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All Google services

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The leading Internet portal of the world.
In order to effectively use all its advantages, you still need to register.

If you already have mail on Yandex, let it be here, you will need it. See Making Copies
If you have a phone on Android, you will need an account.
If you use the Google Chrome browser (which we recommend), then you just need a Google account.

What we get

It's harder to say, but there is a regular need to enter the service under a Google account.

Killed by Google -
Tongue-in-cheek tracking of Google’s dead products.

Tongue-in-cheek tracking of Google’s dead products.

Killed by Google is a Free and Open Source list of dead Google products, services, and devices.

It serves to be a tribute and memorial of beloved products and services killed by Google.


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If you have multiple accounts.
There are usually several accounts if a person uses Google Apps.