Forms on the website

Forms on the website

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The Bible for your website
Choose a place from the Bible and get a new window with the text.

Service from the project
We take the code from the page, we offer 2 options. In fact, the first option is simply a reference to the Bible.
The second option. Choose a place from the Bible and get a new window with the text.

Thinglink -
Photos on the site.

The site allows you to upload a picture and insert interactive notes into it.
The example is below:
Spell check on the website.

Check the words on your website.

Audio Bible online
You can read or listen. Simple, easy and convenient search, you can use the advanced search.

Very simple Bible and audio Bible online.
The Bible is read by artists. In my opinion, not the best option.
On the site you can

  1. free listen to the Bible in audio format (MP3),
  2. take the code with the player on the site,
  3. download a specific file.

The Bible application VK also allows you to listen to the Bible.

First enter the title of the book or select From the list, then you can select a specific chapter. After selecting a chapter, you can save the file to disk.

Gapminder -
Charts on the website.

Animated graphics (service purchased by Google).

GapMinder works like this. It loads figures, facts - the site builds on their basis animated graphics. Like the "film" about income and life expectancy in the countries of the world since 1800. Thanks to GapMinder evangelist, Professor Hans Rosling, he became the visiting card of the project (see his TED-lecture).

The user content has only a small part on the site. The editorial staff downloads tons of statistics from a variety of databases, from the International Bank and the UN to the CIA. All the data can be compared and discovered the relationships between the most incredible processes.

Timeline -
The timeline on the website or blog.

Interactive timeline to a website or blog. You can place text, pictures, data from Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Maps, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion. The data is stored as a Google Spreadsheet table.

Google Maps to your website -
You can put on your site map from Google Maps.

You can put on your site a map from Google Maps.

How to create your card:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account,
  2. Visit
  3. Click below the request form SHARE
  4. Select the code and paste the proposed code to add to the website.

The Bible for your website
By building this widget, you will provide your visitors with the opportunity to spiritually reinforce themselves by reading God's Word.

The dining room of spiritual food Stick! Invites you to open its branch on its website or blog. Put this widget and we will provide an opportunity to spiritually reinforce the reading of God's Word in 6 different translations, listening to the audio Bible, viewing parallel places and analyzing the meanings of Greek and Hebrew original words right on your site!

Nice, stylish design on Ajax.
You can easily paste on your site.

<iframe src=''
width=600 height=510 title='The Bible is online.'
frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>

Opentran -
Free online translator (dictionary). Almost 90 languages.

Free online translator (dictionary). About 90 languages. The choice of languages is not convenient, it is not clear.

There is an opportunity to put the form on the site, translate the site and check the spelling.

API Yandex.Spellera -
Check the spelling.

A spelling checker that helps you find and correct spelling errors in your texts. The work of the speller is based on the use of an orthographic dictionary. Currently, the speller checks the texts in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Yandex.Time -
Informer time on its website.

An informer of time on his website.

Time in different cities

The service helps to keep track of time in four cities at once. By default, this is the city where the user is located, and the three largest exchange capitals - London, New York and Tokyo.
If desired, the user can choose any city and keep the current time in front of his eyes in the most important places for him.
Two designs of dials - day and night (the night proceeds from 10 evenings till 6 mornings). In addition to time, the dials show the weather.

Time difference

To find the difference in time between two cities, you need to enter their names in the search lines.
Cyrillic and Latin are acceptable.
As the name is entered, suitable cities are offered in the drop-down list.
On it you can move the cursor, the choice is confirmed by the Enter key.

Amcharts -
Charts on the website.

Rather, a tool for a professional, though with all his might, pretends to be an accessible and inexperienced user. In principle, if you know English and do not fear the abbreviations CSV or XML, it really is within the power of a person without a higher programming education. AmCharts is a program and a set of libraries, they are downloaded for free, Internet will not be required to create the charts - only the browser and Flash Player 8. The site has detailed documentation. As a reward, the user receives interactive infographics of unprecedented beauty.

Yandex Translator -
Translation site from Yandex.

Specify the site URL and forward.
Translator Yandex works with almost a hundred languages, the author's recognition of languages.
You can watch the site translated, but you can watch the translated and the original in parallel frames.
Online calculators and calculations for all occasions.

