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For women

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To not forget what you want to buy.
To let your friends know what to give to you.
So that you know what your friends want.

MyWishList - service for compiling lists of necessary purchases, things you would like to have or receive as a gift. Books, DVDs, music, perfumes ... Anything!

Site about conception and treatment of infertility.

Site about conception and treatment of infertility.

There are tests, experts, news, pregnancy planning.

The site is most in demand in its subject.

Family portal.
Online version of one of the leading fashion magazines in the world.

Online version of one of the leading fashion magazines in the world.

Elle is a French magazine, published since 1945.
The magazine is published in 60 countries of the world.

Publications for each country vary depending on the level and lifestyle, income, employment, consumer habits, etc. average reader of a particular country.

So, in the American version, preference is given to fashion, personal care and health, while the Japanese gives more information about travel, cultural events and pastime.

While American Elle talks about fashion through photography, Japanese prefers to describe lines and silhouette, giving information about the cutting technique, materials, details and design features - knowledge comes in to replace the visual image, which in itself is closer to tailor's skill.

Your world in pictures. Russian clone Pinterest.

Your world is in pictures. Russian clone of Pinterest.

Woman's Day
Online version of the American women's magazine.

Online version of the American women's magazine.


  1. household,
  2. food, food,
  3. physical form
  4. physical attractiveness and fashion.
The Russian version is adapted for users of Russia.

Pinterest -
World catalog of ideas.

World catalog of ideas.
We collect pictures, we collect, because you can not only add your own, but also find others and add yourself. By the way, pictures are very decent quality.

When downloading a picture, the download form will help you add some related information.
Thus, you can search for pictures, for example, culinary recipes. It is rather convenient to do this not with dry text, but visually. Where the saliva flowed, there and click.

Many reputable companies have an account in Pinterest and it is more convenient for us to get acquainted with their products.
Leading women's online magazine.

Leading women's online magazine.
The monthly audience is 22 100 074 users.

Here we learn how to lose weight correctly, what to wear to a party and how to create an unforgettable feminine image.

Like-minded people are found here, they learn to behave in a psychologically difficult situation.
Articles covering all important life aspects of a woman. Love, relationships, beauty, health, career, children, travel, recipes - all this you will find here.

The site tries to provide reliable, verified information about the latest fashion trends, technology, diets, cosmetics, psychology of relationships with the opposite sex.


The oldest in RuNet, its distinctive feature from other forums is an optional registration, which allows users to speak anonymously.

And also you can make new acquaintances and get moral support.

Collections of fashion brands, interesting information about which stores you can buy these brands, when and where promotions are held, discounts and sales.

Collections of fashion brands, interesting information about which stores you can buy these brands, when and where promotions, discounts and sales are held.

Fashion Time

A glossy magazine on Internet that reflects all aspects of society through the prism of fashion and style - leisure, travel, shopping, etc.

  • Contests online
  • News
  • Announcements
  • Articles, Interviews
  • Designers
  • Boutiques
  • Fashion Techniques
  • Beauty Contests
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Newsletter


According to the idea of ​​the creators, the device equipped with a 10-inch touch screen should be used for scheduling meals, storing recipes A variety of dishes and lists of products necessary for their preparation. In addition to the gadget's memory, there are already 500 recipes with detailed instructions and even video guides that can be followed by wireless Internet connection or Ethernet communication.

There is a USB port for connecting to the computer, and Also an SD memory card slot. The novelty comes from a built-in lithium-ion battery.

QOOQ can be used as a digital photo frame and translator of web radio stations, and also to learn via the device weather forecast. Not enough novelty, perhaps, only a full-fledged web browser.

The cost of QOOQ is $516; Another $19 will manage monthly updates of recipes.

Blog of a traveling couple with small children.

Blog of a traveling couple with small children.

Did you think independent travel was over with the birth of a baby?
No! It's just beginning, and so is life itself.
The blog of a married couple who have been traveling with their baby since 1.5 months.
And the daughter was literally born to travel.
Site for current and future moms.

An assistant for young mothers, who will tell all about pregnancy, childbirth, will share tips on caring for and care for babies.

The site for mothers will tell about the pregnancy calendar, pregnancy tests, how to find out when the date of birth will be, how to give birth, when to leave on maternity leave and how maternity leave is paid.

Both mom and dad will find tips on how to raise a baby and how to raise children.

For pregnant moms

  1. Pregnancy calendar.
  2. Daily pregnancy advice for moms and dad tips.
  3. Planning for pregnancy.
  4. Communication of pregnant women at the same time.
  5. Calculate the estimated date of delivery.
  6. Detailed information on the duration of pregnancy by day.
  7. A huge number of thematic groups. Female consultation, questions about pregnancy, the choice of the hospital and much more.
  8. Search for pregnant women at the same time next to them on the map.

