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Wikibooks -
Any visitor can contribute to the writing of Lessonbooks: Lessonbooks, manuals, instructions, recipe books, and the like.

Any visitor can contribute to the writing of educational literature: Lessonbooks, guides, instructions, cookbooks and the like.
Powered by "wiki" technology and on the principles of freedom of information: everyone can create and change any page of any Wikibooks, and everyone can read, copy, publish and change his content for free.

Wikibooks was created on July 10, 2003 Year (Russian section, in fact - a year later), after the birth and heyday of Wikipedia, - an online encyclopedia that operates on similar principles.
In Wikipedia you can find encyclopedic information about herself, Wikibooks, and about the company that supports them - the Wikimedia Foundation, and much more.
You can help us by writing a tutorial or supplementing existing ones.

WebMoney Funding

A platform for attracting donations to implement your ideas and charity, organize events and take off for collective purchases.

  • Easy registration
  • Creating a project for free
  • No restrictions on national and territorial grounds
  • Immediate withdrawal of funds

    What we can

    • To raise funds for implementing your projects with crowdfunding or people's funding - the collective cooperation of people who voluntarily pool their funds to support the efforts of other people or organizations. In exchange for supporting the project, in the case of collecting the required amount, the donors can usually expect to be rewarded.
    • Organize events. You can create an event (concert, theatrical performance, conference, seminar, etc.), attract participants who will purchase tickets for this event using the WebMoney Funding service.
    • Collect funds for charity. You can raise funds for the implementation of your and other charitable projects.
    • Participate in collective purchases - join in groups to purchase goods in order to save. As a rule, buyers are combined to purchase goods from suppliers at wholesale prices or to order in foreign stores.

  • Wikipedia Cookbook -
    Culinary Encyclopedia.

    A book about the art of cooking. Here, everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive story about cooking methods.
    The book is about the art of cooking.
    Here everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive tale about cooking methods. This is a world-wide Open Source Cookbook. That is, it's a cookbook that we write all over the world.

    • Recipes are all that's in the Culinary Book
    • Types of meals: First courses, second courses, drinks, snacks ...
    • Ingredients: main course meals
    • National cuisines
    • Recipes for Microwaves
    • References
    Each dish has its own page.

    Wikinews -
    News site on the principle Wiki.

    News site on the principle of Wiki.
    Anyone can contribute, and articles are written jointly by a large audience.

    The rules do not provide for opinions and comments in articles - if you need to express your thoughts, then try to start a blog.

    2 main article types

    1. The most common is a synthetic article. Reports are transferred here from other sources (always fully cited). In rare cases, one source contains all possible facts, reports. Also, various external subjective opinions can be presented with all possible judgments to observe a neutral point of view.
    2. Original report. This news is "first-hand," written by Wikinews participants.

    Wikipedia -
    Open World Encyclopedia, makes all Internet users in all languages ​​of the world.

    Open World Encyclopedia, compiled by all Internet users in all languages ​​of the world.
    Anyone can become a co-author of this encyclopedia.
    You can create a new section, a new article, a note, fix an error in an existing one, add something, comment, etc.
    In general, you are a full-fledged creator of this vast knowledge base.

    A wiki is a hypertext environment (usually a Web site) for collecting and structuring written information. Characterized by the following features:

    • A lot of authors. Some wikis can be edited by all visitors.
    • The ability to repeatedly edit the text through the wiki itself (the website), without the use of special tools on the editor's side.
    • Manifest changes immediately after they are made.
    • Separation of information into pages where each has its own name.
    • A special markup language that allows you to quickly and easily mark out structural elements, formatting, hyperlinks, etc. in the text.
    • Change accounting (version accounting) of the text and the ability to roll back to the earlier version.

    Wikipedia: Aviation -
    International open encyclopedia of aviation.

    Wikipedia - Aviation

    International Open Encyclopedia of Aviation.

    Wikipedia: Judaism -
    To study the Bible is always interesting to learn the meaning of the terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

    Wikipedia Portal: Judaism.
    This is essentially a Wikipedia unit.
    Here you can find out what Abraham's womb is or Menorah or Mesura.
    It is always interesting for Bible students to learn the meaning of terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

    Wikiquote -
    Collection of relevant proverbs, phrases and quotations, which anyone can edit.

    A collection of important proverbs, phrases and citations that everyone can edit.
    As of March 26, 2014, there are 11,996 articles in the Russian section.

    These are wikis, because they are compiled by the whole world, and you can take part.

