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Yandex ID - passport.yandex.com/registration?mod
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A leading and unique Russian Internet portal.
In order to effectively use all its advantages, you still need registration.
When registering, you immediately start the mail.

What we get

  • You can easily get a purse in the best payment system runet - ЮMoney (details).
  • Best photo hosting - Yandex.Fotki, stores the original photo, binding to the map and other Yandex services, unlimited space and free of charge (more details).
  • TV program, the poster, transport schedules with the possibility to buy a ticket, linked to your calendar and reminder via email or SMS ...
  • Yandex.Job.
  • Other useful services.

The portal is about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and getting rid of addictions.

Portal of the Ministry of Health about the program for the formation of a healthy lifestyle.'

A large amount of material, conveniently and reasonably constructed navigation: we throw to drink and smoke, advice, only the truth, without a gym, instead of a gymnasium,, Lifestyle, stress, excess weight, heart and blood vessels ...

The site has an advanced system of commenting and messaging, authorization for OpenID and feedback forms for conversation with specialists.

Create a Google Account - accounts.google.com
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The leading Internet portal of the world.
In order to effectively use all its advantages, you still need to register.

If you already have mail on Yandex, let it be here, you will need it. See Making Copies
If you have a phone on Android, you will need an account.
If you use the Google Chrome browser (which we recommend), then you just need a Google account.

What we get

It's harder to say, but there is a regular need to enter the service under a Google account.

2 Gb free space.

My attitude to all Mail.ru services was negative. But the attitude has changed, after this post is almost the only one left without size limitation, the largest cloud and the new interface design, not overloaded with advertising.

Politics - free of charge

Company policy - all basic services are free. Only additional functions can be paid.

Google Account - Action tracking - myaccount.google.com/activitycontrol

It's no secret that Google knows what you do through its account.
This helps Google to help us find what we need, to continue to watch the YouTube video from the place where we finished watching last time ...

Personally, it simplifies my life.
But there are people who literally panic.
So Google provided an opportunity to allow us to track our actions on some services or to ignore them.

Now we can customize it.


Pillars of Runet.

  1. The first catalog Runet,
  2. search,
  3. mail service,
  4. .. .
Rambler - was originally the site number 1 in Russia.
The system was put on the top of the catalog, which remains the best in Russia, the rest was built around this.
At the moment, Rambler has lost its position ... or just occupied its niche. It was the biggest, because there were no such as Yandex, and now it just corresponds to its potential.