes, courses and conferences in all fields of knowledge.

A person should have the opportunity to build their educational path based on needs, curiosity and the desire to learn something new.
This is an environment where everyone can learn and learn, and a place where you can think and you need to think.

T & P helps create online communities around inspirational ideas, and allows talents to find opportunities for self-realization - thereby developing the knowledge economy.

Pingsta -
Experts in various fields.

The social network of the Russian village.

italki -
Learning foreign languages ​​on the social network.

The global language network.
There is a Russian version.
The goal is to contact a native speaker.

In addition to English, you can learn Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese, Hindi ... many languages.

Busuu -
Community of learning languages.

Community of learning languages.

We study a foreign language giving it 10 minutes a day.

Courses in 12 languages ​

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese.

How it works

  1. The student chooses a language, and some selects a language.
  2. independently learn vocabulary and grammar lessons,
  3. Talking chat or speaking with native speakers in the community.
At the end of 2017, busuu has more than 80 million registered users.

Roskachestvo has identified busuu as the best application for learning English.

A diary -
School Education Network, keeping a diary, journal. If you are student, communicate with people like you, and teachers.

Absolutely free diary.
What is required from the school for connection?

The lesson schedule supports all kinds of reporting periods: quarters, terms and semesters. The diary allows you to create weekly and fractional schedules, group and stream classes. With the help of a convenient replacement mechanism, you can cancel and transfer lessons, replace teachers and study.

Students and teachers have their own schedule of lessons available. Teachers also have access to the schedules of other teachers in the school. It is necessary to appoint an administrator who will connect new users and manage the work of the school in the Diary.
You do not need to install any software or purchase additional hardware. You can work in the Diary from any computer connected to Internet.

Connecting the school to the Diary is absolutely free.
Access to the Diary is provided without a monthly fee and without any other fees.
The school can store an unlimited amount of data in the Diary. -
Social network for scientists.

Social network for scientists.
More than 100 million participants.

Platform for academics to share research papers. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research.

Academics use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. Over 107 million academics have signed up to, adding 24 million papers. attracts over 81 million unique visitors a month.

Scientific Social Community -
Scientific social network.

Network for scientists unites over 40.000 members from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Project provides services for efficient monitoring of grants, conferences, journals, scientific vacancies and sci-pop events.

Social network research, studies, discussions, comments, and more in the scientific field.
Social network for educators, educational programs and literature for teachers.

Social network of educators, training programs and literature for teachers.

TermWiki -
Education, languages, translation - 1 200 000 terms for more than 1300 subjects.

Experience Project -
Sharing experiences.

Social network games. News PC games.
News of computer games, tips and secrets of the game, players can communicate in a network.

News of computer games, tips and secrets of games, a network for communication of players.

Social network for video games.

Playfire -
Computer and video games.

Tagged -
Social discovery.

News in the gaming world, reviews, comments, opinions, videos, favorite games, passing instructions search of like-minded, wanting to play, blogging.


Flags Quiz
Quiz 'Guess the Flag'.


MeWe -
A social network with an emphasis on privacy.

A social network with an emphasis on privacy.

The network, as well as others, has a ribbon, groups, the ability to share photos, barking posts, online chat.
Users have control over how messages appear in their main feed (for example, in chronological order, with the latest comments, etc.).
Messages marked as "private" can only be seen by friends.
The "disappearing content" function allows you to output a message that will disappear after a while.


  • private - only its participants see it, and you can join only through an invitation,
  • fellows - the user can see and try to join the group, but the approval of the group owner or the administrator is required,
  • open - visible to all and anyone can join.


It can happen between two or more people or among members of a group.

Each user has 8GB of free online storage for images, videos and similar items.
Up to 500 GB of memory is available for a fee.

The MeWe version for mobile applications also contains a "user camera" which uses the user's mobile phone camera to capture images and videos and import them into MeWe.

Icebergs -
Collect pictures, texts, websites, files on the hard drive, and combine in different projects.

Make out club -
Common interests.

My Opera -
Combine the Opera.

MyAnimeList -

Lifeknot -
Social network by combining a hobby.

LinkExpats -
Social network for expatriates. More than 100 countries.

Listography -
Lists. autobiography.


We Heart It -
Image-based social network focused on inspiration, expression and creativity.

A refreshingly positive community where you can seek, preserve and share what inspires you.
Join millions of inspiring photos and articles.


  • Explore the trends in your daily giving inspiring content: quotes, fashion, photography, wallpaper, travel, beauty, celebrity, TV, cinema ...
  • Search for millions of messages and find inspiration from our community of creators.
  • Follow Like-minded creators, top influencers, popular themes and collections.
  • Discover the best creators who share their life experiences, reviews and recommend new products that share their daily lives, and more.


    • Download and save your favorite images in a photo folder.
    • Heart of messages you love, and save them in a collection.
    • Invite friends to contribute to joint collections.


    • Upload photos and edit them in our built-in photo editor.
    • Write articles and share them with your followers.
    • Endlessly curate your profile and collection.
    • Get discovered! The best posts are advanced and shared with our millions of users.

  • Kroogi -
    If you have the gift of the writer, musician, artistic bent or have a professional: publish their works, sell and buy their works of other members of the 'many do not mind'

    Unknown genius
    The social network for creative people to artists, musicians, literary critics, photographers and other professions.

    Anonymous network.
    The essence of this network is comments.

    • You can leave your comments,
    • people - about you.
    • You can register a famous person and find out people's opinion about them.
    There is an anonymous chat.
    However, anony

    Lafango -
    We are looking for talent.

    Taltopia -
    Internet artists.

    Ibibo -
    We are looking for talent, a social network popular in India.

    Stage 32 -
    US-based social networking and educational site for creative professionals in the film, television and theater.


    deviantART -
    The social network of artists.


    The base film, rating, ratings, reviews, a base of favorite movies.