BabyCentre -
There are a wide variety of forums of parents - Netmums, Mumsnet - but this is still the best source of sound, reliable Council of everything - from colic before taxes.

There is a wide variety of parent forums - Netmums, Mumsnet - but this one remains the best source of informed, reliable advice about everything - from colic to taxes.

Information resource dedicated to sewing, needlework, creativity, style and fashion.

Information resource dedicated to sewing, needlework, creativity, style and fashion.

All the basics of needlework from A to Z are conveniently collected in the thematic sections: articles about different styles, recent trends and fashion trends, background information, theoretical knowledge and practical advice from professionals: stylists, fashion designers, designers, technologists and seamstresses.


A separate section is devoted to teaching master classes and video lessons on sewing and needlework of different levels of complexity. Both beginners and professionals will find many useful and interesting ideas for themselves, and will also be able to share their knowledge and achievements.

Patterns offers its users a large collection of patterns - everything from underwear to outerwear. Even the most demanding needlewoman can choose for themselves the right model.

Online Store

The site has an online store, which sells ready-made sewing kits for those who do not want to waste time on long searches for suitable fabrics, threads and accessories. In one set everything is collected from the pattern to the finishing materials.


Platform for communication and exchange of experience: all sewing lovers can show their work, ask a question and get timely advice from more experienced needlewomen on the site's photo forum.

Medical portal for women.

Medical portal for women about pregnancy.
In fact, I was surprised by the popularity of this site.
Not too big base and very little text, but a lot of pictures. Maybe this is the reason?

Lookbook -

An endless ribbon of live fashion, where bows are published by people from the streets and boudoir of the whole universe.
Registration for participation by invitation only is completely unnecessary to those who are just looking for ideas on what to bu

Feminine opinion
Women's magazine for all ages.

A popular portal for women of all ages.

The site justifies its name, it is really feminine opinion.
There are just articles, without the possibility to leave a comment.

But this is the form, and the content: diet, motherhood, recipes, fashion, beauty and ...

Articles are not heap, the site is very popular.

Pregnancy and childbirth, parents and children.

Pregnancy and childbirth, parents and children.

Articles, questions and answers, video, interactive, forum.

That is, this women's site is not only about childbirth, it is wider.
For example, there are categories: fashion, cooking, health and relaxation, he and she (romantic section) ...

I would call the site a women's online magazine.

Edition for young mothers.

The publication for young mothers is a logical continuation of the popular magazine about pregnancy and childbirth "9 months", but focused on those who have already experienced the incomparable happiness of motherhood, managed to press the long-awaited baby to the breast, saw his first steps, heard the first word .

At all times a great responsibility for the health and development of the child fell on my mother's shoulders. Modern mothers are no exception.
And despite the fact that they have at their disposal all the achievements of science and medicine, information remains the most valuable. Of course, today it does not have to be collected in grains, as it was even 20 years ago.
But this is both a plus and a minus the achievements of civilization.
How out of the abundance of recommendations and advice that can be found in abundance on the Internet, books, heard on TV, choose those that suit your child?
When is it time to inject supplements, inoculate, learn to read?
Where to get competent answers to questions related to children's health, nutrition or development that do not give rest to my mother? "Mom and Baby" will not leave you alone with your problems!
Professional doctors, teachers, child psychologists will help to deal with the fact that the young mother cares about the newborn crumbs, who are just beginning to get acquainted with the outside world, and the five-year-old tomboy - curious and omnipresent.

Fortunately, mom's life does not consist of problems and questions alone. Personal time is a privilege, though short-lived, but no less bright from it. "Mom and Baby" will be your help in matters of free time.
How to take care of your health after giving birth, to remain beautiful, despite the cares for the child, what creative activities to diversify your life and where to go with your whole family on weekends - you will find all this on the pages of the magazine.

Wishlistr -
Wish List.

Did you like something very much, but can not afford it?
This site allows you to organize a wish list.
Wishlistr makes it easy to share your wish list with everyone you know.
Send it to friends and family, let them follow you on the site. You can even publish this list on your website or blog.

Trends and trends in women's fashion.

Purely fashionable site, as the name says.

Sites literate, detailed, for different ages.
The site is in demand, is one of the leading in its category.


  • Accessories,
  • Jewelry,
  • Hats,
  • Bags,
  • Scarves,
  • Business

With hands
Women's community.

Club of masters and craftsmen. A lot of ideas on embroidery, knitting, sewing, appliqués, creation of handicrafts in origami techniques, patchwork, quilting, quilling, felting, practical advice on various styles of jewelry creation ...

Top Gynecolog
Informational site on gynecology.

