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For kids

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Site for those who are interested in school olympiads.

Site for those who are interested in school olympiads.
Regular news, events and calendars, publications and links to Olympiad sites will help keep up to date on current events.
There is an archive of tasks to help prepare for the Olympics.

Children's literature, books, poems about St. Petersburg, library, poetry, poems, birthday greetings, holiday scenarios.

Catalogues of the best sites for children.

Directory of the best sites for children.
The goal, not to collect the maximum number of sites, rather the smallest, but only the best.

And of course all proposed sites must be clean and positive.
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has a constant interest in the project.

In addition to the usual catalog by subject, you can look only at new sites, op of the week or a random site.

Children's site for parents, child's development, health, fairy tales, poems, congratulations, English for children.

Primary school - for children, parents, teachers.

Class magazine
A modern interactive magazine for children of junior and middle school age (target audience of 7-11 years, boys and girls), has been published since 1999 and is one of the most popular children's weekly newspapers in Russia.

Funko POP -
Collectible Figures.

Collectible Figures.

There are collections of car models. They are high-quality, detailed.
This store makes and sells collectible figures of famous people or heroes in a single format.

There are figures from films, figures from games, figures from series, figures from cartoons, figures of superheroes, figures of sports stars, etc.

You can see, you can buy.

Yandex.Music for children -
Children's audio.

Children's Songs on Yandex.Music
Among other things, we know for sure that this is guaranteed licensed music.

All your favorite Soviet and foreign children's animations can be downloaded free of charge and without registration. In addition to the cartoons, you will find many educational materials for children.

Bouncy Balls -
Games for the little ones.

Manage the balls with a microphone!
You can control and mouse, and you can voice - raising or you can blow.

YouTube Kids -
Video for children with parental control and filtering functions.

Video for children with parental control and filtering functions.

How it works

When you first login, you will be offered a child or parent account.
A parent account is essentially an administrator account.
It will not be possible to enter the child's account at once, it should be created and configured by the parent.
The parent specifies the age and the child will receive the material which will be interesting to kids, children of younger classes or teenagers.

children's lessons
Child development, developing games for children - Children's lessons - games, crafts, origami, applications.

Bible Online
On the site you can read the children's Bible online.

Probably the best RuNet Bible online has a children's Bible.
Simple, convenient, clear, well-working engine.

Text taken from the traditional children's Bible, which is made as a book with Bible stories.
In parallel, the text of the Synodal Bible on the same story.
And of course the illustration from the printed children's Bible.

Play-Dot-To -
Games for the little ones.

The game is simple.
But the children will understand, they probably do not read Russian yet.

How to start?

Click on point 1 and draw the line with the mouse in point 2.

That's it, the same principle for the rest of the game. Only 5 levels, which is enough for the youngest.

Children's playroom.

Monthly magazine for curious students devoted to entertaining questions and tasks in mathematics, linguistics, physics and other sciences.

Monthly magazine for curious schoolchildren dedicated to entertaining questions and problems in mathematics, linguistics, physics and other sciences.

In addition to the magazine, the editorial board of Quantika publishes almanacs, posters with interesting tasks and calendars of mysteries.

Deti online
Development, learning and entertainment of children.

Audio Fairy Tales

The most popular and well-known audio fairy for children from 2 to 15 years.


The songs are placed along with the text, notes and backing tracks for karaoke. The most famous and loved by children tunes.

Coloring Pages

In the section with coloring pages are placed high quality images, strictly relevant to the subject.


Presented tales, stories and stories of world authors who should definitely read the child.


A collection of poems from the best children's poets. Thematic poems for lessons, matinees, holidays in kindergarten and school.


The section with riddles from "Kids Online" with a convenient division into categories. There are a lot of puzzles on various topics.

Risk kids

Resources for adoption and service to orphans.
Once important information on this topic, the more we do not do it every day. By the way, information can be obtained, but you can also share.

Baby joy
The site is fun and exciting entertainment in online mode for children, as well as a free service for placing and storing user information and organizing access to them.

Child's world
A huge amount of material for children: scanners, games, coloring books, fairy tales, comics, rebuses. And also information for parents.