    The citation can be found by the author, the title of the film or the cartoon, the actor. Folk proverbs, sayings. You can search thematically or simply on request.

    Simple English Wikipedia -
    Easy English Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia in Simplified English (English Simple English Wikipedia)
    is a Wikipedia section created for readers who may find it hard to understand English Wikipedia. To work with this language section, it is enough to have basic knowledge of English.

    First of all, it is aimed at students of English at the initial level and can be used during classes and for educational reading. Also Wikipedia in Simplified English can be useful for children for homework and for extracurricular reading. As a rule, the articles in this Wikipedia are simplified and truncated versions of articles in English Wikipedia. Articles in it use much less words and a simpler grammar than in the original English Wikipedia. On July 26, 2006, Wikipedia in simplified English reached 10 thousand articles, on June 16, 2009 it has 56,696 articles, more than one hundred thousand pages And a million edits.

    The existence of this section of Wikipedia caused criticism - there is no single language for "simplified English". Since October 2008, the issue of changing the status of the project is being discussed.

    Who if not me
    Help or fundraiser.

    ho, if not not me? Charity fund
    Children's charity fund "Who if not I?" Provides real charitable help to orphanages in Tver, Voronezh, Kaluga, Moscow regions and other regions of Russia.

    One From the programs of a charitable online project - My Teacher, see below.

    OpenStreetMap Wiki -

    OpenCycleMap -
    OSM Cycle Map.

    OpenPisteMap -
    Ski Card from OpenStreetMap.

    Urban transport routes on the map.

    Wiki site for collection of all transport routes.

    In addition, there are recommended routes, how to get better.
    The site is young, the base is still small.

    The classification of animals.

    Classification of animals.
    Wiki-site, here the information on kinds-subspecies of animals all world is collected.

    Help -
    Help or fundraiser.

    The charity Internet fund "Pomogi.Org" unites the efforts of Internet users in different countries for the most effective collection and distribution of targeted donations for acute and urgent social and medical needs (operations, expensive treatment courses, assistance to children's and medical institutions in Russia).

    The Foundation provides assistance to those in need, regardless of their age, disease, place of registration and citizenship. All reporting of collected and distributed funds is published Online.
    Each donator can check what the money sent to them has gone to. The fund promptly informs the users about the course of fund raising, as well as about the results of treatment or other assistance.

    The main motto of the fund is "From every donated ruble to the needy it reaches 100 cents." All expenses of the fund are financed by special contributions of the friends of the fund for salaries, rent, and telephone charges.

    Major programs

    1. Support for children with cystic fibrosis (payment for vital medicines and medical equipment).
    2. Support for children with cerebral palsy (payment for rehabilitation treatment and specialized rehabilitation equipment and vehicles).
    3. Helping children with congenital heart disease (payment for operations and supplies)
    4. Support for families with many children and poor families (help in solving domestic issues).
    5. Facts
    6. The "Help.Org" Foundation has been in operation since March 2005, officially registered in Russia and USA received in October of the same year.
    Founders of the Foundation: Anton Nosik and Sarah Nezhelskaya.
    The staff of the fund now has four employees.
    The fund's trusteeship council includes leading Internet sites that support us, Known philanthropists and cultural figures.
    The Foundation operates on the basis of the statutory documents, which can be found on the website.

    Create a page to collect money for a gift or a good deed.

    Create a page to collect money for a gift or a good deed.
    Maximum amount - 15 000 rub.


    Workaway -
    The most popular site for finding volunteering hosts in 170 countries.

    The most popular site for finding volunteering hosts in 170 countries.

    Registration as a volunteer is paid ($ 36 for a year and $ 46 for two).

    Glosbe -
    The multilingual online dictionary.

    Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary. It covers ALL languages and is developed by the community, just like wikipedia. And works both online and offline!

    Glosbe will give you not only translations, but also thousands of examples, pronunciations and images to help you to find a correct translation.