In this case, the name of the site means that the woman herself is the chief gynecologist.
It seems like "the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves." :)

In short, this is an informational site on gynecology.
Social network for mothers, assistance in the education and maintenance of the child, interesting information, useful topics, discussions, consultation.

Everything here is created only for women (for registered men there is no registration).
This is a portal for those who are just preparing to become a mother, and for those who already have this honorary title.

In the menu of this Cafe Mom:

  • Photo Album and Video Gallery, you can exchange ratings and comments.
  • Diaries - we record all the most important things that happen in the life of children: achievements and passions, significant events and ordinary days. They are not lost when moving, they are not eaten by a dog, you can open or close access to them for guests.
  • Encyclopedia - a library for moms, filled with useful articles. Each article can be evaluated, commented out and added to bookmarks to be re-read at leisure.
  • Blogs - you can not only run your own blog, but also read the records of other modern moms, as well as view photos and videos.
  • Question-Answer - mothers themselves exchange experience here, asking questions and answering them.
  • Consultations - specialists in their areas answer here to the questions of moms and give them professional advice.


List of wishes.
What is a wish list?
This is, for example, when you are asked: "What should I give you?", And in return you give out a list of what you really want. This list is the wishlist.

All about childbirth and the hospital, stories about childbirth.

Women's magazine, tips for all occasions ...

Another women's magazine online.

This is not an edition of a famous publishing house, but a decent site. Always glad when enthusiasts take and do something from scratch.

Articles are not boring, richly illustrated. As it should be in a glossy edition.

But there is no interactivity, there are buttons to share a link on social networks and share opinions there.
No video.

And the rest of the site is not very bad.

CafeMom -

Women's online magazine.

Women's online magazine.
The site is made in the form of a blog: article - comments.

Experts raise various topics, you cannot ask them a question, there is no such form, but you can leave your comments.

News from the world of show business, cinema, fashion and beauty, is the first to announce news of the beauty industry and entertainment.

There are recipes from stars and famous chefs.
Stories about the best travels.
Tips for arranging a family hearth.


  1. young girl,
  2. a real lady,
  3. a true career woman,
  4. a socialite.

Hair Care Community.

Hair Care Community.

Hair maniac or hair maniac is a slang that has recently appeared in RuNet. So call themselves girls who are not indifferent to hair care, and often they are the owners of elegant silk hair, "as in advertising."

Want to know how they do it?
Then you will be interested in this site.

Community, it means that everyone can participate, there is a program to encourage authors.
These are bonuses, prizes and gifts. This is not an income, but an incentive.

Hair Care Diary

For registered users.
  1. a tape of dated photo reports (thanks to it, it is convenient to track the dynamics of hair changes),
  2. diary, where you can note that for the beauty of your hair and what day of the week you did,
  3. "stand" with hair products, where you can save all hair products that you use at the moment or just want to buy.

Hair products catalog

More than 5,000 titles.
Here there is not only the compositions of means and description from the manufacturer, but also the search for means by ingredients and effects.

Home masks

More than 500 recipes for homemade hair masks, decoctions for rinsing and homemade shampoos.

Internet site for girls about style, beauty and entertainment.

Internet site for girls about style, beauty and entertainment.

Online edition for energetic and free-thinking women, whose sphere of interest extends far beyond fashion, beauty, relationships and gossip.

  1. style
  2. life
  3. health
  4. beauty
  5. entertainment
A lot of news, and not in one line, but in detail, with illustrations. News about what? I find it difficult to unite them in some topics.
Here there are cinema news, news from the Kremlin, and news from the world of music ...
It seems that the author simply places the news that interests him.
In any case, they are not boring and you can find what interests you.


The concept of the project is "an independent evaluation of cosmetic products."
This is the place where girls share their reviews about the acquired cosmetics, news and advice on caring for themselves.

At your service

  • Reviews of cosmetic products;
  • Constantly updated beauty news and tips of the day;
  • Operative answers to all questions concerning appearance, self-care and cosmetics;
  • Online consultations of a professional makeup artist, on the selection of style, make-up, hairstyles;
  • Community of project participants;
Write, share your feedback and ideas, comment, ask questions.

Women's online magazine about fashion, beauty, children ...

Positive women's website, classic blog.

The author really tries to write articles. They are decorated neatly and clearly.
And she does it. The site is very popular. One of the most visited in its subject according to the version of Yandex.

We read and leave comments, I hope, also positive. :)

Gynecological portal.

Gynecological portal.

This group will promote the female half in some topics related to women's health.

Here you can ask a question to the gynecologist or read already answered questions.

Take the test of 10 questions "Do you need a gynecologist's consultation?"

A blog for women who want to get more out of life.

A blog for women who want to get more out of life.

At first, the site produces a somewhat black and white impression; somehow I caught the eye of an article with an oppressive title.

In fact, articles on quite different topics and very detailed.

