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AirVūz -
The platform of video-exchange for the world community of drones - drone.

The platform of video-exchange for the world community of drones - drone.
Thanks to the mixing of user content and original programming, AirVuz became the first video site for the developing century of drones. A very beautiful video, not always from the air, I would say - from different angles.
Quality of a picture excellent, it is possible to include and look successively rollers if not to disconnect AutoPlay.


  1. Extreme sports
  2. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and trains
  3. Celebrities
  4. Cities
  5. Concerts and events
  6. Dron art
  7. Drones
  8. Learning
  9. Attractions
  10. Flora and fauna
  11. Aircraft and helicopters
  12. Stadiums
  13. Travel
  14. Water activities

Sightsmap -
Monuments of the world on the map.

Hot spots of the earth.
No, these are not hot spots in our understanding, but the most popular ones from the point of view of this service. The service simply figured out which places are more photographed, those and the most light (yellow).
The most popular attractions are marked separately.
The service uses Google Maps and photos from Panoramio.

On our planet.

Popular Internet media about our planet.
As the name implies - it's a planet and a lot of impressive photos.

The material here is pretty decent, but the material on our planet is full on the net. Here you can first enjoy our planet and its contents.

London Remembers -
Monuments of the world on the map.

Attractions of London on the map.
Google maps are used.

The map is not the main thing that is on the map. It is more of a help, for the sake of clarity to tourists. The main thing is you can see the Monuments, get exhaustive information about them ...

Thus, the site will be useful to those who plan to visit London and have not yet decided on the itinerary. And those who have already visited, but want to refresh in their memory.
Sights, tours of the world.

Sights, tours of the world.

Choose a country and get a list of cities that are worth visiting. Against the city is the number of attractions.

And you can choose not by city, but by topics of interest to us, for example. Botanical gardens, Cathedrals, Fountains, Clubs ...

The most basic information on the country is indicated - capital, population, area, currency, rate.

Architecture in Athens -
Monuments of the world on the map.

The architecture of Greece.
The site is in Greek and English.

You can navigate among the infinite number of the historical architecture of Greece. There is a search, a list by years, a slider-filter that sets the time range.

It remains only to click on the required asterisk and get the information with the picture.

Actual Moscow
Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

Poster, where to go in Moscow

  1. Concerts
  2. theater,
  3. circus
  4. movie,
  5. exhibitions, fairs,
  6. tours,
  7. sport, quests,
  8. museums
  9. parks,
  10. theaters
  11. movie theaters,
  12. night clubs,
  13. sights.


  1. Government agencies
  2. kindergartens,
  3. children's camps,
  4. schools
  5. colleges, technical schools,
  6. universities,
  7. medical institutions
  8. diagnostic centers, doctors.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches on the map.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches on the map.
Easy to navigate, find and click to get the official name, address, contact information, opening hours, links to the site to the group in social networks..

Parismuseumpass -
Museum on the map.

Paris has many museums and therefore it is obvious that a map can be useful here.
The site does not have Russian, there are French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

Gorky Park -
Beautiful functional official map of Gorky Park.

A beautiful functional official map of Gorky Park.
Besides the map itself, there are a lot of other information about the park, including photos and video.

Mapping Gothic France -
Gothic cathedrals on the map.

Gothic cathedrals of France on the map.
There is no Russian language. The project of the Visual Media Center in the Department of Art History and Archeology at Columbia University, the Visual Resources Library at Vassar College, and the libraries of Columbia University.

Solid, because it can not only find and see how the cathedrals look, but also get detailed, official information on the required cathedral.

People's Catalogue of Orthodox Architecture.
Churches and monasteries of Russia and the world.

Churches and monasteries of Russia and the world.
Catalog of Orthodox structures - descriptions and author's photos of Orthodox monasteries, temples, cathedrals, churches, chapels.

The goal - to collect the most complete possible historical descriptions and photo-records of all the Orthodox churches in Russia and around the world.
And also to popularize Russian culture, Orthodoxy and will help travelers, local historians and people interested in Russian history and culture.

More than 5,000 contributors have gathered information on more than 50,000 sites of Orthodox architecture, including more than 65,000 articles and about half a million photos.

Temples can be found on a map (Yandex, Google, or OSM to choose from) and go to the temple description page, chapel ...

Night at the city museums
Attractions on the map.

Museums on the city map.
Night of Museums is an annual event dedicated to the International Museum Day. Petersburg museums, large and small, traditionally open doors for visitors in the evening and at night, and also prepare a special program: exhibitions of one Days, concerts, performances, author's excursions, master classes, historical reconstructions.

The site is about clear Moscow.

This is not so much a site for tourists as for the Muscovites themselves. I spent a couple of years in Moscow.
Do I know after that Moscow? - Yes and no.
Yes, because I lived in Moscow.
No, because I lived and worked in one area of ​​Moscow, it's like a city inside the city.
Months after 2 I remembered that I was in Moscow and was traveling somewhere to Arbat, Red Square ...
So none of the Muscovites can physically know the whole of Moscow, especially since it is constantly changing.
This site will help in eliminating these gaps.

Interesting places.

A simple social network for experienced travelers. After visiting interesting places, mark on the map and add the corresponding description and photos.

The site does not serve tour operators in promotion of standard points for the divorce of tourists. However, here and the drawback, you will have to get to the described places yourself, for such tourists the site is calculated. The site database is replenished with an adequate community, and the site will go to the site if it's really worth a visit.

Travel planning in Russia.

Travel planning in Russia.
Places that are not in the usual guidebooks, people who talk about their travel experiences.