Tales, fables, poems for children can be read or listened to.

Online library of children's literature.
Tales, fables, poems for children can be read or listened to. You can’t download it.
There are also coloring books.

All works presented on the site are carefully selected from open sources and the personal library of the resource owner.
The best illustrations and translations of fairy tales, the highest quality audio versions were carefully selected.

Kids hour
Here you will plunge into the boundless world of unique, designed by professional artists, pictures.

Here you will plunge into the boundless world of unique, designed by professional artists, pictures.

These beautiful black and white drawings will not leave indifferent any kid, prompting him to take up pencils or paints rather and make his first steps in creativity.

Children soon
Christian children's sites.

Christian portal 'Children soon' is a social network for adults and children. You can find a lot of interesting and informative material on different topics:

  • instructive and exciting stories for children
  • children's Creativity - than to take a child at home?
  • upbringing - how to bring up a spiritual, comprehensively developed personality?
  • developing, cognitive games
  • child's health and care for him.
Interesting contests with valuable prizes are held on the portal!
And also, you have the opportunity to blog and tell the world about your baby, find answers to exciting questions, communicate with other parents, join groups, etc. E.

All Children
Songs, riddles, crafts, poems, entertaining puzzles, coloring, games, popular science - everything for children.

Children's Football League
Children's football.

Children's football. News, competitions, photos, which are always nice to see when the bar is finished.

Football schools in Russia.

Maybe you want to send your child to the football school, where each school has an address and phone number.

Maybe you do not want to send anyone to a football school, there are some crocs, it will be useful.

Who Knows?
A site for children and their parents - developing activities, wall newspapers, crafts, presentations, didactic games, methodological developments.

Children's newspaper №1 of Belarus. Children's stories and poems. Kindergarten, school. All about children's creativity, sports, leisure and education.

Children's electronic library - folk and author's tales, poems and stories for children. Dictionary.

Lux Ahoy! -
Games for the little ones.

Shoot one by one. We point the mouse with the gun and the longer we hold the mouse button, the farther the nucleus will fly.

School portals.

The children's magazine and the site "Our Filippok" is a colorful cognitive publication for children from 6 to 12 years old.

The magazine helps children

  • broaden their common horizons, give them in an accessible form information on various fields of knowledge and, above all, aimed at the formation of universal values.
  • master the curriculum, provide a large practical material aimed at developing logical thinking, creative imagination of the child.

Magazine headings

  • Heroes of my country. The history of our Motherland and its heroes.
  • My Motherland is Russia. The heading tells about the structure of our state, about the great people who glorified our Motherland.
  • The life of wonderful people. Biography of famous people, athletes of the present and past centuries.
  • Competitions and quizzes. The opportunity to win prizes and gifts, participating in contests and quizzes from Philipp.
  • Who to be. The rubric helps the children to choose their future profession.
  • The history of ordinary things. Describes the structure of the things we are familiar with (when, from what and how they are made).
  • Space. The heading "Space" is a journey through the vast cosmic space.
  • Philippe Workshop. Development of creative abilities, handmade crafts.

Amaze Kids
Lessons for children through video and games.

Simple, understandable, with a large font, a beautiful educational portal for children. Here children learn lessons for children through video and games. Children will learn to draw, sing, read, count.

SunScool -
Sunday school for children.

Sunday School for children.
There is an online version, which is more like the usual activities for children.
There are mobile applications - more game form of training.

Mobile version contains

  1. crossword puzzles,
  2. coloring pages,
  3. sea battle, restore the text and get points for speed,
  4. insert the missing words, dragging to their place pictures,
  5. Looking for hidden words,
  6. arrange words and letters in order,
  7. We burst the balls for text input, gaining more points for a certain color,
  8. A lot of fun options for choosing the right answers.

Amazing paper airplanes -
Paper airplanes.

A site with a lot of paper airplanes.
The main feature is a lot of models that try to be like real planes.
Choose the type of aircraft, model, and get a simulation scheme from a sheet of paper.

My Coloring
A lot of the best a4 children's coloring books for boys and girls on a wide variety of subjects.