    Search for movies, since 1890.
    News, reviews, the poster of cinemas of large cities. You can buy a ticket.
    Wallpapers, photos, posters, trailers. Box office and much more. The site provides information about movies, television series, as well as about all the personalities involved in making films: actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, operators, etc.

    Also on the site Posters, covers, teaser-trailers for films are placed, and KinoSearch itself translates some trailers into Russian. The site has a media base, which includes: photos of stars, frames and posters from films, soundtracks, trailers, wallpapers.
    In addition, the site publishes reviews of the film critic Sergei Kudryavtsev from his book "3500 film reviews".

    Mobile version -


    • Movie news
    • interviews with the stars
    • photo reports
    • schedule of sessions
    • schedule of future film premieres and DVD releases
    • TV program
    • games and contests for film fans
    • movie ratings
    • Fees in the Russian Federation, USA and the world
    • DVD and Blu-ray catalogs
    • archive of awards and awards.

    Social Network Features

    The site features broad social networking opportunities, a community of website users is formed. Users have the opportunity to write reviews of films, put ratings, participate in surveys, create their lists of films and stars, receive personal recommendations, book movie tickets, exchange messages, add each other to Friends, read a tape of friends, subscribe to updates To the movies.
    The site also has a forum. Based on user ratings to films, a rating of "250 best films" is formed.

    FilmAffinity -
    Movies and soap operas.

    Filmow -
    Movies and TV shows.

    Flixster -
    Another movie about the network.

    Mubi -
    Auteur cinema.


    Poetic social network.

    Poetic social network.
    Here, modern poets can publish poems, and poetry lovers - read both their works and the poems of the classics. Authors and readers here can communicate with each other.
    Poetic contests are held, other events are arranged - the site lives a stormy life!

    Read a poetic magazine, look through poetry ratings, enter poetic dueling - or just watch them.
    Poebuk will offer something interesting to anyone, who are keen on poetry.
    For you - poetry poets of the Silver or the Golden Age and ample opportunities to show the world their own works.


    Lovers read or write books, this site can help you.

    A living library, a book social network, an international book review database, a popular book search engine, a book knowledge base, a book exchange site, a service that every reader needs.

    • Find the books you need,
    • learn new items and popular books on your topic,
    • find the opinion of like-minded people about a particular book,
    • the statistics collected by the site, and the reviews of our readers will help you find Course in the sea of ​​books.
    Try to remember which books you read last year? What did you like the most? What ideas impressed you? With LiveLib, you can always answer these questions.
    Do you know what books your friends recently read? Ask them and you will learn a lot. Or invite them to LiveLib. And if you are interested, who reads your books, and what else interests these people - then you are in the right place.

    One of the largest sites in Russian devoted to poetry.

    One of the largest sites in Russian dedicated to poetry. Here the authors can lay out their verses, receive ratings and reviews.

    Elftown -
    The truth is somewhere nearby or social sphere for fans of science fiction.

    The truth is somewhere near or social for those who like science fiction.

    Opportunities for text, post photos, illustrations, personal communication, promotion of their own creativity.

    aNobii -
    Book social network.

    About 50,000 books in a number of languages. You can read and discuss, recommend in groups.

    Goodreads -
    Bibliophiles Network.

    Network of book lovers. Here you can find well-known books and learn about new ones. You start your own bookshelf, collect your books, if you want, write reviews about them. It's not difficult, if the book really liked, I want to share it.

    Thus, your preferences are formed and it is easier for you to find friends who understand you.

    You can see what your friends are reading, and they are what you read.

    LibraryThing -
    The community of book lovers.

    My library
    Social network for those who love to read.

    A social network for those who like to read.

    Literary portal with a free publication.

    Book guide in the world of literature.

    Book guide in the world of literature.

    Non-commercial service of user recommendations and the exchange of publicly accessible literary and other texts that do not pursue profit.

    In order to write a review, registration is required. You can just read it like that.


    1. to offer personal recommendations in various fields of literature, technical and scientific texts;
    2. exchange evaluations of texts and find congenial readers;
    3. public information storage;
    4. Playground for publishing your own works. =

    Registration gives

    1. personal rating of texts and works;
    2. Notify you of updates from the group of your choice;
    3. allow you to postpone on the "shelf" what you would like to read later;
    4. a place to publish your reviews and reviews;
    5. keep a diary and reading history,
    6. will recommend that you might be interested to read more.

    BookCrossing -
    Sharing books is carried out as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place, to have it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing - the same process online.

    The exchange of books is as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place so that they can read it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing is the same online process.

    Bookish -
    Book Network.

    Reviews of books and reviews, get your personal library to add and communicate in groups of interest, share their opinions with others.

    The social network of book lovers will help you:

    • easily and quickly find people with similar literary tastes and preferences;
    • find new friends and acquaintances, organize your own groups;
    • discuss the books you read, and just remember everything that you read and create your own digital library.
    • exchange opinions about literature that you care about;
    • find people with similar tastes and like-minded people;
    • remember all the books you read;
    • get recommendations from other users and the system;
    • receive up-to-date information on all novelties in the book market;
    • find where the book you are interested in is sold and purchased at the lowest price;
    • And much more!


    Sina Weibo -
    Social microblogging site in China.

    Plurk -

    Tumblr -
    This is actually Twitter with advanced features.

    This is actually Twitter with advanced features.
    The site is well Russified.
    By the way, the service is very popular in the west. We have a little shaded.
    Yahoo! I bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion. From advantages - there are a number of sections: text (it's like on Twitter, the rest is already knowhow), photo, quote, link (something shorter than on Twitter? Is it possible?), Chat, audio, video.

    Ability to make a slideshow of photos in a couple of clicks.
    The ability to connect any collector of statistics (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica ...).

    The interface in my opinion is somewhat more interesting. In addition, a large selection of free and paid themes is offered.

    Importing Tumblr records on Twitter

    1. Go to Dashboard
    2. Click Account, select Preferenses
    3. In the Twitter block, enter your data. Done.

    Uplike -
    Platform microblogging and social networking websites.

