Moscow transport

Moscow transport

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Moscow transport.

The main in the capital and the largest in Europe, the operator of ground urban passenger transport.

800 land transport routes. Every day they are used by more than 5.5 million passengers.

6.5 thousand buses, trams, trolley buses and electric buses operate on the lines every day. Park SUE "Mosgortrans" is constantly updated: acquired modern rolling stock, adapted for people with limited mobility. New vehicles have a low level of floor, equipped with air conditioning cabin, equipped with video surveillance and satellite navigation.

The structure of the company includes 23 branches, including 10 bus / trolleybus parks, a tram control with 5 sites, and other services that provide land urban passenger transport.

Moscow subway
The official website of the Moscow Metro.

The official website of the Moscow Metro.
When we go to the metro, everything seems to be clear, but going to the site, you understand that almost everyone will have some question about the subject of using the metro.
That is, the site is simple and clear and useful.

  • Service center.
  • Terms of use.
  • What if.
  • Forgotten things.
  • Career guidance center.
  • Procedure for using tickets.
  • Work schedule and repair schedule.
  • WiFi in Metro.
  • Schedule of train departure on the monorail transport system.
  • “Live chat” information desks.
  • The departure time of the first and last trains.
  • The procedure for issuing certificates.

Bike parking -
Bike parking.

Intercepting parking. Fighting traffic jams increasingly Moscow residents are invited to change seats for public transport, and the main public transport is the metro.
For convenience, you can get to the metro station, put the car and go.
Or you got into a traffic jam, and not far from the metro station, change, the main thing is that there are enough places in the parking lot.
That's why this service was created. We look where there are so many empty seats. By the way, the list can be very clearly visible. And you can on the map.


In the daytime - free of charge, if you made at least 2 trips (did not understand how to do less: back and forth).
At night - only 100 rubles.

Moscow subway
The official scheme of the Moscow metro.