The site has a lot of the best a4 children's coloring books for boys and girls on a wide variety of subjects: fairy tales, cartoons, flowers, anime, educational, nature, children in summer, vegetables and fruits, cars, trees, animals, etc. - You probably can quickly choose the right pictures for your children for free.

My family
Writing your story.

Today, anything is called a social network.
The question is, who puts the social network in the notion.
It is rather a mini social network, the child creates a social network among his relatives.

It is clear with my mother And Dad can communicate and not through Internet. Although, especially the pope does not always have time for the child. And then the child can contact him when the pope is not at home (work, business trip ...).

You can also communicate with your grandmother and cousins ​​not from vacation to vacation, but virtually, to share photos ...

Calendar. Of course, you can enter the dates of birthdays and other important dates of your large family. There is a page "Family History."

You can add not only real relatives, but also friends that you met in the children's camp.

Vacation with children
Holidays with children - where to go with children in Moscow and Moscow region, on weekends, holidays, holidays.

Audioskazki online
Audio Tales for children and their parents.

Audio Tales for children and their parents.

The first acquaintance of the baby with the amazing literary world takes place at a very young age - when mom or dad pick up a book and read the child’s first story.
But what if the parents do not have enough time to read together?
This is where audio tales come to the rescue.
Recorded by professional readers and actors, they will take the attention of a little fidget and help him spend time to good use.

A large collection of audio books for children: short audio stories for the little ones, stories and audio performances for older children, as well as children's audio stories, epics and fables for school children.

Find The Invisible Cow -
Games for the little ones.

Find an invisible cow.
Remember the game - it's cold-hot?
The same principle. Use the mouse on the screen, the closer to the cow, the louder the voice COW.
When the voice is loud, click until you reach the cow.
If you hit, appears to the cow, says MU and Disappears again, you can continue.

For kids
Site for children, parents and educators.

Site for children, parents and educators.

Useful materials for the development of children. Fairy tales online, children's songs, educational games, audio fairy tales for children and parents online.

Children's educational games, fun tasks, funny coloring pages, colorful puzzles, ingenious rebuses, interesting puzzles! This and much more is waiting for you at the children's play site Playing!

Print coloring books and download decorations - cartoon characters, animal decorations, transport, nature.

Products for children through Internet.

Rental of children's goods.
Choose from the catalog that we liked, indicate the dates and wait for the call to clarify the details.
Courier delivers toys (so it's not for the whole of Russia) in a vacuum package, which should be kept for the retur

Social service surveys.

Social survey service.

Here you can create your profile and conduct a survey or select someone's profile and answer her questions.

And then we look at how others respond to your questionnaire or to the one that you answered.
You can embed the qu

WordSteps -
Learn English.

A site for studying foreign words and maintaining the vocabulary of your vocabulary.

  1. 15 min. To study 20 foreign words daily
  2. Find the dictionaries you are interested in or create your own.
  3. Learn new words by any of 10 different exercises.
  4. Refresh in memory the words learned last time.


Invest 15 minutes a day, visiting us 3 times a week, and we will be able to learn at least 240 new foreign words in a month and about 3,000 words a year.

How much is this?

Knowing only 3.000 foreign words, you will know 85% of all words in books written in this language.
Knowing Only 2.000 foreign words, you will understand 95% all words used by native speakers of this language in their daily lives.

Yandex search -
The most popular search engine in the runet.

The most popular search engine in the runet. The main advantage - the correct work with the Russian language, looking for not a word, and word forms.

Say, for Google 'fun' and 'fun' - different words. For Yandex it is one word, if it is not enclosed in quotation marks then will search for a literal writing.

Yandex faster indexes new sites. And in most cases it will give you more information.

If you specify a song title in search, you may be offered to listen to it. Not all songs have the right to use them, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). The music of U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ....

All the search can be followed by a number of services: el.Mail, ЮMoney, free hosting ... - fine-tuning the search. - a simple form of search.

Yandex makes a different output for different regions more / all Yandex services .

English for fools
Learn English.

The given resource is the author's Internet project of social orientation in the help to students of English.
The author of the project Ivan Zamoranov offers:

  • an original technique that contributes to the formation of sustainable language skills;
  • A compressed English grammar course for accelerated learning, as well as a
  • practical training program according to the methodology described.