How to refuse a person without offending him.
How to care for the eyelashes.
How to stop worrying about everything in the world.

Tips and solving problems with ovulation.

Tips and solving problems with ovulation.

The site will offer.

  1. Calculate Ovulation date online!
  2. Calculate the date of delivery online!
  3. Forecasting the sex of the child and the personal ovulation calendar by months.
  4. Personal weekly

Moresalonov -
Make an appointment.

Beauty salon map for the largest cities of Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.
You can choose and immediately make an appointment.

The site is convenient for salons. Provides detailed information on the number of customers who came through this site and the amount they brought. You can put on your site a widget with a form of recording in the salon.

7 guru
Site for parents.

Site for parents.

About pregnancy, about children, about school, workshops, about health, psychology, forum.
Portal about children and family.
Selection of materials for family and children: delivery, care, education, training, etc .; Thematic conferences ...

Medical portal.

Medical portal.

The site will help to learn more about the causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

The goal is not to self-medicate, but take care of your own health and not dismiss the problems that have arisen or postpone their decision “for later”.

Early treatment is a guarantee of success and full recovery, even with the most severe ailments.

From useful introductory articles you can learn a lot of information about children's, men's and women's health, about how the physical condition of all organs affects the appearance, performance, intellectual talents of a person and his psychological mood.

Information materials will help you find answers to many questions from different areas of medicine, as well as tell you about the need and nature of various surveys and analyzes.

9 months
All about pregnancy and childbirth.

All about pregnancy and childbirth.

Magazine "9 months" has been published since 2000. Dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth, and also covers issues of preparation for pregnancy, the postpartum period, health, nutrition and care for the baby of the first year of life.

Of course, first of all, the 9 Months magazine is addressed to pregnant women, but future dads will be interested to learn about the processes that occur in the female body during the childbearing period and, based on this knowledge, it is better to understand your soulmate. Even parents of young mothers and fathers read our articles, which allows them to understand modern approaches to the care, nutrition and development of a baby and give competent and timely advice.

The authors of the journal are leading experts in their fields. These are obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, pediatricians and doctors of other specialties, as well as psychologists, teachers and lawyers. The reader is offered an analysis of a variety of situations relating to medical, psychological, legal issues that future parents or a family may face with a baby.

The availability of the presentation allows the reader to easily perceive the information he needs.
A systematic presentation of the material allows you to realize any problem deeply and objectively, to look at it from various points of view and from the most modern positions.

Here in the free access you will find many articles that were previously published in the printed version of the publication.
On the site, you can ask a specialist, read reviews about maternity hospitals, take part in various competitions and just chat on the forum with the same future mothers, share your joys or problems, and maybe find new friends.

Cosmopolitan Россия
Women's magazine.

The online edition of the famous magazine.

The online version has its advantages - video, forum, feedback.
High resolution video. The forum is professionally supported, can help in some issues.


  1. fashion,
  2. relationship
  3. beauty,
  4. health,
  5. stars
  6. psychology,
  7. contests
  8. video,
  9. calories counter,
  10. weight calculator,
  11. full closet,
  12. forum
  13. ....

Selection of hairstyles and makeup online.

Selection of hairstyles and makeup online.

It's all simple, upload your photo. It should look like the proposed: licked hair and a neutral facial expression.
However, you can try on the proposed photo.
Then we select hairstyles and hair color ...

Have a good time.

Sushifan -
Community sushi lovers.

The community of sushi lovers.
Recipes of sushi, rolls, sashimi, onigiri, oso-zusi, gunkany, temaki, futomaki, uramaki and ingredients from which our favorite sushi and rolls are prepared.

  • Everyone can share
  • reviews about visiting Japanese restaurants,
  • opinions about land delivery services, etc.
  • post photos of own sushi or made at visiting Japanese restaurants, as well as photos of sushi from delivery restaurants.
  • post recipes for own sushi,
  • share their impressions, opinions, reviews of visits to Japanese restaurants. These reviews create a rating of restaurants.

Women's blogs, blogs.

Women's blog from Always.

You can make friends, share opinions, give advice, games, quizzes and contests. Here you can share your achievements with everyone and tell the most intimate to other girls!

You will find out what happens to you and your body at the moment of growing up, get a lot of useful tips from Tusi and Dusi on how to look after yourself and follow Your health, you will learn a lot of new things from the world of fashion, beauty and personal style. There are many different topics devoted to love and dating, relationships with guys and women's friendship! It is planned to publish interesting facts from the lives of famous women who have succeeded in their work.

Service for storing favorite content: pictures, videos or links.

Service for storing favorite content: pictures, videos or links.
Gather content from different sites or upload your own images - collections and cards will be displayed as a convenient gallery.

Pregnancy and motherhood.

Community of parents.
The site belongs to Rambler.