    Twitter Lite -
    Lite version of Twitter.

    Twitter gets additional features, convenience, but loses some of the old appeal - supriprostoty and ease.
    It becomes noticeable to those who are still not very fast or expensive Internet.
    This version of the site was created for such users.

    Twitter -
    First and foremost mikrobloggint.

    The first and main microblogging. Unfortunately, there is no Russian version of the interface, but you can also write in Russian.

    The following is about uniqueness and popularity:

    • Twitter founders are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    • The word Twitter was added to the 30th anniversary edition of the Collins English Dictionary.
    • Twitter is the weapon of the opposition.
    • Twitter has signed a contract with the studios Reveille and Brillstein Entertainment for the creation of a television series (reality show), the action of which will take place around this site.
    • Samsung released a widget for Twitter, which literally brought the world of microblogging to the TV screen.
    Twitter is a free social network that is a microblogging system that allows users to send short text notes (up to 280 characters), Using the web interface, SMS, instant messaging services or third-party client programs.

    There is a possibility of 'follow'. Just choose any Twitter party you like, click the Follow button, and all the posts of this blogger will appear on your page. Usually no permission is required.

    What is the phenomenon of Twitter?

    In such a short time, he got into the 20 most visited sites, many leading companies have got Twitter? What is its zest? At a time when everyone is frantically looking for a new idea, know-how. It would seem that nothing can be more interesting than social networks. Suddenly, there is an absolutely simple service with short messages and it already wants to buy Google.
    1. Simplicity - it's very easy to write there, you do not need to enter it, once you enter and then you do not need to enter anything, everything is extremely simple and obvious.
    2. Custom Design - it's easy to customize the design.
    3. Laconism - I am a very busy person and do not like reading blogs where a person can pour out his soul as much as he likes. But the limitation of 280 characters (шт the beginning 140 - SMS size) makes it be concise. I connected (follow) myself Yandex and now I can quickly learn their changes from the first hands.
    4. SMS - you can send messages via SMS (while for USA), but there is our clone where you can Use SMS.
    5. Integration with Facebook, Blogger, Myspace (the world's leading social network) - write a message on Twitter and it's on your Facebook wall ...
    6. You can put a widget, Like from us and your twitter automatically appears on your website, blog. You can put a nice widget made on a flash or plain text on HTML that fits into the design of your website or blog. Widgets can be taken here.
    That is, the main thing is simplicity and integration. In this case, no advertising.

    Integrated with Twitter

    • Master mail - Gmail (gadget connection instructions)
    • Facebook, Blogger, Myspace, Typepad
    • The leading bookmarking service is Delicious
    • Russian clone -
    • Your site, blog.

    Twitter Effect

    We see in the figure that
    1. the information first appears on Twitter,
    2. after 1.5-3, 5 hours the information appears on news sites,
    3. after 2.3-5 hours on radio,
    4. after 2.7-7 hours on TV,
    5. in 8 hours in newspapers, magazines.
    Well, most importantly - we started Twitter (ph4ru), subscribe :).


    FullCircle -
    Geo-social networks and services in the location-based portal for mobile devices.

    MocoSpace -
    Mobile community.

    Galaxy -
    Mobile social network, mobile communication.

    Mobile social network-mobile communication.

    Russian social network focused on the mobile phone users.

    Online TV.
    The service belongs to Yandex.

    Do not confuse with SPB TV Russia! SPB TV Russia is a new version of the same manufacturer, which does not include the broadcasting of Christian TV channels, except for the smile of the child.


    Foursquare -
    Mobile sotsialnyya CeL.

    Geolocation service.
    You are marked where you are and you can see where your friends are.
    Unlike Google Latitude, here is not an exact geographical point, but places - a cafe, a movie ...
    There is a search for "who is near", the nearest places


    Biker social network. All about motorcycles.

    Biker social network.
    A community of people who move in space with the help of motorcycles.
    The project gives the opportunity to communicate, exchange opinions and experiences on motorcycle issues and expand your circle of communication.

    Goal: to unite all motorcycle enthusiasts regardless of geographic location and motorcycle availability.

    The resource attracts positive energy, allows avid bikers to feel at home. The overall atmosphere of the site promotes a pleasant communication between registered users.
    There are no barriers to positive dialogue, discussion or commenting on the site.
    Observing the normative vocabulary you will always be able to convey the meaning of a post, question or comment to the reader.

    MUSIC -
    General music.

    Buzznet -
    Social network for music and pop culture.

    8 tracks -
    Musical social network.

    Explicit social music network.
    You can download your music, you can listen to what others have downloaded, you can make compilations for the mood, you can listen to the compilations of others.
    All this without restrictions, free of charge and legally. Everything pays for advertising that can be turned off for money.

    Playlists should not be shorter than eight songs.
    You can not often skip songs.
    The list of songs in the playlist is not visible in advance and appears only as you listen.

    Tagworld -
    Rival MySpace, there is a search engine for music and IM client with the ability to video chat.

    SoundCloud -
    Storage of original musical works and networks.

    File storage for music. Allows you to store, send and receive tracks for free and without limits - files of any size and format.
    You can share without registration at all: download the song to the site and get a link to the "cloud" by mail, in which it hangs, ready to play and Sending to friends.
    If you need to see the statistics of the auditions, register.

    Partyflock -
    Dutch online community for people interested in home music and other electronic dance music.

    Indaba Music -
    Social network for the cooperation of musicians. -
    Social network for musicians and bands.

    Helping novice musicians build their careers.
    Connects musicians with festival venues, brands, publishers, labels and fans.

    Powerful career management and online marketing tools give emerging artists from around the world access to the global music industry. -
    The music network - radio online.

    Web 2.0 ears: online radio that adapts itself to the listener.
    It remembers what you are listening to (and what you do not want to listen to), and toss new songs based on the choice of other users with similar tastes. If you put a small nozzle on the player, will also start to take into account the music you are listening at home.

