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Free multiplayer online game. In it you are the manager of the football team, at any time, play games and participate in tournaments.

Free multiplayer online game. In it you act as a football team manager, play matches and participate in tournaments at any time.

In order to play a friendly match, you should either apply on the page Matches - Friendlies, or in the same place call an opponent whose The application is already in the list.

After confirming the request, the window for setting the tactics of the team is opened.

You can select the order from the list of standard or create your own variant by dragging the players to the field. If there is a mismatch between the position and the role of the player, the designation of the role is highlighted in red.

Replacements can be made automatically, if an injury is received, the football player is replaced by a substitute with the same role or, if not, by another field player. Possible, spare players should be placed on the "bench" - the place immediately under the green field in the settings window, placing the composition for the match. Under the "Substitutions" link, you can select pairs of players and set the replacement time (the number in minutes from the beginning of the match), and then they will occur during the nearest stoppage of the game after the time of replacement.

The tactics for the match are adjusted by choosing an attack- Protection, and also chosen from the standard set of instructions the manner of the game.
Additionally, performers can be defined during standard positions - angular, penalty, penalty.

In addition, each field player can be given individual tasks:

  • Playmaker. The player will be given a pass more often with all other things being equal.
  • Dribbling. The player will often try to go into the stroke, than to fold or beat.
  • Long Strikes. The player will try to beat more often (on goal!) Than to circle or pass.
  • Dispatcher. The player will rarely try to beat or traverse (ie will fold more often).
  • Flanges. The player will most often give a pass to the flank (only for flank players - that is, for Lm, Rm, Lf, Rf, Lw, Rw)
  • Violations. Increases the likelihood of disrupting the attack by violating the rules when selecting or subcategory.
There are workouts, tournaments, etc.

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