All for moms - preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, newborn, up to 3 years ...
There is a forum, community. The site is executed gracefully, functionally. Be sure to visit, you will like.

Conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the child on the site for moms.

Community of moms and wishing to become them!

On the site you will find a lot of useful and interesting articles about pregnancy and childbirth, about the future mother's health, pregnancy calendar and much more.

All about pregnancy from A to Z
Resource for intelligent women.

Women's glossy magazine online.
What can there be?
Mutual relations, motherhood, career, how without it?
Cooking, fashion ... shorter decent women's magazine online from those who do it the best.

Women's magazine
Infotainment WomanJournal site.

Informational and entertaining site WomanJournal.

Here you can find out:

  • what will be born in the next Season;
  • how to treat yourself to dinner as something special (gourmets for joy);
  • Consultants answer questions about their personal lives on the portal.


  • provides an overview of the trendy and Cosmetic novelties;
  • publishes the best articles about love, family and career;
  • collects from the whole world the most entertaining news;
  • arranges various competitions and games;
  • invites to visit your favorite celebrities;
  • represents horoscopes compiled by professional astrologers.

Selection of hairstyles online.

The site is a simple widget where you can try on all sorts of hairstyles.

Life hacking embroidery, knitting, decoupage, modeling, weaving, crafts, drawing, sewing.

Life hacking

  1. knitting
  2. decoupage
  3. sculpting
  4. weaving
  5. crafts
  6. drawing
  7. sewing

Do it yourself
Share your work.

I would call it life hacking for women. However, councils can also be useful for men.

The site is about how to make something out of nothing, using only what we would throw out, or what is usually just in the house.

Easy site about pregnancy from ovulation to childbirth.

Easy site about pregnancy from ovulation to childbirth.

Articles are clever, well structured and beautifully decorated graphically.

Everything becomes obvious and understandable. Recommend.

Kalorijka -
Diet or lose weight.

The site for testing, and how many calories you consume, on average, from day to day, which products from your daily diet have the greatest "contribution", how much you need to reduce your calorie intake, so that it is constantly below the norm.


  • My Profile - specify the height, weight, age.
  • My journal - we contribute everything that we ate during the day.
  • My Stats - we build consumption and calorie consumption charts for a week, a month, three months. The graphs will show how often you exceed the norm, whether there has been a tendency to decrease in consumption, in which days of the week or month the consumption is constantly higher than usual.
  • My Directories - we create and then use our directories.
There is a blog, a forum, a search ... and a mobile version.

Ms. Chistota
The site helps a woman to become a real hostess.

The site helps a woman to become a real hostess.

However, the site will help the real owner. There are a lot of tips on how to clean silverware, how to get rid of the smell of sweat in shoes ...

You can ask a question yourself.

Actually this site will be useful also to bachelors who for certain face similar problems. They will also find smart tips ... well, or it's time to find a hostess.

It's easy to find love and meet new friends.

Dating on Rambler, it means stable service, good level with good support, good base (20 million people) and more reliable than most.
100% of reliability you no one will give, it depends on specific people.


А project of SUP media.
A project for parents with an active lifestyle. Information on all aspects of life with children - education and upbringing, psychology and health, style and leisure, legal and acute social issues
A website with useful articles and services that help parents quickly find answers to questions, expert advice on an exciting topic.
The recommendations of leading pediatricians, psychologists, educators and lawyers and the experience of other parents are combined under one project.
Theory and Practice in One Flag. ONET
How often we say. "I am sorry that, because of employment I can not devote more time and attention to their children»
Face the children.

Community of needlewomen.

Community of needlewomen.

A large collection of master classes in needlework, embroidery, decoupage and decor.
Daily updates, friendly staff. Patterns and patterns of knitting and crochet.

Handicraft shop to help craftswomen and those who only dream of learning needlework.
Gift exchanges, joint MK, competitions with prizes and a warm atmosphere.

Online magazine for loving parents.

Our children - the meaning of life, our continuation, our hope. This is exactly what makes such knowledge of how babies should develop, what age deviations are, and when it is necessary to start worrying and calling for the help of professional doctors so important.

Here we collect the maximum information about the development of children, the answers to the most important questions about children: how to properly care for a child, how to treat for those diseases that await him on his life, how to raise and feed children at different ages.

Women's sites.

Search for women, women's sites, women's resources, women's pages, women's Internet, women's catalog.

Master classy
The site dedicated to the wonderful world of needlework, creativity and fantasy.

The site dedicated to the wonderful world of needlework, creativity and fantasy.

Master classes that you can find in abundance on the website will allow you to make your life extraordinarily bright, to make wonderful and unique gifts for your loved ones. It should be noted that the handmade items are extraordinarily valuable in our time, because they have a special energy and originality, we are talking about products made of polymer clay, and about flowers from paper. Every thing you have done with your own hands will be exclusive.

