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Virtual tour of the residence of the President of Russia
Virtual tour of the residence of the Russian President.

It is not difficult to get to the Moscow Kremlin. No one is banned.
Thousands of people come here every day. Perhaps you also visited the Kremlin.
If you have, you surely passed along Ivanovskaya Square, walked along the Tainitsky garden, admired the ensemble of the Cathedral Square.
Probably were inside these ancient temples - Uspensky, Arkhangelsk, Blagoveshchensky.
Maybe even - got acquainted with the collection of the Armory Chamber. Well, if you happened to be one of the rare visitors to the Diamond Fund, then probably your friends were very jealous of you ...

But, no matter how many times you visit the Kremlin, no matter how well you get acquainted with its sights, some places in the Kremlin are certain
This is the buildings and territories that are allocated to state institutions and services that support the activities of the President of Russia.

A virtual tour will help fill this gap. It reveals hitherto, unfortunately, closed to tourists objects, included in the Kremlin complex of the President's residence. And opens - in a unique and graphic detail.

The Senate Palace and the Grand Kremlin Palace will appear before you in all the smallest details - down to the inscriptions on the roots of the books in the wardrobes of the Presidential Library and barely noticeable details of the ancient murals of the Faceted Chamber.
You will examine every stone, every piece of interior, every monogram on high ceilings, every leaf in the Kremlin gardens as if you were in close proximity to them.

In addition to the interiors, the site "Opening the Kremlin" A lot of exciting outdoor species.
From high points you will see such corners of the Kremlin, about the existence of which you do not suspect, strolling along it. And at the same time you will see a panorama of almost the entire center of Moscow, and, like a powerful binocular, you will examine the territories adjacent to the Kremlin.
The shooting for this project was carried out for two years, from 2003 to 2005. During the filming of some of the staff managed to become historical - they are now imprinted are no longer existing objects.
Moscow is changing so fast!

About Kremlin children
Information sites for children.

President of Russia - citizens of school age.

President's website for children. There is a version on Flash.

We choose a conductor and travel, learning about the president, the Kremlin, Russia.
Information about Constitution, history ... In general, the site is about the state of Russia and its device in the language of children.


The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum -
The official website of the Moscow Kremlin: history and monuments, tours, exhibitions and concerts in the Kremlin.

The Kremlin is not just a museum, but a group of museums.

The site will help you navigate and determine exactly what you are most interested in visiting.
You can see the exhibitions calendar, buy tickets.

And material. Not every day we are in Moscow, but here you can see something in the photo and video.

In short, this is the official and full-fledged site of the Moscow Kremlin.


President of Russian Federation -
Official website of the President of Russia

Official website of the President of Russia.

Here you can follow the president's movements and his activities: transcripts, Documents, instructions, photos, video, audio. There is a blog, a video blog, a tour of the Kremlin, a children's version.

Write a letter to the president

Of course you can write a letter. It should be different from spam, be respectful, laconic, not emotional. But most likely, if you did not go through all the authorities, it will be sent to your regional authority.

Write a letter to the President - public statement of your Thoughts on the state and position of Russia in the form of a letter to the President of the Russian Federation.