Mamacita Urbanita
Fashion children.

A blog for modern moms.
2 Kaliningrad moms look through a bunch of foreign and Russian sites to select the most interesting: beautiful things For kids, quick and delicious recipes for the whole family, simple and original ideas for needlework, useful and convenient devices to facilitate Life of parents!

The authors are worried about the planet, so they write how to make motherhood safer for the environment. Everyone checks themselves, compares, draws conclusions and writes about it - for us all.

Children's creativity.

What can I do on the children's website?

  • Color the pictures in the special "Coloring" section and print the result on the printer. Or, first, print the pictures, and then color them with pencils.
  • Test yourself - assemble the puzzle. Choose any picture, but remember that the more small details in it, the more difficult it is to assemble it. Begin with simple.
  • Participate in the "Festival of Drawings". Show your creativity to other children and wait for their feedback.
  • You can also see the work of other children and express your opinion.
  • Leave feedback about the site in the "Guestbook" section.

Online Bible
Children's Bible.

The site is made for Russian, because the site contains the best translations of the complete Bible into Russian.
The site has the Stockholm Children's Bible - text, illustrations and audio player to listen.

All about children, for children, for the family. Contests, games, cartoons, wall newspapers, scripts, fairy tales, parental experience.

Sex and age is determined by the technology of Yandex.Kript.

Sex and age are determined by technology Yandex.Crypta.

Sex is defined with probability 74%.
Information sites for children.

Colorful, interesting and informative site. It can be called a children's encyclopedia. But then this is a living encyclopedia.

This site will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults. He explains the complicated in simple language. For example:

  • What is a calorie?
  • What is tolerance?
  • Why do we have birthmarks?
  • Why does the hedgehog wear apples?
Do you know the answers to these questions, can you explain to children?

Easy navigation:

  • Recent questions,
  • Popular questions,
  • Random choice.
Moreover, you can register and participate.

Bible For kids -
Children's Bible for the new generation in the format of the new generation.

Children's Bible for the new generation in the format of the new generation.

Over 40 animated bible stories.
Adapted for children's use, your child will be able to independently select and listen to the stories of interest to him.

Audiobooks, some stories are accompanied by games and quizzes with the ability to receive awards. What contributes to the assimilation of the basic tenets of the Bible.

Bible Study Tasks

  • Interesting facts about the Bible and games for learning the material
  • Bible quizzes with the ability to receive awards

More than 40 Christian stories < h3>
  • Creation of the world
  • Adam and Eve
  • Noah's Ark
  • Abraham and Isaac
  • Joseph and his colorful clothes
  • Moses and the 10 commandments
  • David and Goliath
  • Christmas
  • Baptism of the Lord
  • The temptation of Jesus Christ in the desert
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Exorcism of demons by Jesus Christ
  • Jesus Christ Healing a Sick Girl
  • Jesus Christ 5,000 Saturation
  • Prodigal son
  • The entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem
  • Last Supper
  • Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  • Ascension of the Lord
  • The Holy Spirit in early Christianity
  • Paul's travels and judgment
  • New Paradise and New Earth
  • ...

Catalog audioskazok online
Catalog audioskazok online.

The catalog of audio auditions online.
If anyone remembers, before there were many fairy tales on the records, which were read by famous artists. Today there is no such thing. So I decided to translate the tales into digital format and put it out for listening online.

Immediately make a reservation, the design of the site is very old. But the site is functional and we are interested in content.
But we are interested in content, so the design is in 2nd place.

The site is integrated with the online animation project, so if you say Alice in Wonderland, and she has a cartoon version, you will The link 'See cartoon Alice in Wonderland' is offered.

Naturally you will be told which artists are reading a fairy tale, so as not to guess, though do not indicate who is playing whom.

The database contains

At the time of this writing,
  • The number of audio books in the directory: 821
  • The volume of the audio database: 27.95 GB
  • Total audio duration: 17 days. 13:18:22
  • Number of audible music plays: 4830303

Children's creativity.

The storehouse of your children's masterpieces.
Usually, children do not draw scraps of paper, or bring it to such a state. Such things are not convenient to store.

