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Church on map

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Christian billboard Yekaterinburg
Evangelical churches Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region map.

Evangelical churches of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region on the map, schedule of services, seminars, conferences, event reviews, catalog of organizations.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches on the map.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches on the map.
Easy to navigate, find and click to get the official name, address, contact information, opening hours, links to the site to the group in social networks..

Map of the Protestant churches in Russia
Church on the map.

Map of Protestant churches in Russia.
There is a possibility adding churches.
The purpose of providing contact information for evangelical churches and Christian organizations in all regions of Russia.

On the map are Christian churches of Protestant (evangelical) denominations, professing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Among them are communities: evangelical Christians, Evangelical Christian Baptists, evangelical Christians in the spirit of the Apostles, Lutherans, Methodists, Messianic Jews, Presbyterians, Reformed Christians, Seventh-day Adventists, Christians of the Evangelical Pentecostals, Christians of the full Gospel. Centralized associations of churches, missions, services, rehabilitation centers, social-charitable and educational organizations, educational institutions, publishing houses, mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV), shops, creative groups (music, dance, theater projects and festivals), Religious and human rights organizations are distributed in the thematic catalog according to the relevant headings. Also, for the convenience of the search, a single alphabetical index of all churches and organizations is presented.

There are more than 6,500 local churches and Christian organizations on the map. Information about churches, missions, ministries and organizations is taken from open sources, Internet resources and in the main part agreed and confirmed by local churches and organizations. Including information on churches belonging to centralized religious organizations (associations) operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, is represented on their official websites (see section "Associations of Churches").

Most churches Registered as religious organizations, part of which functions in the status of religious groups. The names of the churches indicate their common names. Below the name is the name of the association of churches to which this community belongs (it should be noted that some of the local churches are not part of centralized associations, and some are independent associations that in turn are centralized, and some churches may be members of several Associations or associations). The registered religious organizations also have full official names in accordance with the documents on state registration, this information is not provided in the directory (churches and Christian organizations operate under the Federal Law "On Freedom of Conscience and on Religious Associations" and in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation Federation). The project is implemented and financed by the publishing house "The Tree of Life" and the design studio "ArtMinistry".

Address Church on Yandex.Maps -
Address of the church, mission, ... on an interactive map.

First of all, if you do not have a Yandex registration, start it.

So, all in order:

  1. We go to Yandex.Maps in My Maps or directly under the link
  2. Choose a card, house.
  3. Click Create a new map.
    • We write Map name: (For example, I wrote "Service of the Church")
    • and Card description: (I wrote the service schedule).
  4. We take a link to the map in the Link to this map and use it.
    • The top field is for inserting into the message,
    • the lower one for insertion with the code.
  5. That's what I got
    You can put this
    • on the site,
    • add to the signature of your email and it will be in each letter,
    • add to your newsletter.

Mapping Gothic France -
Gothic cathedrals on the map.

Gothic cathedrals of France on the map.
There is no Russian language. The project of the Visual Media Center in the Department of Art History and Archeology at Columbia University, the Visual Resources Library at Vassar College, and the libraries of Columbia University.

Solid, because it can not only find and see how the cathedrals look, but also get detailed, official information on the required cathedral.

People's Catalogue of Orthodox Architecture.
Churches and monasteries of Russia and the world.

Churches and monasteries of Russia and the world.
Catalog of Orthodox structures - descriptions and author's photos of Orthodox monasteries, temples, cathedrals, churches, chapels.

The goal - to collect the most complete possible historical descriptions and photo-records of all the Orthodox churches in Russia and around the world.
And also to popularize Russian culture, Orthodoxy and will help travelers, local historians and people interested in Russian history and culture.

More than 5,000 contributors have gathered information on more than 50,000 sites of Orthodox architecture, including more than 65,000 articles and about half a million photos.

Temples can be found on a map (Yandex, Google, or OSM to choose from) and go to the temple description page, chapel ...


Christian social networking.

Orthodox social network "Yelitsy."
The project is open for both Orthodox and those who are only looking for a way to God.
The social network "Elytsy" (in the translation from the church-Slavs - "those who are as many as they are") began its work in May 2014 with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and with the care of the bishop of Voskresensky Sawa. Founders and leaders of the network "Elytsy" parishioners of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Sheremetyevo.

The goal of the project is to help a person come to God, unite Orthodox people, develop and strengthen parish life.

The mission of the project is to show people what Orthodoxy gives Fullness and joy of life, and being Orthodox is more interesting and useful than "the lone center of the universe." The network of "Elysia" cooperates with many dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church, with the synodal departments of the Moscow Patriarchate, participates in general church congresses, festivals, forums, Readings, A great interest is shown by the Orthodox Church Abroad.