On the site there are a lot of articles that will introduce you to the ancient Japanese art of origami. Master classes on this topic are unusually diverse, so even a beginner will find a lot of interesting things for himself, but the guru of folding paper figures, of course, will be interested in modular origami.

All about pregnancy
All about pregnancy, childbirth and health of babies.

All about pregnancy, childbirth and health of babies.

I immediately liked the menu in the months of pregnancy, choose the desired. By the way, and performed stylishly.

The site has a good base of doctors for any intimate reason in the major cities of Russia.

The good thing about this site is that you can ask your doctor.

InfoPortal about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.rmational portal.

The portal about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting with an extensive female audience, one of the oldest sites of the Russian Internet in the family segment.

The resource was founded on November 2, 1999. During this time, accumulated vast experience in the field of pregnancy and childbirth, parenting and child care.

Lady Mail.Ru
Portal for women.

Portal for women. of course leads this portal.

There are headings, but in general, remains not a producer of content, but finds content on the Internet on a given topic and puts the most popular one at home, such a news aggregator or digest.

Everything is laid out in the form of a blog, you can add your own comments.

Video recipes.

Internet portal: recipes, video recipes, salad recipes, useful tips, culinary articles.
A collection of culinary recipes with photos, video instructions and cooking tips. The recipes themselves are stored on YouTube or other videohostings.

About baby
The site for current and future parents will help answer the most popular children's question: “What are we going to do?”.

The most important event in life is the birth of a child. Everything is changing: lifestyle, priorities and even interests. Together with the crumb, every day is filled with previously unknown meaning, and life becomes more exciting and more touching.

All the authors of the site not only received appropriate training, but also decided in practice many questions of interest to parents.

Medical Center "Health" answers questions from visitors.

Women's magazine: fashion, beauty, news from the lives of stars of show business.

The famous women's magazine about the stars, things and beautiful life.

Style - this is what everyone seeks, but does not always find.
Style is the breath of time.
Its special view of the world.

In the end, just harmony with yourself.

The goal is to help everyone who really wants to find his unique style.


Service of preparation for wedding.
Information about wedding services, we choose photographer, toastmaster.
At the forum you can discuss any topic

Receive voicemail choose your character - such as a dog, and she wishes your voice.

Send a voice message to your choice of character - for example, a dog, and she congratulates you with your voice.

For example, your birthday (your favorite) birthday record a voice message, choose a character such as a dog, and address Which will be a congratulation) and everything, she will be madly happy, from originality.

Women's sites.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Home
  • Health and Beauty
  • Celebrities
  • Indoor plants
  • Culinary tricks
  • Magic
  • Massage
  • Fashion, style
  • Food, diets
  • Holidays and gifts
  • Psychology
  • Congratulations
  • Wedding
  • Sex
  • Sport, fitness
  • Tourism, Rest
  • Studies, career
  • Etiquette
  • Tests

Your baby
All about pregnancy, childbirth and development.

Resource for modern caring mothers from all over Ukraine.

On the pages of our site you will find the most complete answers to absolutely all of your questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth, motherhood, the health of not only your baby, but of the whole family, the development of crumbs from his very birth to 7 years. Also here you will find many interactive services, contests and promotions.

All articles are written for you by the editors, who are also moms. Each of them faces the same problems and situations every day as you, constantly looking for answers to the same troubling questions that arise with you.

Knitting patterns, patterns and knitting patterns.

Knitting patterns, patterns and knitting patterns.

My Jane
Women's sites.

Articles, recipes, dream book, horoscope, women's magazines, women's sites, beauty, women's health, fashion.

Women's magazine myJane

To my deepest regret, the vast majority of women's websites have terrible design.

The project for those looking for a unique way in the world of fashion and beauty.

A project for those who are looking for their unique way in the world of fashion and beauty. Here are the answers to the questions:

  1. how to look good and attract attention,
  2. how to succeed and gain popularity,
  3. how to become a star and realize yourself.
But this is more than just advice and recommendations. Each girl will be able to:
  • receive an army of fans,
  • take part in castings and competitions,
  • make a professional portfolio,
  • get on the cover of a fashion magazine,
  • become a movie star or a TV presenter,
  • without contacting the modeling agency,
  • communicate directly with the employer ...
StarLook's unique feature is the production of its own video: programs with stars from the world of fashion, cinema and show business, entertainment programs, exclusive interviews and reports from the most interesting events Fashion industry. Any registered member of the StarLook community can take part in the filming of the program and become a star, get to closed secular parties and try their luck at casting. StarLook TV programs are broadcast not only on the territory of Russia, but also in Europe, USA and Japan. How to Walk on the Heels of a Diet

Site for current and future parents.