Absolutely simple registration.


  1. up to 3 years,
  2. 4 to 5 Years,
  3. from 6 to 7 years,
  4. from 8 and older.
If you liked the drawing, you can send it as a postcard to your friend.
There is a forum.

Online Bible for Children
The most simple and clear website is the Bible for children.

The most simple and clear website is the Bible for children.
Nothing superfluous, a simple menu with the names of stories, we get to the story with an illustration, as it is set out in the children's Bible.

Collection of the best colorings for children and adults.

The collection of the best colorings for children and adults, 25000 pictures for coloring in good quality, nowhere else you will find such a complete collection.

Coloring is a black and white image for coloring in different colors.

Pick up colored pencils, felt-tip pens or gouache and get down to business. Razukrashka fairy-magic form of development and motivation to learn new things.

In kindergarten, study animals, plants, cartoon characters, objects of nature, enthrall the child - drawing develops creative thinking and in the future will help develop the abilities and cravings for learning everything new.

Game portal, where all the newest online games are collected.

Reviews on cartoons, the best jokes, reviews on new gadgets, computer games and flash games!

Game portal, where all the newest online games are collected.

Every girl and every boy will be able to find interesting online games of any genre: Racing, Dress Up, Tanks, Minecraft and various multiplayer games. Also you are waiting for games based on your favorite children's cartoons and characters.

Children's browsers.

Children's browser.
Gogul's work requires Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher.

The explorer in Internet world, specially designed for children, their parents and educators. In the depths of Internet contains a huge array of information that can influence - both positive and negative - on the formation of the child's personality. Internet is a kind of reflection of the world around us, which is rich in treasures, but, alas, not rid of disgraces and ugliness. At all times, adults rightly saw their task as helping a growing child to enter the world, master his wealth and avoid dangers along the way.

Parental Control

Parents enter the password and see that they visited child. But the main task of parents is not to watch, as if the child is not what you need to visit, but to find out interests and preferences, direct and develop the right direction, then you will not have to take care of protection.

Vse skazki
Best fairy tales online, for children of all ages.

A fairy tale is usually the first instructive story in the life of any child.

Here you will find all the best fairy tales online, for children of all ages.

In the base of the site there are only the best and most popular stories that everyone will like, starting with the youngest readers and ending with adults.

Kiddle -
Safe search: sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements.

Safe search: sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content. Please read more on kids safe search on Kiddle here.

Kids-oriented results: the boxes below illustrate how Kiddle returns results for each query (in the order shown):

Typically, results 1-3

Safe sites and pages written specifically for kids. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.

Typically, results 4-7

Safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.

Typically, results 8 onwards

Safe, famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand. Filtered by Google safe search.

Big thumbnails: most Kiddle search results are illustrated with big thumbnails, which makes it easier to scan the results, differentiate between them, and click the most appropriate results to your query. Thumbnails serve as visual clues and are especially beneficial to kids as they don't read as fast as adults.

All about the 'child safety website' - Games, photo galleries, creativity, comics, stories and much more.

Play Multi Games.

Google -
Guide to Child Safety on Internet.

Google has created a simple and intuitive guide that describes simple ways to protect children in Internet space, how to set up various Google services (search, YouTube, Google Photos ...), Android ... .

  • Google security tools
  • How to report inappropriate content
  • Partner recommendations
  • Video tips from parents
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Asked Questions

Monthly colorful magazine only for girls. It is published since 1991. Fashion, beauty, love, psychological problems. Needlework, cooking, as well as the corporate contest 'Girl from the cover' and many tests, horoscopes.

Children's magazine and site for children. Murzilka is children's verses and fairy tales, high-quality children's literature.

Mail for kids
Kid will not receive phishing and fraudulent mailings with inappropriate content thanks to enhanced anti-spam.

Kid will not receive phishing and fraudulent mailings with inappropriate content thanks to enhanced anti-spam.
Emails from trusted senders will be added to the inbox.

Parents themselves will be able to set up a white list" of verified contacts.
The remaining incoming messages automatically fall into the "for review" folder and only after approval go to the general ones.
The "Child Box" is directly linked to the adult's account, giving full control to the parent.