    No matter if you need

    1. Albanian,
    2. Afrikaans,
    3. Arabic,
    4. Armenian,
    5. Azerbaijani,
    6. Belarusian,
    7. Bulgarian,
    8. Bengali,
    9. Catalan,
    10. Chinese,
    11. Croatian,
    12. Czech,
    13. Welsh,
    14. Danish,
    15. German,
    16. Greek,
    17. English,
    18. Spanish,
    19. Estonian,
    20. Basque,
    21. Persian,
    22. Finnish,
    23. French,
    24. Irish,
    25. Galician,
    26. Gujarati,
    27. Hebrew,
    28. Hindi,
    29. Haitian,
    30. Hungarian,
    31. Indonesian,
    32. Icelandic,
    33. Italian,
    34. Japanese,
    35. Georgian,
    36. Kannada,
    37. Korean,
    38. Latin,
    39. Lithuanian,
    40. Latvian,
    41. Macedonian,
    42. Malay,
    43. Maltese,
    44. Dutch,
    45. Norwegian,
    46. Polish,
    47. Portuguese,
    48. Romanian,
    49. Russian,
    50. Slovak,
    51. Slovenian,
    52. Serbian,
    53. Swedish,
    54. Swahili,
    55. Tamil,
    56. Telugu,
    57. Thai,
    58. Tagalog,
    59. Turkish,
    60. Ukrainian,
    61. Urdu,
    62. Vietnamese
    63. or Yiddish.
    You’ll find dictionaries for ALL of them. And many, many more.

    Hike & Bike Map -
    Cycling, with a "night" layer from OpenStreetMap.

    DonorsChoose -
    Support a classroom.

    Support a classroom. Build a future.
    Teachers and students all over the U.S. need your help to bring their classroom dreams to life. Get crayons, books, telescopes, field trips, and more for a classroom today.

    Map of the killed roads
    The public movement of motorists, whose members advocate safe and high-quality roads.

    The public movement of motorists, whose members advocate safe and high-quality roads.

    Citizen participation in the formation of road policy in the regions and improving the quality of roads.

    The goal is to repair roads taking into account the views of citizens and the elimination of road defects that affect the accident rate. The relevance of the project is due to citizens' dissatisfaction with the unsatisfactory condition of the roads, the high level of accidents on the roads, as well as the inability of motorists to promptly report defects and the need to eliminate them.

    That is, you can easily register and mark bad roads if they are not yet marked.

    There are statistics - the number of killed roads, of which it is planned to repair, patching repairs by region.
    Posted regulatory framework.

    Wish tree
    Wish-fulfillment for children with disabilities.

    Wish-fulfillment for children with disabilities.
    The action passes in two stages:

    1. submission of applications for wishing a miracle,
    2. submitting applications for a miracle.
    You can either ask for your wish to come true, or you can help make it come true.

    The following categories are eligible to participate:

    • Citizens with disabilities aged 3 to 17 years inclusive
    • Citizens with disabilities aged 3 to 17 years inclusive and over 60 years
    • Children from 3 to 17 years old inclusive and the elderly from 60 years old with a life-threatening health condition
    • Orphans and children without parental care aged 3 to 17 years inclusive
    • Children aged 3 to 17 years, inclusive, living in families with incomes below the subsistence minimum
    There are categories of wishes that can be fulfilled.
    It is clear that one can want to fly into space, but it is not realistic.

    Tatoeba -
    Translation of the whole world.

    It's a collection of offers and translations.
    It's a collaborative, open, free and even addictive project.
    This service can be used to learn a language by specifying one or another phrase and if you translate say something from the English interface Into Russian etc.

    Indiegogo -

    Project of joint implementation of ideas.
    Based on transparency and choice.
    5.000 projects from more than 200 countries.

    Bike Share Map -
    Bike Share Map shows the locations of docking stations associated with bicycle sharing systems from 400+ cities around the world.

    Bike Share Map shows the locations of docking stations associated with bicycle sharing systems from 400+ cities around the world.
    Each docking station is represented by a circle, its size and colour depending on the size and number of bicycles currently in it.
    The maps generally update every few minutes.

    There is a version that replays the last 48 hours of colour and size changes.
    In many cities, an ebb and flow of cycle commuters can be seen.
    Bike Share Map is complemented by a UK bikeshare news blog, Bikesharp. -
    Launch a campaign.

    The global platform (there is Russian), which gives people around the world the opportunity to start their own campaigns and thereby realize the changes that they deem necessary.

    Over 20 million visitors from 196 countries use online tools every day on the site In order to change for a better life in their local, national and global communities.
    Thousands of campaigns launched by completely different people have already won: the mother stopped bullying the children at the school her daughter was studying, bank customers abolished unfair additional taxes, citizens got to start investigating the activities of corrupt officials ....

    Kickstarter -

    Kraudfanding site of creative initiatives.
    First of all, this site is only for USA and Great Britain.
    In other words, people are unselfishly dumped to film shooting, recording an album, publishing a book, preparing a performance, drawing a poster and much more, just to stay within imagination.