The site for current and future parents will help answer the most popular children's question: “What are we going to do?”.

We offer the most interesting new children's products and toys, holidays and events that will surely please not only your children, but you as well.

To-do list for the wedding.

A site for planning a wedding.
If you like, then you can plan and not just a wedding.

You can store in one place:

  • guest lists, cases,
  • wedding day schedule,
  • seating plan for guests, etc.
You can easily set up privacy (who and what can view and edit). And since all information is stored online, you and your guests will have access to it at any time, if you have access to Internet.

The service is provided absolutely free of charge for both private and commercial use.


TK Welltex
Supplier of sewing goods.

Sewing online store that supplies products throughout Russia.
39 brand clothing stores operate in 36 cities of the Russian Federation, and their number is constantly growing.

The largest supplier of goods for sewing and sewing production.

Manufacture of hardware and applied materials. They print labels, engrave and decorate plastic elements and buttons, make lightning, brand gum and braid.

Design department. Design and model clothes of any complexity. Implement ready-made and create unique patterns for individual orders.

Clients: garment factories, ateliers, costume workshops, textile design studios, retail sewing shops and private seamstresses. Any business, regardless of scale, gets the perfect sales service.

Glamorous social network of social life.

For a young mother, a narrow popular resource.

Diary of a young mother.
A convenient way to communicate future and real moms. You can start a diary, find friends for communication, discuss topics of interest to you in the thematic communities, get the information you are interested in in the young mother's library and many other things.

Popular Communities:

  • Food, vitamins for Pregnant women.
  • Lifestyle, harmful factors.
  • Newborn health.
  • Conception.
  • Family problems.
  • Choosing a maternity home.
  • Education, psychology - from one to three years.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Selection of goods.
  • Feeding the newborn.
  • Legal issues.
  • Buy/sell.
  • Childhood illnesses from one year to three.
  • Kindergartens, communication with peers.
  • Meals from one year to three.
  • Fitness and diet.
  • I'll give it away.
  • Photo Contest!
  • Shopping and fashion.
  • Active rest.
  • Development and training of children from three to six years.
  • Housekeeping.
  • New Year, birthdays - holidays and gifts.
Here you can enter the names, age and sex of your children, the gestational age.
What's great, if you specify the age of the children/pregnancy, the page of your blog will show links to useful for this age children, or gestation Articles and stories.

Country of Mom
Website for children: child birth, pregnancy, childbirth, child development.

Social network for moms, expectant mothers, grandmothers.

Here you can

  • keep a personal diary and children's diaries,
  • create photo albums,
  • find friends and communicate with them,
  • comment on diaries of others,
  • join Interest groups,
  • participate in contests with valuable prizes.
In the directory of institutions you will find the best kindergarten in your area and will be able to read reviews about your maternity hospital.

Consultants work on the site:

  • pediatrician,
  • psychologist,
  • dentist,
  • breastfeeding specialist,
  • lawyer
  • and others.
Services for moms: a graph of weight and height of children, your personal weight graph, pregnancy and development calendar, monthly calendar, choice of name for the future child, basal temperature chart, psychological tests. And there is a section of private ads and soon there will be a service of joint purchases!

Online store embroidery.

Online store embroidery.

Do you want to choose embroidery for yourself or as a gift? There are many interesting sets for embroidery and useful accessories for needlework.

  • Cross Stitch,
  • beadwork,
  • diamond embroidery,
  • coloring pages
  • ...

Online store.

Rare embroidery kits, exclusive handmade accessories, fashionable yarn, colorful fabrics, a variety of little things for almost any kind of creativity - this is just a small list of our range. More than 60 thousand man-made snacks in one application!


  1. Scan product barcodes. You walked around the needle shop and you liked the product? Just scan the barcode and check the price in our application!
  2. Add one-time and cumulative discounts. With our loyalty program, shopping is even nicer!-
  3. will inform about the status of the order in the first 24 hours after its registration. And yes, our call center is open 24/7!
  4. Deliver throughout Russia by courier, to points of issue orders, Russian Post. By the way, we can also send cash on delivery: wink:

Social network for future and successful parents.

Social network for future and successful parents.

The platform, created taking into account the interests and needs of moms, dads and those who are planning a family. Implementing the project in life, we thought about what could unite us all. Of course, this is love.

In Detstrana you can get useful knowledge or share a unique experience with other travelers.

Blogs, news, informative services will make your stay on the pages of the site enjoyable and useful.

Eka mom
Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Yekaterinburg)

Social network for preschool educators.

5 motkov
Online store yarn.

Online store yarn.

Crochet, knitting, fork, knitting workshops, knitting for newborns, children, men, women, knitting accessories, knitted ornaments, knitted tablecloths, napkins, knitting for home, embroidery cross, stitch, ribbons, needlework, creative needlework, fashionable needlework.