Home English
English lessons for free.

English lessons

  • Free lessons
  • Dictionaries and translators
  • Biographies of celebrities
  • Proverbs and sayings
  • Dating
  • Poems
  • Tales
  • Bilingual books
  • Audiobooks
  • Books
  • Learn new words
  • Film Subtitles
  • Phrasebook
  • Tests
  • Parallel Texts
  • Tutorials and Tutorials
  • Idioms
  • Miscellaneous

Nuka deti
Portal for children and their parents.

Portal for children and their parents.

  • Tales
  • Audio Tales
  • Songs
  • Riddles
  • Coloring
  • Ideas

Kidoz -
Children's browsers.

Israeli company KIDO'Z has developed the same-name media browser, which allows parents to adapt the PC for convenient use by the child. The technological base of the product is Adobe AIR. The program provides small users with viewing video, launching games and surfing the web.

Russian language is supported. On all offered sites have a Russian version, but for children what's the difference? They are in Russian, that in Chinese, they are guided by the schedule.

Preliminary settings are made by the parents, and all further troubles for the selection of content for the younger generation are taken by KIDO'Z. The interface of the media browser is intuitive, visual and colorful and does not require the child to read.

At present, the KIDO'Z project is absolutely free, but within 3 months the developer plans to provide additional content for a small fee., In a short time this product will be able to offer children the opportunity to communicate through the Network.

Children's educational portal
Scenarios of holidays, children's events, games and competitions, riddles, proverbs and sayings.

About Kremlin children
Information sites for children.

President of Russia - citizens of school age.

President's website for children. There is a version on Flash.

We choose a conductor and travel, learning about the president, the Kremlin, Russia.
Information about Constitution, history ... In general, the site is about the state of Russia and its device in the language of children.

Bible Geography For kids -
Biblical maps for children.

Biblical maps drawn cartoon, for children.

Related Information

  • a description of the geographic location
  • A description of the people who inhabited this place and events described in the Bible.
As it should be in the Children's Bible, navigating through stories (not by chapters), places, people, events.
Which makes it easy to find the right card.

Holidays with children in summer and winter.

Where to go on holiday with children in Finland or the Baltic States, Spain or Germany, the United States or the Maldives? Holidays with children in summer and winter, at sea and in the mountains, educational and language camps, the best resorts and museums of the world for children, as well as reviews, reviews, photos and special prices and conditions.

Poster for children, photos, reviews, descriptions of places and events in 22 cities of Russia.

The goal is to provide users with quick access to reliable information needed to make informed decisions about spending and helping people spend more time with their families.

The site aims to become the most popular, reliable and popular source of information about everything that is for children in Russia and around the world.

Audio stories and music for children.

Audio stories and music for children.

The best fairy tales and music for kids (more than 3,000 remarkably voiced works and the collection is constantly updated)

  1. Audio Tales.
  2. Fables, poems and stories.
  3. Lullabies.
  4. Classical music.
  5. Cartoon music.
  6. Tales and stories in pictures.
  7. Filmstrips.
  8. Children's karaoke songs.
  9. Texts of fairy tales.
  10. Riddles and nursery rhymes.
  11. advice from child psychologists to help you choose the right tales.
Fairy tales are structured into categories.

Children's age
Online magazine about children's health, development, psychology, education and training of children.

Children's electronic library. A.P. Gaidar. Children's stories and tales.

Audioskazki online
Audio Tales for Kids Listen Online.

Audio Tales for Kids Listen Online.

Here you can listen to fairy tales online audio fairy tales, stories, epics and other children's audio books in good quality MP3.

Audiobooks were recorded in professional studios by experienced actors as well as authors of their works, for example, Korney Chukovsky.

Audio stories are grouped by author, subject, and various collections.

Children of 2-3 years old will enjoy short audio tales without a complicated plot.
Children 3-4 years old can put on fairy tales lasting 5-10 minutes.
Children 5-6 years old can already be 10-20 minutes long with a rich storyline.
Children of 6-9 years old can put long literary works up to 40 minutes.

For each author who has more than one fairy tale or story, there is a separate page with all the works in a row without stopping. You can find this notable link on the author’s page.

