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Multimedia lessonbook on biology
The electronic training course "Open Biology" with a division in the areas of "Botany", "Zoology", "Man", "General Biology" and "Ecology".

The electronic training course "Open Biology" with a division in the areas of "Botany", "Zoology", "Man", "General Biology" and "Ecology".

École Normale Supérieure -

Ecological maps.

The map of points of recycling.

On the map only the largest city.

You can help the planet with a simple action! Do not throw away garbage, return it for recycling.
And where - our interactive map will tell you.
Type your address in the search box and find out which recycling points are nearby.
They are divided by types of recycled materials: paper, glass, plastic bottles, old electronics, clothing and more.
Complete the form and you can add information about any item that is known to you, but it is not on the map.
Be sure to leave feedback on the recycling point and give it a rating.
Give things a second life!

Crowdmap -
Nuclear safety.

An open source project to create a network for monitoring radiation meter readings. So far, the results there are not as noticeable as on other projects, but the availability of the source code makes it possible to use their developments.

Waqi -
Ecological maps.

Chinese map of air pollution.
Map in English and Chinese. First of all, convenient information on China. Beijing, where this problem is particularly acute.
Also, quite detailed information on countries where information on air is available: Europe, The USA, Australia, India. Russia and Africa - information is missing or almost absent.

Ecological maps.

The map of the water of Russia.
The Google map is used. The purpose is to conduct ecological expeditions for the analysis of water quality and to provide open data for free. Simply if there is a number of clear water, people should know.
You can contact and you will check the floor.

Our nature
Environmental control.

Our nature is the federal state information system for public control of nature management and environmental protection in Russia. You can register on the site and report on environmental problems. You can specify a place, describe the reason and add a photo or video. People report unauthorized landfills, water pollution facts, illegal deforestation and other environmental offenses, confirming their photo or video showing the precise location of the violation.
It's clear that in 1 day everything can not be done and there are big problems that can not be solved quickly.
But in many cases the administration simply does not know the problems or Its essence all easy to fix until the problem has developed.

Protected Planet -
Reserves on the map.

Reserves on Google's map.
There is no Russian language on the site, but the map has a Russian version.
The authority of the information is indicated by the fact that the service is supported by international organizations under the auspices of the UN UNEP, UNEP-WCMC, International Union for the Conservation of Nature ...

The service is supported by such companies as British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon mobil, Repsol, Statoil and many others ...

So it's not a one-day site with a database of questionable sources. On the contrary, we can be sure of the correctness of information and the development of the project. IABIN Import process


OneWorldTV -
The solution of social problems, ecology.

Care2 -
Social network of green activists.


Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation -


European Environment Agency.

United Nations Environment Program.