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Online store of unusual gifts.

Leading Russian online store of cool gifts, designer stuff, stylish accessories and a variety of non-dull creative things from fashion studios and brands from around the world.

A diverse, innovative and unique range of gifts and designer pieces from more than 40 manufacturers.

Original passport covers, functional travel holders, diaries with unusual illustrations, original accessories for the home and office interior, creative vinyl stickers on the walls and designer mirrors - all these things not only become indispensable daily satellites that delight the eye and refresh the interior, but also will be suitable as new ideas for an original gift.

Online store of gifts and household goods.

Online store of gifts and household goods.

Pretty not a typical shop. Let's say you would buy something, but don’t know what, you can search here.

Something like Chinese AliExpress, a lot of stuff for the kitchen, car, gadgets ... a lot of unusual goods. There are quite useful ones that I bought in Finland, but we have not seen it anywhere.


  1. Courier
  2. Russian Post,
  3. Boxberry.

Fun from me - funfrom.me
Collections of original and useful gifts.

Collections of original and useful gifts.

Million Podarkov
Portal about gifts and holidays.

Search for gifts.

The site helps to find the right products from which you will choose. It doesn’t matter what it is: a white laptop, something small and romantic, or a kettle and always metallic and yellow.

The task of the site is to find the answer to any of your creative impulses and try to present this answer in the most convenient way.

Gift finder.

Navigator in the world of gifts.
More than 300,000 gift ideas from proven online stores.

Curatorial collections of gifts on occasions, interests, professions, holidays and other, sometimes completely unpredictable criteria. They will tell you how to make good gifts and in which online stores in Russia you can buy them.

Choose who the gift will be for - a man, a woman or a child and see the finished collections.
Determine the reason - a certain holiday, wedding ...

Idei Podarkov
Help in choosing an original and appropriate gift for any reason.

Help in choosing an original and appropriate gift for any reason.

A huge number of original gift ideas, among which there is sure to be an idea of the most suitable gift that your gift will appreciate.

For each gift idea, we also display a list of pages in online stores where you can order a gift.

Online store of original gifts and souvenirs.

Online store of original gifts and souvenirs.

The most recent and original gift ideas collected in one place.
You can buy gifts with delivery throughout Russia.
The store itself is located in Moscow.

In order to pick up and order a product you just need to select the category of interest and establish a price framework.
There will be a selection of all positions that are suitable for the given parameters, and it remains only to choose the product you like.

Voice cards.

Original greetings, which are delivered in the form of a call to a mobile or city phone.

The services of postcards are becoming less and less in demand. But here's something new, fundamentally new.
After all, the main thing in congratulation is freshness and originality.

You can try.
For convenience, there is a calendar with holidays and events.
You can add Background music with special effects or upload your own, but not more than 10MB.

Red Cube
Online store of gifts and souvenirs.

Online store of gifts and souvenirs.
More than 120 gift and souvenir shops in Russia, of which 46 in Moscow.

In the online store catalog there are gifts for any occasion - Birthday, New Year, March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day and ...

Souvenirs, interior items, jewelry boxes, piggy banks, watches, gift sets - thousands of options.

We accept payment in cash or gift certificates. You can pick up the goods in hundreds of pickup points or order delivery by courier or Russian post.

Creative Gifts

Not sure what to give? No ideas, but I want to make a creative gift. In the "Personalization" section, a thousand variants of souvenirs are collected with the possibility of personalization - add the name of the birthday man, wishes, photos.

Any ideas

Make a unique gift in a special designer. You can print personalized T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, plates.

Original gifts.

Online gift shop for men.
A lot of original, useful and completely useless gifts for men.

Original gifts.

Internet shop of gifts and souvenirs Expedition.
Funny, funny, practical and original gifts for all.

It is also useful, like any similar store, when you do not know what you can give. We indicate to whom (man, woman ...), for what reason and the budget.