Children's games, coloring online, puzzles, cartoons. A lot of children's games have been collected in Teremka.

Duolingo -
Learn English.

Duolingo - English and German for free, fee - Spanish, French.
Everyone understands that independent language learning is most effective. But there is a problem, very few people are able to discipline themselves. To do this, they go to courses, to school, which create a regime for you and enter into the process. Personally, I'm one of those people who teach myself, I just find something that fascinates me and it stimulates better courses. This principle is also chosen by this site - in all classes there is an element of the game, you score points so that they do not notice how they have already learned.

Contre Jour -
Games for the little ones.

Funny, well-traced game about a freak who needs to get to a light lump with your help.
Play mouse, pull.

Your Coloring
Interesting coloring for kids.

Interesting coloring for kids.

Here you can download or print coloring pages for girls and boys for free.

Search service for children.

Portal for small and large, children and adults, schoolchildren and teachers.

Site for children and parents, interesting scenarios for holidays, children's songs and minus one, online flash games, child psychology, parents' school, riddles, children's horoscopes, creativity and coloring.

Ship friends
Interesting and informative-cognitive site for children and adults.

Children's Bible audiobook.

Children's Bible audiobook.
Click on the story and listen.
Simple and no unnecessary movements.

If you wish, you can download everything at once in one archive (about half a gig).
In addition, this is a classic blog, you can leave your feed

Lingvist -
Foreign Language for 200 hours.

Foreign language for 200 hours.
Learn English, French.
Plans: Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese.

The emphasis here is on a convenient automated interesting interface.

Roblox -
Roblox is the best place to Imagine with Friends.

Roblox is the best place to Imagine with Friends. With the largest user-generated online gaming platform, and over 15 million games created by users, Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens (comScore).

Every day, virtual explorers come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment.

Smotri Cartoons
Video service, in which you will find many favorite cartoons and shows for your children.

Video service, in which you will find many favorite cartoons and shows for your children.

Watch hundreds of entertaining and informative cartoons, animation series and shows.

Video material is filtered and regularly updated to protect children from harm or just not interested.
Here are collected the most popular videos and cartoons for young viewers: Masha and Bear, Lego friends and dozens of other animated series, full-length cartoons, shows and reviews from children's bloggers.

For children under 3 years old we have everything that will help kids to learn more actively, learn more about the world around them and develop intelligence, logic and imagination: educational cartoons, fairy tales for children and educational videos.

Here you will find cool and funny puzzles, as well as children's and adult puzzles.


Online store - all at wholesale prices.

Online store - all at wholesale prices.

The store primarily products for children - toys, clothing and ...

And also there are many products for the whole family, at home ...
Goods for children, toys.

Network of certified stores LEGO.

Network of certified stores LEGO

Baby radio
Children's radio.

The only radio station in Russia, broadcasting of which is entirely devoted to children.

The twenty-four-hour broadcast of the Children's Radio consists of children's songs, performances, educational and entertainment programs and headings, information and educational programs for parents.

The radio station takes into account the age features And the daily routine of the listeners: the morning block is addressed to preschool children, day programs are for children over seven years old, late at night - a block for parents, at night - music for sleep.

Detsky Mir
Goods for children, toys.

A variety of baby food for any age.

A variety of baby food for any age.

In addition, the site has useful information for young mothers and for future mothers.

Children's social networks.

A social network created based on the animated series of the same name.
In the virtual world of Smeshariki, children can participate in gaming tournaments, watch cartoons, listen to audio tapes, communicate with other network members, search for friends and, with the help of favorite characters, find answers to any tricky Questions.
The rating of the most active users is maintained in the system, a forum is provided, and there is also a section for parents, which provides information on the correct upbringing and education of the child.

Goods for children, toys.
Network of toy stores.

Network of toy stores.

The store has low prices for popular toys: Lego, Hasbro, Paw Patrol, Meccano, Barbie, Zapf Creation, Filly, Lalaloopsy and many others.

On the store shelves you will find only official and certified toys.

A wide range of products from well-known brands for newborns, children up to 10 years, as well as for expectant mothers.