    At the moment, participants Last. Fm listened to and appreciated almost 3 billion tracks, so there's nothing to rely on.
    The best way to find out any new artists on Internet is not yet figured out (except for competitors from and LAUNCHcast).

    It is believed that really should become the 'last radio': the world of FM radio stations will change irrepressibly, but the big Their part will quietly wither away.
    It will happen when the majors give to use their bottomless archives and the newest Revenues, and this is all going to. Source: Big City

    Social network for musicians and entertainers.

    Myspace -
    The leading music social network.

    The founders of the portal are Tom Anderson and Chris Deval.

    Created in 2003. Since the beginning of 2008, Russified.

    1. Communities of film enthusiasts and photographers, but the "face" of the portal are musicians.
    2. The biggest party of music lovers and musicians of all levels and directions, from star to housewife.
    3. A ready-made template for a business card of a music group and a way to unwind, along with the possibilities of creating fan blogs. Fast, simple, affordable.
    4. A real alternative to show business, when a listener could buy only a whole album at a fixed price and with a choice only from what the producers of record companies deigned to pay attention to.
    5. It is enough to have a broadband connection to the Network, and everything will play itself. And the author of the page can allow you to download music to your computer (this is how amateur musicians do) or just listen.

    Lithuanian social network.
    Latvian social network.

    Nasza Klasa
    Polish social network.


    Any questions you can ask and get answers to them. The question can ask anonymously. There is a mobile interface.


    Classmates -
    School, university, army, work - generally classmates.

    A social network that connects classmates ... well, you can co-workers and colleagues. This is not for Russia, not only because there is no Russian here, but because we already have our Classmates and everything is there, but ours are not here.

    For models, stylists, fashion lovers. News about fashion, a lot of blogs, photos of participants.

    Dating for marriage.

    Dating for marriage, serious acquaintance.
    Paid service. For $5 per month you get a quality tool to find your life partner.
    The absence of outside people and unwanted contacts will save your time.
    A modern website with a clear design.

    • Register,
    • the system selects the partner for you.

    Social network with the ability to search for classmates, co-workers and loving.

    Social Network - Dating Club, video, blogs, humor, entertainment, flea market, kiberdisk, blogs and many other interesting topics.

    Social network - dating club, video, blogs, humor, entertainment, flea market, cyberdisc, diaries and many other interesting sections.

    With friends
    Social network.
    Dating profiles. The opportunity to participate in a beauty contest, with the rating.

    Hey -
    Search neighbors interests.

    WorldFriends -

    World is me -
    Network for a comfortable communicating with intense communication and user-friendly controls.

    Folkdirect -

    Taringa! -

    Flirchi -
    Social network for active communication.

    Social network.

    Multifunctional service for communication.

    A site about people and their interests, a social network for communication and finding friends.

    • Blogs.
    • Ads.
    • Photos - video.
    • Communities.
    • Classmates.
    • Tags and ...

    InterNations -
    Targeting international. -
    Something like a loudspeaker, in which you can scream all you want, including pictures, videos and messages.

    Kiwibox -

    Twoo -
    Social platform local dating.

    Social dating platform.
    There is support for the Russian language.

    The site takes 6th place among dating sites.

    MEETin -
    Social network.
    Create a page on Internet, to make friends.

    Meetup -
    Social network.

    HR - eychary -
    Social network.

    Fruhstuckstreff -
    Non-political, non-profit, non-religious, without membership in the group organization.

    My love
    Russian social network of acquaintances. -

    Social network.

    Social Networks hunters.

    Here you can find information regarding the timing of the opening of hunting and limits on shooting animals in different parts of Russia; See the weather forecast (a quick transition to;
    read materials on off-road vehicles or equipment.
    There is also an excellent collection of classic articles on hunting dog breeding.
    Have you heard anything about lundehunde (Norwegian dead-end husky)?
    And the creators of the site have already placed here a business card of the breed.


    Fuzzster -
    A place for your cats, dogs and other furry pets.

    The social network of pet owners.

    Social network of owners of animals.
    It unites all who have pets, wants to buy them, all who want to communicate, learn something new, make friends and find new friends.

    Dogster -
    A place where they can meet and socialize dogs (and their owners). On Dogster every dog ​​has its own web page. The subtitle reads: insert photos of dogs, dog tell stories, make new friends (dogs)!

    A place where dogs can meet and communicate (and their owners). On Dogster each dog has its own web page. The subtitle says: place photos of dogs, tell dog stories, make new friends (dogs)!

    Social network for dog breeders, dog breeds directory with detailed description, a diary of your pet, ratings, profiles with detailed information.

    Kennel Club.

    A site about dogs where each participant can add a page about his dog, communicate with other owners.

    Actually, not the owner is registered, but his favorite.
    News, tags ... this Dog social network.

    Catster -
    As Dogster for dogs, but for cats. Place photos of cats, feline tell stories, make new friends (cats)!

    Like Dogster for dogs, but only for cats. Place photos of cats, tell cat stories, make new friends (cats)!

    Social network for pet owners.


    Classroom social network for students.

    Everything for schoolchildren. Search for new friends, new acquaintances to communicate on school topics. Music, play games, chat.

    Social network for teens, chat, contests, photos, personal interests. Website for girls, but also young people can communicate here.

    Social network of teenagers, communication, competitions, photographs, individual interests. A site for girls, but also young people here can communicate.

    Habbo -
    Social network for teens.

    Popist -
    Very similar to MySpace, as the interface and direction. It offers users a large number of public functions such as the ability to integrate with other social networks.

    Crunchyroll -

    Stardoll -
    Would you like to dress like a celebrity paper dolls? Originally called Paperdoll Heaven, Stardoll as time and allows you to it. -
    British teenagers.


    Yandex Blogs
    Search on social networks.

