Interactive maps

Interactive maps

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OmnesViae -
The Roman Empire on the map.

Interactive map of the roads of the Roman Empire.
There is no Russian version.
The map is stylized as an old one.

You can specify a route.

Interactive map of the Moscow metro.

Interactive scheme of the Moscow metro.
Suggests the best route and calculates the time on the way.
To find out where the desired station is, just type a few letters of its name.

Places near the metro

Directory of places near the stations. Shopping centers, clothing and footwear shops, restaurants, cinemas and much more - everything is really close, you can walk to any place in five minutes.

Our Ural
Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.

Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.

Great Escape -
Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

How it works

  1. We go to the site, he determined our geographical position and suggested the airport of departure, as well as the currency. Airport and currency can be changed.
  2. We set dates, our budget, filter on visas, places by popularity.
  3. Get directions, mouse over or click and get more detailed information on the selected direction.

Streetpew -
Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

On the map are primarily Christian shrines.

100,000 Stars -
Interactive map of stars.

100 thousand stars. The Milky Way in 3D is a virtual tour of the nearest star systems. You can orient yourself manually, which is great, but what's more interesting, you can turn on Play and see the journey to our planet.

Runivers - Russian Borders
Interactive map of Russian history

Interactive cartographic Internet project "Borders of Russia 1462-2018".

Dynamic map of Russia for each year from 1462 to 2018 with area calculation of all acquired and lost territories. "RUVERS" together with the Laboratory of Historical Geoinformatics of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and NextGIS company presents the project "Borders of Russia 1462-2018".

This cartographic project contains data on the geographical location of Russia's political borders and their changes over the last five and a half centuries. The most important function of the project is the possibility to choose any year in the interval 1462-2018.

The map shows seven different statuses of the territory of the Russian state: main territory of the state, territory under the protectorate, territory in vassal dependence or sphere of influence, leased territory, territory in joint ownership and disputed territory.

For each year, the area of Russian territory has been calculated. Its maximum increase took place in the second third of the XVII century as a result of its promotion to Siberia. Outstanding long-term process of Russians' penetration to the east in small groups can not be considered an ordinary movement of state borders and is difficult to map. In this connection, the record for Russian history growth figure (2.07 million square kilometers) is only provisionally dated on the map to 1634.

Fixation of rights to Alaska at the end of XIX century. The fixation of Alaska rights at the end of the XIX century "added" Russia another 1.5 million square kilometers. The largest losses occurred in 1917 and 1991. - The largest losses occurred in 1917 and 1991. 1.4 and 5.2 million square kilometers.

The ruler of Russia, who added the most land, is Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. Under Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, most of the territory was lost.

Graphs of changes in Russia's territory for publication

The published dynamic map showing changes in boundaries in the past is intended to become a cartographic base for historians who use GIS technologies to solve various research problems.

Pogoda Turtella
Interactive weather map.

Interactive weather map.
The map allows you to see the temperature of the air and water at the resorts.
You can look at it by months.

The site uses the same database as

World Sea Temp -
Water temperature in the resorts of the world.

Water temperature in the resorts of the world.
Interactive map all over the world.

You can look at the water temperature for today or what it is basically, by months.

You can look at the interactive map or on the menu: resorts, countries, seas.

Relief Map -
Interactive relief map of the world.

Interactive relief map of the world.
You can turn on/off the rivers, roads, countries, grass, forest, tundra, sands, swamps, glaciers without reloading ...

Yandex.Metro -
Interactive maps of the metro cities.

Interactive metro maps of cities:

  1. Almaty
  2. Athens
  3. Baku
  4. Bucharest
  5. Budapest
  6. Dnipro
  7. Dubai
  8. Ekaterinburg
  9. Helsinki
  10. Istanbul
  11. Kazan
  12. Kharkiv
  13. Kyiv
  14. Lisbon
  15. Milan
  16. Minsk
  17. Moscow
  18. Nizhny Novgorod
  19. Novosibirsk
  20. Prague
  21. Rome
  22. Saint Petersburg
  23. Samara
  24. San Francisco
  25. Sofia
  26. Tashkent
  27. Tbilisi
  28. Vienna
  29. Volgograd
  30. Warsaw
  31. Yerevan
To find the route, you need to specify the start and end stations. If you do not know where the desired station is located on the diagram, then select it from the drop-down list.

A more convenient way is to specify the required stations directly on the map-scheme. Click the start and end stations sequentially. The proposed route will appear on the map, and the panel to the right of the diagram will describe in detail how to go and how long the trip will take.

If you make a mistake in selecting a station or want to calculate another route, click on the "Start again" button.

Interactive map of Russia's landfills.

Interactive map of Russia's dumps.

The map was created and supported by the United Russia party within the framework of the "General cleaning" project.

Water Sensor
Warm water map.

Warm water map.
Interactive map, covers only the Black Sea. Temperature of the whole coast - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.

Data are taken from automatic buoy stations.

The map has links to webcams. It is possible to look in a mode of real time.

One day in the life of Moscow transport.
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Petersburg transport.
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Ekaterinburg transport.
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Novosibirsk transport
Interactive Yandex.Maps

One day in the life of Minsk transport
Interactive Yandex.Maps


Facebook Map Live -
Watch the live broadcast from around the world.

Interactive map of online broadcasts from Facebook.
On the map we choose from the offered broadcasting what we are geographically interesting.
As a rule, you can find a language that is understandable for us.
Of course, there's just chatter in there, and there's a web camera from the studio or a person sharing some serious topic that he owns.

If you like some stream, you can subscribe to notifications about the next broadcasts.

How to make your broadcast

  1. The broadcast is the button at the top right.
  2. A point from the list,
  3. for everyone or friends,
  4. you can write something to notify about your broadcast in the stream,
  5. next - how we will use our webcam, the broadcast will start.


Listen to Radio Stations Around the World -
Interactive map with green dots, each dot representing a live radio station.

Radio Garden allows you to tune almost any radio station in the world.

How it works

  1. We go to the site and get a map with green dots, each dot is a live radio station,
  2. we move the map as a normal interactive map, zoom in or out, thus choosing a geographic area,
  3. listen to one of the radio stations in the circle, a list of radio stations of this circle also appears, you can click on another
  4. At the top right there is a heart that allows you to add a sounding radio station to your favorites.
A fun way to kill for a while, and one of the best ways to find an interesting radio station.
You can use language learners to listen to the language you are learning. The best pronunciation of language for radio hosts.