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Address book

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Address book

Contacts can be edited, emailed, added to a group, deleted, sorted, found and ...

Contact Group

.If you often send emails to the same list of addresses, combine these contacts into a group.To send an email to a group of contacts, enter its name in the To" field when you write the email.

Import and Export Contacts

.You can transfer your contacts from your email program to your address book by importing them.
Export comes in handy if you want to transfer your contacts to another mail service.Formats
  • vCard (Apple Address Book)
  • Outlook CSV
  • Google CSV

Yandex.Mail -
The simplest address book.

The simplest address book.
The least amount of data, one format to export-import, no groups and lots of ads.

Fields in contact are few:

  • Name
  • last name
  • middle name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Note Box

Format for export-import


Gmail -
The best address book.

The best address book.
The least amount of data, one format for export-import, no groups and a lot of ads.

Contact has the most fields, I will not even list them all.
For the name alone there are 10 fields (prefix, name, name transcription, alias, write as ...).
In addition to the number of fields list, there is a field Notes, where you can write anything.
But even beyond this, you can create your own fields and give them names, such as working hours.

The ability to add a photo for a contact.

There are groups and the ability to use the address book on your Android device.
Just log into your Google account on your Android device and all the addresses are in the address book. Super.
Address books are synchronized.

True, it is better to add photos for a contact on the phone. It saves them in higher resolution.

Export/import formats

  • vCard (Apple Address Book)
  • Outlook CSV
  • Google CSV

Telnic -
Main registrar of .TEL

This is not another domain zone, like .RU, .COM, but a completely different principle. In fact, this is a global site where you register an account. That is, a new word in the domain domain. What should we wait for tomorrow, if everyone starts looking at domain zones differently?


  • - shows how you can also customize folders (social or game groups).


It has already become customary that first new domain zones are very expensive. Because now it is worth buying only if you are interested in a particular name. In other cases, it is recommended to wait.

Quite recently the domain cost $125 in year, now the price has fallen below $20 in year.


You can have your information completely free on social networks. The .TEL zone offers a simple and easy way to access your contact information, you do not need a 3rd transition. In addition, the service is configured for mobile, which makes it practical.

Having registered the domain, the user on its base can create the domain and publish on it the list of Moscow cinemas. Then for each movie theater, he can assign a separate domain (for example, to place the relevant contact information. The number of subdomains is not limited, therefore, to the catalog of cinemas based on the name, you can add and other data - for example, in a similar way to create a directory of Moscow restaurants. In this case, all information in each directory will be displayed in a structured form. So, when accessing a domain in the TEL zone through the browser, information about existing subdomains existing on its base will be shown as links to them.

Still need to mention the different levels of access for visitors. Like and on other services, you set the access level: for all, only for registered users …

How to transfer contacts -
Transferring contacts.

The service helps to transfer contacts from the old phone to a new one.

  1. sync your iPhone with Windows
  2. sync your Mac with Android
  3. sync Android with Windows
  4. sync your iPhone with Android
  5. sync Android to iPhone


Zimbra -
According to the idea of ​​the authors, the most powerful corporate online organizer of calendar-contacts-mail. Open Source.


Google Contacts -
Address Book Gmail.

Google Mail allows you to work separately with contacts, for this you do not need to specifically log into the mail. There is a separate interface.

On the Contacts page, you can import, store and view all the important data about the recipients.
In addition, here you can combine addresses into groups. The use of groups allows you not to enter the top ten addresses, when you want to send a message to several people at once, but just select the group once and send the message to all users who enter it.

Someone is missing?

Using the hints, you can easily add to the contact list the email addresses of people you often send messages to.

Are there duplicate contacts?

We can help you find and merge duplicate contacts.

Synchronizing contacts with your phone

Google Contacts can be synced with many mobile devices.
The default sync settings in different phones may vary. Most phones are synchronized with My Contacts by default, but some phones can be synchronized with other contact groups. Learn more about default contact groups and group changes ...

Remember: synchronization is done in two ways. Contacts deleted from your mobile device are also deleted from your Google Account.

Deleted contacts can be restored within 30 days.


Google Contacts Map -
Google's script will build a map of your Google contacts on a Google map. You can also export this data to a KML file for Google Earth.

Google's script will build a map of your Google contacts on a Google map. You can also export this data to a KML file for Google Earth.

Update Google Contacts -
Your friends and family members can directly add or update their own contact information in the Google address book.

Your friends and family members can directly add or update their own contact information in the Google address book.