A wide range of products from well-known brands for newborns, children up to 10 years, as well as for expectant mothers.

Here you can buy children's clothes and shoes, strollers and car seats, hygiene products, feeding goods, toys.

Mothercare was founded in 1961 in the UK. Today, Mothercare is represented by more than 1,200 stores in 53 countries of the world. The first Mothercare store in Russia opened its doors in 1994 in Moscow. Today, Mothercare stores are open in many cities of our country, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Omsk, Ufa, Krasnodar, Samara, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don, Surgut, Ryazan, etc.

Rich Family
Online store of children's goods.

Online store of children's goods.

Bicycles, toys, clothes, baby food, furniture ...

Smile of a child TV -
Christian TV in English.

Belongs to TBN.
The content of the channel differs from the Russian Smile of the child, one general - the content of the Christian subject for children, cartoons, movies, programs ...

Food, clothes and shoes, games.

Food, clothes and shoes, games.

Clothing proven global brands from birth to adolescence.
Baby food of the best quality, cheap and in a very wide range.
Hygiene products for children of all ages.
Fast and punctual delivery.
The ability to book goods at any retail store network.
Mandatory seasonal sales, interesting promotions and a profitable bonus program.
A simple system of exchange and return of goods.

Shop of toys and children's clothes of world famous brands Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Reima, Molo, Geox.

Shop of toys and children's clothes of world famous brands Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Reima, Molo, Geox.

More than 70 000 names of Russian and foreign manufacturers and more than 350 brands.

The myToys store fully complies with all corporate standards of the parent company from Germany, which has been successfully operating on the European market for 20 years and is number 1 in Germany.

Keys For kids Radio -
24/7 Christian radio just for kids.

24/7 Christian radio just for kids.

Learn more about God and the Bible through the best kids’ audio dramas and kids songs anywhere on the planet, all day, every day.
Keys for Kids Radio is only a tap away! You can listen on an iPad, tablet, and phone. Take it with you as you go!
Stream Keys for Kids Radio live online or listen to your favorite programs on-demand any time you want.
Keys for Kids Radio is great for snack time, bed time, and right-after-school-time!
Kid-tested and kid-approved with faith and fun all in one place! Enjoy new friends and adventures every day!


Collection of HTML5 and flash games.

Collection of HTML5 and flash games.
All games are carefully selected and sorted by category.
There are games of a wide variety of genres for the most demanding amateur and on the rarest of requests.

The site easy navigation, fast download. There is a special section adapted for mobile users.

The collection is constantly updated with new items.


Clever children's books
Children's Publishing.

Children's Publishing.

Books come out collections, each of them has books and games, united by a common idea. From the books of any collection, each parent can create a set for harmonious development, recreation and entertainment, which is suitable for his child.

Network of branded stores only in Moscow. The online store delivers orders both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

In 2018, Clever opened a publishing house in the USA.



Teaching cartoons for preschoolers and junior schoolchildren:

  • 12 months,
  • Scarlet flower,
  • Alice in the Looking Glass,
  • Bremen musicians,
  • In the country of unlearned lessons,
  • Winnie the Pooh,
  • Wolf and seven kids,
  • There was a dog,
  • Mokha-Tsokotukha,
  • Petya and Little Red Riding Hood,
  • ...

Website for children on the portal Cyril and Methodius

In the Fairy Tale section of this well-executed portal from Cyril and Methodius, cartoons:

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,
  • Beauty and the Beast,
  • Sinbad the Sailor,
  • The Little Mermaid,
  • Snow Queen,
  • Pinocchio,
  • Ruslan and Lyudmila,
  • Thumbelina,
  • Boy with a finger,
  • Cinderella,
  • A staunch tin soldier,
  • ...


Treadless -
American store of teenage clothes.

American store of teenage clothes.
T-shirts, sweatshirts with original pattern.
Accessories for teens: cases for smartphones, laptop bags ...

Delivery in Russia to Moscow 10 days. $9 for 1-3 T-shirts.


Children's songs on
Children's songs at the leading Internet radio portal.

Children's Songs on the leading Internet radio portal.
Broadcasting Corporation Prof-Media launched Internet radio portal.


Family search -