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The development of logic and thinking in children.

Logic online for children 5-12 years old.
Development of logical thinking in a child and not be afraid of complex tasks!

The goal is to teach children to reason, work with information, solve any logical problems and think outside the box.

The principle is learning through useful and exciting leisure activities.

  1. More than 2500 tasks, rebuses and puzzles.
  2. Video lectures, theory and tips.
  3. The page of awards and achievements of the child.

Games for the Brain - gamesforthebrain.com/game
Quizzes and games for thinking and memory.

Quizzes and games for thinking and memory.

Best crosswords

A variety of crosswords, including Japanese, Scandinavian (scandvord) and keywords.
Crosswords are presented in two versions: printed and online. The printable version is a static picture with a grid of crossword and definitions. The online version of the crossword is implemented in a way that will allow you to solve the crossword directly on the page of the site. In this case, you can use operations to save your solution and others.

All crosswords are collected in a catalog that is divided into crossword types: classic crossword puzzles, Japanese crossword puzzles, color Japanese crosswords, Scandinavian crosswords and keywords. Crosswords in each of the sections can be sorted by different criteria in direct or reverse order. The catalog contains works by well-known compilers of crossword puzzles, such as Oleg Vasilyev and others, as well as our own works.

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Anagrams - anagrams.net
Fast and complete site to help you solve anagrams for word games or puzzles.

A fast and complete website to help you solve anagrams for word games or puzzles. It can be used for games like Scrabble®, Words With Friends®, Trivia and other crossword based board games and apps.

Intelligent puzzle game
The site contains a variety of puzzles, quite original, so as not to be bored.

Developing games for the brain.

Developing games for the brain.


Babble - playbabble.com
Boogle puzzles with Ajax chat.

WEBoogle - wordsplay.net
Ajaxized online puzzles.