  • Tax calculators
    • Transport tax calculation
    • VAT calculator
    • PIT calculator
    • Transport tax rate
  • Construction calculators
    • How many boards in the cube
    • How much does a cube of board weigh
    • How much does a brick weigh
    • Brick sizes
    • Board sizes
    • Cable drum sizes and weights
  • Customs calculators
    • Customs calculator for cars
  • Calculators for pregnant women
    • Battle-reader
    • Height and weight of the child by month
    • Future growth of the child
  • Health
    • Alcoholic calculator
    • Smoker calculator
    • Calculate body mass index
    • Calculate the ideal weight
    • Normal weight of a woman
    • Normal male weight
    • Vaccination calendar
  • Money calculators
    • Currency calculator
    • Dynamics of the US dollar exchange rate
    • Evolution of the euro exchange rate
  • Car calculators
    • Calculation of the braking distance
    • Fuel consumption calculation
    • Total fuel consumption
  • Mathematical calculators
    • The biggest common divider
    • The smallest common multiple
    • Degree calculator
    • Root calculator
    • Interest Calculator
    • Factorial number
    • Volume of rectangular parallelepiped
    • Cube volume
    • Ball volume
  • School calculators
    • GIA points transfer
  • Household calculators
    • Pizza calculator
    • Water mixture temperature
    • Tile Calculator
    • U.S. shoe size in Russian
    • Shoe size table for children
  • Time calculators
    • To set the clock in days and back
    • Transfer minutes per day and back
    • Zodiac sign by date
    • Day number of the year
    • Age calculator
    • Day of the week by date
    • How many days until the New Year 2020
    • Days between dates calculator
    • How many days till summer
    • How many days before winter
  • Various calculators
    • Rolled metal calculator
    • Tube calculator
    • State duty calculator
    • Distance to lightning
    • Calculating the distance between cities
    • Route the car
    • Bike frame size
  • Joking calculators
    • Your name is in Indian

Google Forms -
Generator forms on the site.

You can quickly conduct a survey, make a list of guests, collect email addresses for newsletter and hold a quiz.

You can specify your style for the form.
Add videos from YouTube and photos.
You can set up respondents to get to different pages, depending on which option they choose.

Screenshots from a URL.

FScreenshots from a URL.

ormat JPEG, set the size:

  • T=92X70,
  • S=202X152,
  • M=400X300,
  • L=640X480).

Google Docs -
Google Table to the site.

You can embed into your Google site folders and files from the Drive (documents, forms, images, presentations, tables and videos).

  1. Open the required table in;
  2. On the File menu, click Publish to Internet;
  3. Select Embed;
  4. Then Entire document or Sheet;
  5. We get the code. You can add width (width) and height to the code (height if necessary.
The code looks something like this

<iframe height='800'
src=' CODE/pubhtml?widget=false&headers=false'


JSFiddle -
How to make a map on the site in black and white.

Designer forms to collect Yandex.Deneg
Here the visitor can himself write the amount of, well, the settings allow you to have additional fields.

Here, the visitor can write the amount himself, and the settings allow you to have additional fields.
The resource allows you, without hammering your head with technical aspects, quickly create a feedback form for your site.

The resource allows you, without hammering your head with technical aspects, quickly create a feedback form for your site.
The forms are easy to install and have a fully customizable design.

Button for receiving the ЮMoney payment
Select the type and design of the buttons, and you get a code, which will only have to insert on your site.

Do you want to accept ЮMoney from other users, and you need a compact button for a website or blog?
Create it using our constructor.

Select the type and design of the button, and you will get the code that will only be inserted on your site.

Map to the site.

How can you quickly and simply mark a point on the map without special knowledge to share it with other people? Make use of the geo-service MakeMap! Paul Savchenkov, who created it, achieved this goal without requiring visitors to even register.

Just click on the map from Google to place a marker, select its design from a dozen of icons, add a description, adjust the scale and specify: Show whether the buttons are sliders for changing it, and also the buttons for switching between map types (map/satellite/hybrid/terrain). And that's it. For simple implementation of a created map on your site, you can click the button and get the generated iframe-tag code, if your knowledge is wider - get the pure JavaScript code Google Maps API (the service in this case will act as a visual map editor). And if you just need a link to post it on a blog, for example, or send it via email, the site will give it out.

It is also planned to implement the possibility of routing routes. The future of such a toy, at first glance, project can be traced quite seriously: it can easily turn into a simple card designer "for GIS-teapots".

Online Translator PROMT
A free online translator of texts, web pages and email in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Thematic dictionaries. Cyrillic texts converter.

