State services

State services

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Multifunctional center.

A multifunctional centre for the provision of public and municipal services.

The first name of the service is a single window.
The aim is to minimize bureaucracy and, as a result, to reduce the number of visits to a single window to one, maximum two.
You only need to provide documents that you no longer have, no other offices' references are required.

In general, the site performs rather an information task:

  • Find out your MFC address (My Documents),
  • MFC working time,
  • you can sign up at some point.
Here you can do a lot of things, but get the rights to the traffic police, passport in the passport office and ... it'll be cheaper than at MFC.

But it's easier here.

SIS Housing and Communal Services
State information system of housing and communal services.

State information system of housing and communal services
The site allows you to pay for utility services, learn about debts, subsidies, benefits.
You can somehow find out what makes up the cost of utility services: standards, registers.
Legislation on housing: the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and ...

Not everyone can figure this out for this there is a training video and forum.

Doctor's appointment online.
Allows you to make an appointment to see a doctor from the comfort of your home.

Allows you to make an appointment to see a doctor from the comfort of your home. Forget the numbers.
Come in and on the first page there is a link Arrange an appointment for a doctor in the section Popular services.

But it works only in the largest cities.

State services
Pension Calculator.

You can check the status of your pension account on the Public Services portal - an individual account in the Pension Fund of Russia.

Find out:

  • whether your employer pays insurance premiums for your future pension;
  • how many retirement points you have;
  • how many years you have worked;
  • how many pension savings do you have and who controls them.
If you want to take a loan, you can send information about the status of your individual personal account by e-mail to the bank: banks trust the clients that confirm the income not with a certificate from work, but with an extract about the status of the pension account.

How to use the service

  1. Login to
  2. Choose the service 'Notice of the status of the personal account in the FIU' - the statement appears on the screen.
  3. Save the statement to your computer or send it by e-mail.

State services
United portal of state and municipal services (functions).

United portal of state and municipal services (functions).

Single portal of state and municipal services (functions).

Well, first of all, as soon as possible, register on this site. Do not delay, because the site checks your email, cell number and mailing address. What you receive the letter, you can not register on the site.
If you want to run around less often, register here.

Register at the place of residence, or, as they say, register, now it's much easier than a few more Days ago.

The site has the opportunity to compose an electronic application for registration and send it to the relevant agency via Internet.

The next day, you can put a stamp on your passport.
However, all the same for the registration you need the written consent of the owner of the apartment. If the housing is municipal, you will need the permission of the tenant and all the adults registered there.
We just go to the office only once. The principle of a single window.

Temporary registration

You are going to Moscow and do not want trouble. You can get a registration at your place of residence free of charge here. Registration takes place within 3 days via Internet.
  1. Quick login: use the four-digit access code to enter the application, there is no need to remember the login and password
  2. Support for Touch ID: iPhone owners can open the application using a fingerprint.


  1. Recording a child to a kindergarten;
  2. Receiving a status notification Accounts in the FIU;
  3. Obtaining a foreign passport;
  4. Registering a vehicle;
  5. Obtaining a driving license;
  6. Notification of fines and debts, payment from the application I.

Tax debt.

Checking the tax debt online and getting a certificate on the status of settlements on taxes, fees, penalties, fines, interest.

State services
Select the type of passport (unless of course our FMS provides both types).

We choose the type of passport (if, of course, our FMS issues both types).

Required Documents

Checking for traffic police fines.

You can also check the arrears on penalties on the website of the State Service.
We log into your account and we will be immediately shown if we have an unpaid fine.
It will be convenient for those who regularly use them.
Another is more convenient to use traffic police website.


Gosuslugi support
Help service for users of electronic public services Gosuslug


State services
Payment of fines by the traffic police by card or electronic money without commission. Notification that the fine has been paid. The most advantageous and reliable place to pay the fines.


State services
Registration will be required (if you do not already have it).