A wide selection of yarn of all colors and varieties from different countries.
New items that you can hardly find in other stores.
Our prices are as democratic as possible.

Sveet moms
Social network for mothers, communication and exchange of experience of motherhood.

Ravelry -
Community for knitting, crochet embroidery, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers.

Online store - sets for embroidery, cross-stitch, goods for needlework.

Online shop: embroidery kits, cross-stitch, needlework items.Any set for embroidery counting cross, satin stitch, ribbons, tapestry stitch, beads, etc.Constantly updated collections of embroidery and various accessories.


  • Courier delivery in Moscow - 200 rubles,
  • 39 points of issue in Moscow - 79 rubles,
  • Courier delivery in St. Petersburg - 270 rubles,
  • 39 points of issue in St. Petersburg - 120 rubles,
  • 82 cities with courier delivery in the Russian Federation - from 229 rubles,
  • more than 200 points of issue in major cities of the Russian Federation - from 79 rubles,
  • Russian Post (any region) - from 250 rub.

Online store of fabrics.

Online store of fabrics.

Huge selection of fabrics, the possibility of bulk purchases, discounts.
The most visited store of this kind in Russia.

Delivery by post of Russia, for paid orders from 3,500 rubles - for free, if delivery costs 250 rubles. For example, delivery to the city of Krasnodar costs 380 rubles, the client needs to pay 130 rubles for delivery.

Culinary Social Network: blogs, recipes, ratings, forum.

Social exchange recipes and information about cooking.

Site sections

  • Culinary news - daily news from the world of cooking, as well as news events of the portal.
  • Culinary articles - daily materials from users on a culinary theme are published.
  • Recipes are recipes that are placed by registered users.
  • Communities and Blogs - blogs, contain materials on various topics that are published by users.
  • Culinary Forum - here every registered user can chat on any topic, both on culinary, asking advice from professionals, and on abstract topics.
  • A culinary dictionary is a collection of many culinary terms.
  • Cookbooks are personal books of users with their favorite recipes.
  • Culinary teams are people invited by a registered user to form his team.


  • Broths and soups, hot dishes and ...
  • for the purpose of lunch, dinner, festive table and ...
  • On various kitchens of the world - Abkhazian, Australian and ...

Site features

  • write reviews of materials, evaluate materials posted by other users, create and participate in Polls, exchange personal messages, add each other to "Friends", leave feedback to users, read commentary tapes.
  • forum.
  • The rating of cooks is cooked.
  • add a recipe, including - with photos of all stages of cooking.
  • the selection of recipes for ingredients, through which each user will be able to find a recipe suitable for him from the listed products.
  • Sort recipes by various criteria, for example, by rating.
  • Culinary contests are constantly held
  • a personal cookbook in which you can save the recipes of other cooks you like and independently divide them into rubrics.
  • graduation of users by levels, to achieve a certain level, you need to type so-called cooks, virtual money, are charged automatically for active activities on the site.
  • the forum hosts consultations from professional chefs - Nikolay Sarychev and Sergei Gladyshev.

Crazy mama
Social network for young mothers, communication and exchange of experience.

PatientsLikeMe -
Online community for patients with life-altering illnesses, to find other patients how they communicate with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their results.

Women's social network.

Social Moms Network.

A project for future and true mothers and dads, which addresses all issues of motherhood and child upbringing, not only in terms of problem solving, but in terms of the lifestyle of modern parents. The mission of the project is to be the main companion in a changed life day after day Young parents and the key to new discoveries.

Competitions, expert consultations, share experiences with others.


  • looking for neighbors for a walk,
  • finding places to go with a child (non-smoking cafe, children's pools ...).

Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

More than 6000 types of fabrics and 15,000 types of accessories available in the catalog.

Fabrics and accessories large wholesale, small wholesale and even retail, at producer prices from factories in Japan, Turkey …


WornOnTV -
Find the same clothes that the stars wore on the TV show.

Find the same clothes that the stars wore on the TV show.


United Nations Development Fund for Women.


Leading an independent assistant in the arrangement of the house and repair.

British women's clothing store.
First of all, these are outfits, a lot of beautiful inexpensive dresses, fashionable shoes, jewelry and bags, headgear
Sale to $20.

Delivery in Russia.
Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.


Hype Machine -
Online magazine about fashion, culture and design.

Online magazine about fashion, culture and design.

Second street! -
The site is about the interior, design and alteration of clothes and fashion with the eyes of a modern urban resident, who grew up from the standards of glossy magazines and the same handicrafts 'VK'.

The site is about the interior, design and alteration of clothes and fashion with the eyes of a modern urban resident, who grew up from the standards of glossy magazines and the same handicrafts "VK".