A leading translator was made by an online translator.
You can translate a site by entering a url.
Or put yourself a form of translating your site.

Google -
Search the site.

Google AdSense

If you are advertising on your site from Google AdSense, Then you can put on your site exactly the same form of search, but it can search not one for your site, but several.
For example, you have 3 sites. You enter all 3 addresses when setting up the search form and you have a search on all your sites on the site.

This search is implemented on our website.

Useful scripts Christian webmaster
Search the Bible for your site from the famous Christian site.

Search the Bible for your site from the famous Christian site.
We put the search box and get the answer already on the site BIBLE.COM.UA.

You can also take on this same page the code for highlighting the text of the Bible. That is, all of your abbreviations are in the places of the Bible like John. 3:16 in the ordinary text will become active references to the relevant places of the Bible.

The editor of creating simple forms on the site.

The editor of creating simple forms on the site.
A fairly simple service that allows you to create simple and stylish forms on the site.
Forms can be of an open type - for all site visitors, or corporate.
On forms we choose the type and conditions for entering information, mandatory, optional or with input ...
First we select the type of forms and we are offered an easy template that can be taken as a basis and edited resulting in our needs.

Polls and voting on your site.

A feedback system where good ideas are formed around the discussion and thus we get more quality than quantity.

There are free and paid accounts.

The example below the site is

Reformed -
This is an open and free form editor, which lets you to install and make the greatest looking forms for your website rapidly.

Bible for WordPress
Widgets of the Bible on WordPress.

There are a number of widgets on the site with a detailed description:

  1. Search the Bible,
  2. Quotations from the Bible in the text of the article,
  3. The short code to output a quote in the form of an epigraph
  4. Do you remember the phrase or part From the Bible, but do not remember the exact location, place on the short code page.

Baidu -
Map to the site.

The Baidu maps API, but there everything is in Chinese.

Search the Bible for your site.

Search the Bible for your site.
We take the code, insert the form on the site, the issue will be on the website of Maranath.

You can also take on the same page the code for highlighting the text of the Bible. That is, all of your abbreviations are in the places of the Bible like John. 3:16 in the ordinary text will become active references to the relevant places of the Bible.

Form Logix -
The crucial form of this paid service assists you focus on the contents. It helps you to add diverse types of training in the form, subject to the user input predilection.

Form Smarts -
Free cloud based form builder which benefits you create, issue and get form fallouts online with lots of progressive features.

AddThis -
All one-button operation.

Add bookmarks to several services at once. But here one can add buttons and likes as they are offered by official websites.

Unfortunately, this kind of functional code on your site takes over the resources, and once they can conflict with yours Scripts. You can try and solve.

Just make a form on the site.

Just make a form on the site.
Free registration.

The form is created simple and understandable for the web programmer, the common man will need more time to understand what a radio and checkbox is for example.
The form is easy to put on the site.
Just do not get to send these forms to your e-mail or to your database.
Information sent to the site through the form will come to, it is easy to see it there.
Someone is more convenient, but someone does not fit.

Custom search -
You can customize this search both on one site and on several.

You can customize this search both on one site and on several. For example, you have 5 sites and you want to see if the visitor was searching right away at all of them.

Google AdSense

If you host advertising on your site from Google AdSense, then you can put on your site exactly the same form of search and earn a little more.

Scribble Maps -
Map to the site.

ScribbleMaps allows you to draw on a Google map.
You can draw pretty freely, look at this clip from the author.
Then you can paste on your site.

Hohli -
Charts on the website.

About the same, only easier, without registration. The user has all the standard charts. Specify the data and customize the appearance - get a diagram and code to insert on the site or blog. Cyrillic is supported.

Web 2.0 scientific calculator -
Scientific calculator online.

Online calculator.
This is a normal calculator, only much wider than the system calculator on a computer. If you are not studying higher mathematics, you probably will not need it.

Type Form -
This is a free online form builder which has heaps of services for the users. All you have to do is to register with a free account & start building your form.

phpFormGenerator -
Generator html forms, up to 100 form fields, all variants of input fields including file loading.

Generator html forms, up to 100 form fields, all variants of input fields including file downloading, customizable field properties, processed data sends to the specified email address or stores in the database, the administrator panel.


ManyContactsBar -
Free contact form at the top of your website.


Custom search -
Search form, which you created for placement on your site.


Free Survey Creator -
Create a poll and get feedback from users for free.