    Yandex signed a contract with Facebook.
    Before Yandex was looking for people on Facebook. Now the search goes on the content of the pages.

    Search is on open data of users of Russian-speaking and Turkish Facebook. I specify - only on the basis of open data. If you do not open access to your photo album or have only been granted access to friends or a closed group, they will not be included in Yandex. At first, I was surprised that the country's leading site did not create its blogosphere, as it were behind.

    And what would you do on the site of Yandex? Being the #1 site to do what many do and automatically become #2. 1st place already took right.

    Yandex took their niche, they did what others did not do - Search in blogs. A talented solution in this situation. They did not become another blog, but they became higher, they began to explore all the blogs. So they combined blogs. And now they write ab"


    Social network for lawyers to discuss the law.

    Planet -
    Russian crowdfunding - invest in ideas, if the project will collect the required amount, it will be implemented.

    Leading Russian site to raise funds for your project. Of course, you should have a good idea, and you are a competent person for its implementation, otherwise your project will not be liked by anyone and you will not be helped.

    Here they do not just give out money, but help to collect them, by unfastening their interest. Distribute the same conditions. No one will give money to an irresponsible person without feedback.

    But if you really believe in your project, you will not have enough money to collect, you will need to spin it, because the more you report about the project, the more people will learn about it with money, and hence with influence.

    By the way, at the moment about half a billion rubles have been collected.

    Professional network.

    XING -
    Professional network of leading in Europe.

    (Open Business Club) The new name XING is a business club, a network where business/professional communication takes place.
    The main idea of ​​this is to establish business contacts.

    There are two types of membership in OpenBC - ordinary and Premium. Immediately after registration, you receive several months of Premium membership, and during this time you can actively develop contacts, specifying contacts search by any parameters, and analyze who and why showed interest in your person, but did not dare to add to contacts. If you understand that you need these features - pay for the Premium status (& euro; 5.95) and continue to work in the same mode.

    eToro -
    Social investment and finance.

    Yelp, Inc. -

    Socially-networked collective reviews of everything in the world. But mostly all the institutions of North America.

    Youca -
    Applied professional social network with free tools for business management and professional self-presentation.

    Applied professional social network with free tools for business management and professional self-presentation.

    By creating a company page, hobby or private practice on, you will have access to free CRM, user support systems, appointment, publication, ordering of goods and much more.
    Business social network.

    LinkedIn -
    Business and professional network.

    A global social network for finding and establishing business contacts.
    The network owns Microsoft.
    The most popular professional network is more than 400 million users from 200 countries and regions of the world.

    LinkedIn users can use the contact list:

    • Be represented through existing contacts and expand connections
    • Search for companies, people, interest groups
    • Publish professional resumes and search for work
    • Recommend and be recommended
    • Publish vacancies
    • Create in-group (For example: Russian connection, Russian speaking professionals abroad, Harvard Club of Russia, etc.)

    How it works

    We register by specifying your mail, Facebook account (if any). LinkedIn finds in our address book and among our friends on Facebook those who have a LinkedIn account and we immediately get friends.

    Then we fill out the questionnaire, indicating your abilities. Our friends in turn confirm or do not confirm our opportunities.
    Thus, it helps employers find the most competent employees.
    Say, if I know Sergei and trust him, and he introduced Nicholas as a good programmer (I just need such a programmer), then chances are that I will choose Nicholas.

    Meettheboss -
    Business and Finance.

    Travel social network.
    Blogs tourists.

    Tourist blogs.

  • hotel reviews,
  • operators,
  • carriers,
  • find Travel agencies and friends. Difference from other sites - all the materials you publish yourself. And read accordingly.

  • 43 places -
    Social Networks tourists.

    It is literally possible to translate the name FOR FREE PLASES.
    Here it is offered, how it is cheaper (for free) to look more sights.
    This is a small social network where users share with the whole world their attempt.
    Social network for tourists.

    A guide to cities and countries for travelers, photographers and connoisseurs of tourism.

    Bright photos from all over the world, travel stories, answers to any questions.

    Keep your impressions and memories brought in the form of photos and reports, participate in competitions for the title of the photographer of the week, learn new things about cities and countries, plan a vacation and, finally, make new friends.

    Tourist social network.

    One of the largest travel communities in the CIS.

    Write stories about your travels, share opinions about cities, countries and places of interest. Create photo albums and they will see thousands of interested users.

    Get answers to any travel related
    The social network of travelers.

    A social network of tourists, with which you can:

    • Find and communicate with those with whom you once rested or find Travel agencies for future travel.
    • Read reviews and opinions of tourists and travelers about the rest in all countries, regions and resort cities around the world, as well as travel agencies and tour operators.
    • View all information about the location and reviews about the hotel that you have chosen for your holiday.
    • Add your travels, photos, impressions and opinions about hotels and places, get feedback from those people who also were or plan to go there.
    • Maintain your travel map, visually displaying on the world map all the places that you visited.

    CouchSurfing -
    If you travel, you can ask questions about the place of the future travel and arranging meetings.

    One of the largest guest networks.
    Search by map.
    There is a Russian version of the site.
    Unites more than 1.000.000 members in 231 countries (as of April 2009).

    Members of the network provide free of charge Each other's help and accommodation during their travels and organize joint trips (however, sometimes, by mutual agreement, guests pay for a phone or food). Registration is free.

    Each member of the network can leave a comment on the site of the person who visited him or about the hosts who hosted him.

    TravBuddy -

    Travellerspoint -
    Travel on the map.

    The site is one of the web's largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world.

    More than 30,000 blogs have shared 175,000 stories to date and over 1.4 million photos have been posted.
    Forums and travel helpers answer numerous travel-related questions 365 days of the year.
    They also have over 50,000 accommodation booking options available on the site.

    Location-based social network with a map of interesting places with a photo area, adds its interesting places, write reviews, opinions, meet people with common interests.

    Geolocation social network with a map of interesting places with photos of the area, add your interesting places, leave feedback, opinions, get acquainted with people with common interests.