    This is not a collection of funds for personal needs, assistance to the hungry, a business plan.

    An application like Jenny Owen Youngs on the recording of the new album. The $20,000 plan that it needs is done in 28 hours and even 25% overfulfilled.

    Want to have a kick-start film festival on the roof of the old factory in Brooklyn, where we will twirl the shorts of the site's users, Let's collect money, only $2,000 is required, the minimum contribution is a dozen. If we collect (at the time of writing the post they had to collect $200 within 30 hours), there will be a festival. We will not collect - contributions will be returned. Do not rush to support them: give and accept money on the site while it's only allowed to those who have a physical address and a bank account in the US

    The creed of the Kickstarter creators is fascinatingly naive: "we believe that

    1. if the idea is good and people learn about it, then it will succeed,
    2. a large group of people can be a gigantic source of money. "
    Moreover, the users directly and honestly say: you will get nothing, no dividends, no share in the project, except the opportunity to look at the implementation, well, a couple of free passes, if it comes, say, the exhibition, the movie, A party. Moreover, 5% of each user transfer goes to the site. And this, of course, is amazing. Because, holy carrots, it works.

    Freecycle Network -
    The network of people who are teaming up to give away free stuff in their cities.

    A network of people who combine to give out free things in their cities.

    The network consists of more than 5,000 groups, about 10 million members worldwide, and maybe next to you.

    This is a non-profit movement of people who distribute (and receive) things for free in their cities and districts.
    All about reusing and storing good things.

    Each local group is moderated by local volunteers. Membership is free. To register, find your community by entering it in the search field above or by clicking "Browse groups" above the search box. And go ahead.

    OpenSeaMap -
    Open sea map.

    Open sea map.

    The goal is to collect information useful to seamen and yachtsmen, and provide it in a convenient form.
    Here is information about lighthouses, buoys and other navigation signs, repair shops, shops, restaurants, etc.

    OpenSeaMap is created by OpenStreetMap and uses its database, filling the gap, so to speak.
    OpenStreetMap deals with the land, and the water space is not affected.
    OpenSeaMap fills water space with navigation information.

    OpenStreetMap -
    3D Map.

    OpenStreetMap is a free project for the joint development of public maps and diagrams of cities, streets, roads with the help of manual or automatic data entry, as well as obtaining data from portable GPS-receivers.
    The project site runs on the MediaWiki engine, similar to Wikipedia.

    Maps are licensed under the free license CC-BY-SA 2.0 (for CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, Which is used in particular for Wikipedia's text content, the project has not been transferred, but version 2.0 is compatible with it, and OpenStreetMap has nothing to do with the Wikimedia Foundation.

    I found the plans of many cities that are not in Google maps, or Yandex.Maps.

    The 3D globe

    renderer works directly in the browser using WebGL.

    Chipin -
    When you need to raise funds online for an event or a cause.

    OpenTopoMap -
    Open topographic maps.

    Open topographic maps.

    Free topographic maps based on OpenStreetMap data with a digital elevation model (SRTM).

    The project site has the ability to download maps of regions for Garmin devices.

    supported by the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

    Foundation for Development of Internet initiatives
    Search investment, equity crowdfunding.

    The Internet Initiatives Development Foundation selects 100 startups and supports them.
    The application can send any.

    Investors can also participate in the project.

    Help or fundraiser.

    Service of kind deeds from
    The idea of ​​the project was born at the employees of Group.
    They themselves participated in charity projects, brought their friends ...
    And then they thought: how to do so To help it was easier?

    This is a platform where charitable organizations and people meet.
    The service is free for both users and funds. We choose who we want to help, children, the elderly, Animals. It is possible to choose help by deed or simply money.
    It is indicated on what is the fundraising (can treatment, can what kind of thing), amount and term.


    Planet -
    Russian crowdfunding - invest in ideas, if the project will collect the required amount, it will be implemented.

    Leading Russian site to raise funds for your project. Of course, you should have a good idea, and you are a competent person for its implementation, otherwise your project will not be liked by anyone and you will not be helped.

    Here they do not just give out money, but help to collect them, by unfastening their interest. Distribute the same conditions. No one will give money to an irresponsible person without feedback.

    But if you really believe in your project, you will not have enough money to collect, you will need to spin it, because the more you report about the project, the more people will learn about it with money, and hence with influence.

    By the way, at the moment about half a billion rubles have been collected.