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Google Account - Action tracking -

It's no secret that Google knows what you do through its account.
This helps Google to help us find what we need, to continue to watch the YouTube video from the place where we finished watching last time ...

Personally, it simplifies my life.
But there are people who literally panic.
So Google provided an opportunity to allow us to track our actions on some services or to ignore them.

Now we can customize it.


YouTube search history -
Search history on YouTube.

YouTube views -
History on YouTube.

Story of a card -
Places, where we are in any way concerned.

Google Analytics Opt -
To enable users to disable the collection of data about sites they visited, Google developed the Google Analytics Blocker. He instructs the script (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js) not to send information to Google Analytics.

Search history -
Here the full story search through Google ads and the history that we clicked.

History devices -
Recently used device.