    I am a pilgrim
    The social network of travelers.

    Community travelers.

    Community of travelers.
    Blogs, forums. Information on all countries of the world and cities.
    Information is collected by users, therefore while information is in the most visited places of the world.
    The service is tied to the Google map.

    The search for new impressions is.
    Turbine is a space that unites people who are aware of the value of their knowledge and experience for the world around them. This is a space in which everyone can discover something new for themselves and others.
    The new thing that can give amazing emotions and impressions, and that is so easy to miss because of lack of time or lack of information in guidebooks! The purpose of the site is to provide you with a source of interesting, useful and reliable information collected by real Travelers and allowing you to feel more secure away from home, which means - to pay more attention to what surrounds you.

    Sections of "Ribbons", "All Photos" (more than a million), diaries (we combine notes about one trip into a single Structure).
    You can collect in cop Ilkah materials in certain areas or subjects, subscribe to all new for interesting cities and countries, book flights and hotels at the best prices, as well as help other members of the community, answering questions and participating in discussions in the forums.

    WAYN -
    Travel and lifestyle.

    International social network of travelers.
    You can log in using your Facebook account.
    The network first of all helps not to spend extra money. Go to where it really costs and pay less.
    Well, the rest is understandable - friends, share impressions, photos, videos, practical information, just relationships. Maybe they can go to each other. But this is predictable. Moreover, the site has a section - dating.

    Also, the service helps travel agencies keep in touch with tourists. And tourists can buy what they need right here. This is not only convenient, but also reliable, the service is decent.

    The social network for people who have a garden or live in their own homes with land and interest in matters of gardening.

    A social network for people who have dachas or live in their own houses with a land plot and are interested in gardening, gardening, floriculture, construction, etc.
    And if to speak easier, this site is for all those who consider themselves a summer resident!


    Cloob -
    The network is popular in Iran.

    Badoo -
    The social network popular in Latin America and parts of Europe.

    Qzone -
    General provisions. In Simplified Chinese; Serves the mainland users in China.

    Skoob -
    Joint social network for Brazilian readers.

    Skyrock -
    Social network in French-speaking countries.

    Mixi -
    Japanese. -
    The Greek social network.

    Nexopia -
    Canadian social network.

    hi5 -
    Popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Jamaica, Central Africa, Portugal and Latin America social network. -
    French classmates. -
    Latvian network.

    Renren -

    Biip -
    Norwegian community.

    Fotolog -
    Blogosphere popular in South America and Spain.

    BlackPlanet -

    This community of blacks - more than 20 million. More convenient for those who have an iPhone.

    Moi Mir
    National social network of (number 3 in Russia)

    Clone on

    The database is very inflated. They are all who have mail on signed into their network, although people are not connected with anyone.
    And in fact, they, like the social network from Yandex - were late.

    DXY -
    Chinese Internet community for doctors, medical professionals, pharmacies and facilities.

    Social network Urals - forum answers to all questions, chat about everyday topics.

    IRC-Galleria -


    YHWH.Social -
    Independent Christian social network.

    An independent Christian social network.

    The social network does not belong to any Christian denomination.
    That is why the network has no confessional coloring.
    The goal is to connect people seeking God and the truth of Scripture.

    Cross TV -
    Social networking and video hosting for Christians.

    It's better known as a Christian video hosting with HD function. In fact, it's more than video hosting, it's a social network with all the attributes.
    The topic should not necessarily be Christian, but morality should be respected.

    Cross TV allows you to create a church network group.
    It is possible to broadcast - streaming video.

    Muxlim -
    Muslim social network.

    MyChurch -
    Social network for Christians.


    Family Tree, a sister network.

    A social network that will help to create a genealogical family tree.
    The tree editor will be intuitive for you and your relatives.
    With the help of the editor, you will be able to create a branch tree that displays your family tree in a detailed, accessible and visualized way.

    Family photo album

    General family photos bring people together at a distance. Mark the album as a "family photo album" and relatives can view it in the "Family photo albums" column in the "Photos" section.

    FamilySpace will help you find your family and classmates, school friends, favorite teachers and teachers.

    Geni -
    Genealogical social network.

    Family social network.

    Here are some functions:

    • downloading photos with the ability to view them by relatives, they will simply appear in the relatives account, without their participation;
    • the ability to tag photos with tags;
    • Calendar of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other family events;
    • adding family friends as "family tree friends";
    • exporting files in the standard Gedcom genealogy description format;
    • the merging of family trees;
    • internal messaging system

    Anniversaries and birthdays, play a unifying role, become part of family life. -
    The social network of the prisoners, friends, family.

    MyHeritage -
    Social network for the whole family.

    Genealogical family social network.
    Here it is possible to add not friends, but relatives, that allows to make a genealogical tree and see connection.

    In addition, it is a normal social network, it is convenient to announce and prepare weddings, anniversaries.
    Participants can create their own family websites, share photos and videos, organize family celebrations, create family trees and look for ancestors.

    With over 71 million users, MyHeritage is a leader in social media and genealogy.

    It will be interesting to see old photos, stories, historical documents and ...

    DNA genealogy

    Genetic testing service. DNA results are obtained from home test kits that allow users to use cheek swabs to collect samples. The results provide DNA comparison and ethnicity assessment.

    MyLife -
    Communicate with friends and family.


    Social network about fishing.

    Fishing line
    The most interesting and useful about fishing in Russia.

    Fishing reports and service for fishing diaries.
    Why do I need a fishing diary?
    Have a fishing trip - write down all the details about the place of fishing, the pond, the weather, the conditions of catching, baits and catches.
    You are going to a new fishing trip, and try to remember past trips, places and lures.

    And you realize that much has been forgotten.

    You can not remember a specific place, or catchy bait ... the more the water level and the weather ... Even remember what you caught last year at this place is not exactly You can. But this is so important!

    Social network for anglers: reports, reviews, short stories, kitchen.

    Social network for anglers: reports, reviews, stories, cuisine.
    If you like fishing, join Fish Hook. The most friendly fishing community.
    If you have questions - then the forum. But if you need to share, chat, then here. But here and get a lot of useful information.

    It is proposed here

    • directory,
    • calculators (fishing line length, hook sizes, sinkers ...),
    • Cool and weather forecast.
    • kitchen,
    • for beginners
    • places
    • stories
    • tournaments
    • ...


    Grono Finance News -
    News social network.

    NEWS 2.0
    News social network.

    Clone of the Western Digg.
    Visitors can add their own or other people's news and vote for what they like.
    Thus, the more voted for the news, the The above is on the list.

    This site allows you to have different views, even if we do not agree.
    The voting system allows the most popular news to be at the top, but absurd, experimental, etc. Be downstairs.

    News social network, discussion of world news.

    NGO Post -
    Exchange news, popular in India.
    News social network, photo from the news site.


    Insert a link to a photo or video from Instagram and get it.


    The social network of friends.

    People have forgotten how to communicate.

    Have you ever had to face an old friend on the street? Did you think that the love of your life can live in the next doorway? And how many times have you or your friends said with surprise: SMALL WORLD! (in Russian MIR TESEN)

    Blog to your home

    The basic idea of ​​the service is simple: every house now has a blog! Find the house where you live, study or work, and see what the tenants are saying. How to spend a fast and inexpensive Internet, is there a good hairdresser next to it, when will stop switching off hot water - a lot of questions can be solved simply by talking with a neighbor. Blog at home - this is the place where to solve all problems or just have a nice time really easy!

    Friends near

    You're a big fan of football, but can not you build a team for playing in the yard? Do not know who to ride rollerblades with? All the girls who love jazz as much as you do live on the far end of the earth and there is no way to meet? Now everything will be different. Just go to, point out where you live and what you love - and sooner or later you will be convinced, the world is really TENS!


    Social network for bodybuilders and bodybuilders.

    The social network of fans, you support a team or club, then you here. Symbolism, chants, competition schedule, a joint visit to the matches.

    The main goal of the network project is to unite people who are not indifferent to the sport.
    This is the site of real fans and all who are ready to express their opinion about sports events in Russia and in the world.

    This is sports news, blogs and social network that allows you to find friends, communicate, post photos, participate in clubs, announce events, predict the results of competitions.

    It's like a country with its own The order where competitions and actions are held, where there are heroes and famous personalities. Each user has a reputation, a personal page and the ability to customize the site for himself.

    Sports fans can not be a faceless mass, so registration is necessary.

    Athlinks -
    Bembidion and phalaropes.

    Network of athletes in running and swimming.


    Students Circle Network -
    Social network connecting students, teachers and institutions, of course resources, research groups and classrooms.

    Students, mostly German-speaking.

    Tuenti -
    Spain Students.


    reddit -
    Social news site, users collect news from other sites that are considered important.


    Part of the project income is distributed between the active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more high-quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.

    Part of the project's revenues is distributed among active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.

    Webtransfer -
    Loans and microcredits. You can earn money in giving loans, international network.


    Virb -
    Artists, musicians and photographers.

    Rossgram -
    Russian analogue of Instagram.

    Russian analogue of Instagram.

    The main feature is the most understandable interface and functionality for Instagram users.
    That will make the transition easier.
    But there is no base, subscribers ...

    Whether he shoots or not, time will tell. But something tells me that the ceiling of this service is ... like Rutube vs Youtube.

    Fotki -
    Sharing pictures and videos.

    Instagram -
    Service for sharing photos and videos with elements of sociality.

    Service for sharing photos and videos with elements of sociality.
    Photos are square, Polaroid style.
    Polaroid used to take instant photos and they were square.
    Hence the name Instagram - Instant.
    That is, just as Polaroid instantly developed photos, so Instagram instantly posts photos.

    How does it work?

    1. Put the app on,
    2. takes the photo,
    3. applies a filter to the photo,
    4. share the photo through any social network, including Instagram.

    Why Instagram?

    And really, why? When there are social networks that are much more functional.
    The thing is, people use social media mostly feeds.
    Some use chat.

    That's why messengers with elements of sociality have become popular.
    There, the user finds everything he needs and nothing unnecessary.

    And the most interesting thing in the feed was the pictures. So much for Instagram - only pictures.
    And, thanks to filters, they look more interesting than in social networks.
    The format allows you to comfortably look at a smartphone.

    What do people do on Instagram?

    • Some people like to take pictures and share everywhere.
    • Creativity - someone knows how to take pictures and share their creativity.
    • Employment - if you're active, you might earn something.
    • Promotion - you can sell products or promote your services.

    Social network for photographers. Professional and amateur photographers discussing their own and other people's photos.

    The first Russian social network of professional photography. So, there is something to learn, and most importantly - from whom. For this there is a forum. There are useful videos.

    The social and entertainment network: shares, meetings and competitions.

    Limpa -
    Evaluation of photographs, meet new people and chat.


    Christian social networking.

    Orthodox social network "Yelitsy."
    The project is open for both Orthodox and those who are only looking for a way to God.
    The social network "Elytsy" (in the translation from the church-Slavs - "those who are as many as they are") began its work in May 2014 with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and with the care of the bishop of Voskresensky Sawa. Founders and leaders of the network "Elytsy" parishioners of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Sheremetyevo.

    The goal of the project is to help a person come to God, unite Orthodox people, develop and strengthen parish life.

    The mission of the project is to show people what Orthodoxy gives Fullness and joy of life, and being Orthodox is more interesting and useful than "the lone center of the universe." The network of "Elysia" cooperates with many dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church, with the synodal departments of the Moscow Patriarchate, participates in general church congresses, festivals, forums, Readings, A great interest is shown by the Orthodox Church Abroad.

    Faith book -
    Christian social networking.

    The social network, which is clear from the title, is consonant with the main social network Facebook.

    The main theme of the new social network was the relationship between different religions. The resource will host video and audio messages from representatives of various religious denominations, lay out prayers and extracts from the scriptures.

    Otherwise, the functionality of Faithbook is similar to all similar non-religious projects. Users of the social network can blog, join communities, look for classmates, get acquainted.


    The Social Network, publishes reviews about the companies in different cities. -
    Community blogs about products and services. What-when-where-why of the consumer world.

    What-when-where-why-consumer-world. A good place to express your opinion and read the opinions of others to buy wisely. There are millions of reviews written by ordinary consumers about products and services in 19 categories and ratings just about everything.

    Want to know, Is it worth buying this delectable mobile phone or that motorcycle? Do not worry! You can read user reviews right here!

    Write reviews and change the world

    You went to a fashionable restaurant, and then there were pains in the abdomen. Do not pursue the brand. You went to the showroom, tried the testdrive and it seems nothing better. Do not rush to shout for joy, suddenly there are pitfalls? Take a deep breath and find out now. Were you in trouble? You can write testimonials and help others!

    Pour out your heart

    Tell the world what's going on in your neighborhood. Share your experience, reviews and ratings. Laugh, cry, sigh, rejoice, let the present come to life emotionally, honestly and ridiculously.

    MouthShut is a community of blogs about products and services. MouthShut spawned the concept of community and blogs well before they were popularized by Facebook and Twitter. This is a community where consumers connect with each other by adding each other to their Trusted circles, send virtual gifts to each other and lead a photo gallery.
    Consumer social network.


    Easy Language Exchange -
    Relatively new resource for language exchange among foreigners. Now there are about 100,000 members, about 1,000 of them - the English-speaking media wishing to practice Russian.

    Lang-8 -
    Spell-checking by native speakers. You can find friends to improve your speaking skills.

    English, Baby!
    The trick of this social network is that it was created for the British fans, and for fans of American English. Also, there is a thematic audio, grammar theory, the task to the TOEFL and even a special section for teachers of English.

    HelloTalk -
    Another mobile application. There are more than 100 languages. You can find your friends on the geographical location - such as foreigners in their city.

    Tandemapp -
    The network exists only in the form of a mobile application that makes communication even more convenient. At the moment, access English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

    Speaky -
    A social network for learning languages and communicating with people from all over the world.

    A social network for learning languages and communicating with people from all over the world.

    You can communicate through text or voice - text chat, or via audio or video.
    The site has a list of profiles and a messenger.

    Supported Languages

    1. Afrikaans
    2. AkanTwi
    3. Albanian
    4. Amharic
    5. Arabic
    6. Armenian
    7. Azeri
    8. Basque
    9. Belarusian
    10. Bengali
    11. Berber
    12. Bosnian
    13. Bulgarian
    14. Burmese
    15. Catalan
    16. Cebuano
    17. Chinese
    18. Croatian
    19. Czech
    20. Danish
    21. Dutch
    22. Dzongkha
    23. English
    24. Esperanto
    25. Estonian
    26. Filipino
    27. Finnish
    28. French
    29. Galician
    30. Georgian
    31. German
    32. Greek
    33. Gujarati
    34. Haitian
    35. Hausa
    36. Hawaiian
    37. Hebrew
    38. Hindi
    39. Hmong
    40. Hungarian
    41. Icelandic
    42. Indonesian
    43. Irish
    44. Italian
    45. Japanese
    46. Javanese
    47. Kannada
    48. Kazakh
    49. Khmer
    50. Kinyarwanda
    51. Klingon
    52. Korean
    53. Kurdish
    54. Kyrgyz
    55. Lao
    56. Latin
    57. Latvian
    58. Lithuanian
    59. Luo
    60. Luxembourgish
    61. Macedonian
    62. Malagasy
    63. Malay
    64. Malayalam
    65. Maltese
    66. Maori
    67. Marathi
    68. Mongolian
    69. Nahuatl
    70. Nepali
    71. Norwegian
    72. Pashto
    73. Persian
    74. Polish
    75. Portuguese
    76. Punjabi
    77. Quechua
    78. Rohingya
    79. Romanian
    80. Russian
    81. Samoan
    82. Sanskrit
    83. Scottish
    84. Serbian
    85. Sindhi
    86. Sinhala
    87. Slovak
    88. Slovenian
    89. Somali
    90. Spanish
    91. Sudanese
    92. Swahili
    93. Swedish
    94. Tajik
    95. Tamil
    96. Tatar
    97. Telugu
    98. Thai
    99. Tibetan
    100. Turkish
    101. Turkmen
    102. Ukrainian
    103. Urdu
    104. Uyghur
    105. Uzbek
    106. Vietnamese
    107. Welsh
    108. Xhosa
    109. Yiddish
    110. Yoruba
    111. Yucatec-Maya
    112. Zhuang
    113. Zulu

    Interpals -

    My Happy Planet -
    Another useful to find native speakers in other countries, as well as a good library of video lessons from the participants. You can replenish your own materials.

    LingQ -
    Social Network is designed for people with any level of proficiency. The emphasis is not on grammar, and vocabulary and free communication.

    Network of learners.
    The teacher guides you, but other students can participate.

    Available languages

    English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish and Japanese.

    In group discussions, up to 4 pupils can participate with 1 teacher. You can also subscribe to the discussions at 1 to 1.

    Discussions can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of participants. For example, 1 for 1 discussion lasts 15 minutes; And 2 for 1 - 30 minutes; And 3 for 1 - 45 minutes, etc. It is also possible to create a long discussion 1 to 1 to 1 hour or longer.


    Free, $10, $39 or $79 per month, depending on the complexity of the selected course.

    My Language Exchange -
    Perfect service to search for a pen pal. By registering on the website, you describe their 'ideal partner for language':.. language, country, gender, age, interests, etc. and choose suitable.